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The what we like/love about ourselves thread...


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Dear eNa posters,


I believe a large amount of members come here because they are suffering, hurting and in pain for their own personal reasons... In general, I would say a lot of members have a self-esteem that is lower than what it should be.


It is so important for us to accept ourselves for what we have achieved and what we are doing in our lives. This is so vital in what shapes our persona as human beings.


How awesome could it be if we have a thread totally dedicated to every member writing at least three points about what they like/love about themselves?.. Make it really positive, so that we can get a really positive vibe going here.



I will start:


1) I am so proud of what I am doing in my life, that is working/studying hard to become a pilot... I still fully cannot comprehend how grateful I am for this opportunity.


2) I am happy with the body that I have been given, I wouldn't change anything if I was given the opportunity.


3) I like the fact that I am outgoing, and I speak up for myself when I think it is needed.


4) I am appreciating my personality more and more everyday and how it does have a positive influence on people's lives. I can make people laugh or smile when they are down the most.


5) I am so proud to be Australian/English.



Let's all make this something to look back at if we are ever feeling sad/depressed again.



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good idea PR!!




1) i am proud of the way i have managed to handle myself after my break up with my ex..i never thought i would fully recover but i am still here and thats a blessing


2) i am pleased with the fact that i did well in my exams and that i am on the road to completing my degree in psychology which was my dream when i was in high school


3) i am proud to be scottish/indian - the scottish accent rules! lol


4) i am happy that i have learned a lot about myself in the last 6 or 7 months. i have changed in a more positive light. i have learned from my mistakes rather than dwell on them.


5) i am stronger now than i was 3 months ago

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This is a great thread. I have 3 positive things that I think reflect Mind, Body, and Soul.



1.) I am proud of my job and the fact that I achieved my career goals. There were a lot of bumps in the road along the way, but I managed to pay for both my bachelor's and master's degree on my own and graduate with a 3.98 overall G.P.A. in 2003. me. (Mind)


2.) I am proud that I live a healthy lifestyle and eat well and exercise and that I lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago and kept it off since. I'm proud of my flat tummy and that I am physically strong. I like my discipline. (Body)


3.) I am pleased with the way I have handled adversity over the past couple of years. I think it has made me a stronger person. (Soul)



I hope others join in on this thread!




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1) I am proud at how mentally strong I am - stronger than I ever thought possible.


2) I am proud that I have a positive outlook on life.


3) I am proud that I can learn from all my mistakes.


4) I am proud that I have come out of my shell and no longer care so much about what everyone else thinks - I aim to please myself.


5) I am proud that I have learnt self-respect and know that I deserve only the best.

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Oh good thread....


I am proud for....


1. How well I handle stress. There are times when I feel overwhelmed but I always manage to get through adversity, feeling stronger everytime I pull through.


2. I am proud that I can make people laugh. Humor is so important to me and I so happy I can clown around and make people laugh.


3. I am proud of my accomplishments, such as writing a Master's Thesis, earning my Master's Degree, working in my career, intervewing inmates.


4. I am proud that I am moving cross-country, that I am living my dream to move out west.

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All right, why not...


1. I'm proud of my ability to cheer people up and make 'em laugh, even when they're completely miserable.


2. I'm proud of my educational achievements - very soon to be two college diplomas (that almost sounds like bragging)


3. I'm proud to be a Leo - brave, powerful, enthusiastic, generous to a fault - and fiercely loyal to my friends.

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1.) I'm proud of my imagination. I am a very creative and artistic person...


2.) I'm am proud of my inner strength. I have been through some hard times but I'm still standing here, and better because of it...


3.) I am proud of enrolling in college to finish my degree....


4.) I am proud that I am an A student in school...


5.) I am proud of being 75% African American and 25% Irish...haha


6.) I think I have beautiful eyes, skin, and lips(that is what I get complimented on the most by people)...


7.) I am proud that I have lived as long as I have...


8.) I am proud of my IQ because it helps me sometime...


9.) I am proud of my empathy skills...I feel for others in a deep way.

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(1) I am truly proud at then end of each week that I have survived being a single mommyof 2/full time Physical Therapist/full time college student/epileptic/cancer survivor/independent/bionic woman!!!

(2) I am grateful that God has allowed me to keep my sense of humor through everything, and that people still laugh at my jokes...

(3) I like my green eyes... (can you tell?)

(4) I am immensly overjoyed that I finally stuck the diet/exercise thing out and have now lost 52lbs since Easter!!! Yeah me!

(5) I am grateful for the feeling of peace that I now have every morning when I wake up....

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1) I am proud to be human.


2) I am proud that I am a nice person and that it shines through all of my qualities about myself


3) I am proud I have never commited a very immoral thing (killing, raping, etc.)


4) I am proud my parents and friends care about me.


5) I am proud I am preparing for the future.


6) I am proud, simply to exist.

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  • I am happy that I am still around after once convicting myself to death on 22 counts of gross stupidity.
  • I am happy to be healthy and to have a loving family.
  • I am happy that I smile a lot more since becoming a member here.
  • I am proud that I found ways to balance myself and overcame depression. - Wicked.
  • I am proud to have balanced my EIQ to my IQ - almost that is (I can be more sensitive at times).

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This is SO great!

1. I am an honest, decent, tolerant, intelligent, understanding, open-minded young woman.

2. I am getting an education so I can make a difference in the world.

3. I have many people in my life who genuinely believe in me and love me for me.

4. I am very proud of the fact that the Powers That Be blessed me with the ability to see how tragedies and the pain in my life taught me the lessons I needed to learn to become the person I am today.


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1. I am proud to say I am an outstanding mother of two healthy, happy, and beautiful children.

2. I am a diligent student... and at this point get excellent grades.

3. I am good at my job and I love my patients (nursing)..... even the cranky ones.

4. I am proud that I never have to borrow money to pay my bills.

5. I am proud to be an American!

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I am intelligent.

I am motivated.

I am good looking.

I am getting very buff.

I am funny.

I am doing well in school.

I already got a job offer with good salary/benefits.

I am a great person to talk to.

I am motivated.

I am repeating myself.

I am repeating myself.



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I like whatever qualities it is in me that attracts children to me like flies.

That makes me intensely happy.


I like my fightsiness, like a dog that won't let go of a bone - even though it doesn't always serve me/others well.


I love that I am a survivor. I am strong and value all life, and also can accept the role of death.


I love my passion, my compassion, my willingness to be a little different in the face of extreme criticism, my body that is a marvel and surprises me all the time, my random creativity.


I really love my brain - it's my favorite toy.


I love how I am learning to love myself all over again and can think of many things I like about myself!

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I like the fact that I'm good at conversation

I like the fact that I listen well

I like the fact that I have a distinct sense of humor

I like the fact that people appreciate being around me

I like the fact that I'm artistic

I like the fact that I write really well

I like the fact that I believe that one day I will become who I wanna be

I like the fact that I strive for perfection

I like the fact that I'm very good - looking (although I have no control over this)

I like the fact that I exercise on a daily basis

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Cool thread! Alright, here I go...


1) I'm pretty, with a nice body, a cute face and awesome hair

2) I'm friendly and approachable, and people love being around me because they say chatting with me for a minute can brighten their day

3) I'm a gifted writer, and I read and write a lot

4) I'm really loving and there are people who probably have no idea how much I care about them

5) I get immeasurable happiness from simple things- music can make me teary-eyed and dancing can make me all tingly and shivery

6) I'm great with little kids

7) I think a lot about people and life, and feel connected

8) I love life and I'm always dreaming

9) I can be funny


Wow, I probably come off as someone with a great self image, but that was hard for me to come up with. It made me feel really good about myself though, because they're all true things

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Ah, I can use a little positive reinforcement from myself as well... so here it goes:


1. I like the way I can handle life when it's turned upside down. When I lost my job, I found my dream job within 2 weeks, and had the strength to move to a different town.


2. I like my intelligence. It has downsides to be so much of a thinker, but I wouldn't have a job as a researcher if it wasn't for the brains.


3. I am proud of the way I can accommodate changes in life, either living abroad without knowing anyone or moving far away from family and bf for the job.


4. After years and years, I can finally say that I am very happy with my body and the way I look. It took some time to accept the too long and boyish figure, but I can see the beauty in it myself these days


5. I am proud that I make good partner choices now. Since my first relationship which was bad for me, I was able to see the signs early on the next time, and chose better partners from there on.


6. I am proud of my sensitivity. It makes me very open to the emotions of others.


7. I am proud of my loyalty above all. It sometimes keeps me from doing the things I actually want (like staying too long in a job I wasn't happy with), but it is the strength of ALL of my relationships. I will never cheat or betray.



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Ahhhh, wonderful idea...


1) I'm proud of myself for running for Student gov , trying out for a squad and making both in the same week!


2)I'm also incredibly proud of the fact that i've successfully pushed myself out of my comfort zone, to expand and grow as an individual.


3) I'm proud of the curvatious body i have, that i've worked hard to keep toned.


4) I'm amazingly proud to be an articulate British female!


5) I'm proud of my public speaking skills, even when i'm nervous as all hell i can still pull off a great speech.

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1. I'm proud of my natural intelligence. I did nothing to work for it, but it is useful all the same.


2. I'm proud of my educational achievements. Going into my sophomore year in college with a 4.0 GPA


3. I'm proud of my willpower in the gym and ability to go from a 200lb fat kid in high school, down to 140lbs as a college freshman, now up to 160lbs of (mostly) lean muscle.


4. I'm absolutely thankful for having friends and family that support me through the rough times in my life.


5. I'm ashamed of how I initially handled the breakup that brought me here, but I'm proud of the way I turned around and took the high road after I was given some advice.


6. The thing I love the most about me is my compassionate heart and all around good nature. I try not to place myself above anybody, and will go out of my way often to help improve the lives of others, even if it's just in small ways. I think that the most important thing in life is to be a good person.


7. I'm proud of my ambition and the fact that I have goals in life. So many people I know are content to just watch life pass by and do nothing.

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