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  1. Survictor and Scout you make great points. He really doesn't seem like that awful of a guy though, i've been around him for over a year or so, so i've seen him interact with people. He used to be a into promiscious girls (he admits himself) as i've mentioned before however now is repulsed by the idea of being with a girl that sleeps around. I'm in no way standing up for him or his dating mantra i just didn't want to portray him as this terrible guy. True, it's recently that we've actively been "flirting" so i haven't seen this hot and cold side of him before. I know he's had girlfriends before so obviously he can be with someone once he knows they like him. However, i don't know if these were some of the more promiscious girls he's mentioned. Either way, i'm pretty sure he can be a good friend, he's great with my best girl-friend that i mentioned, i've just never been able to really get to the point where i could call him up and have a conversation on the phone with him. Right now he's more of an aquaintance i guess you'd say. I'll see where things go. Normally when there's a guy i'm semi-attracted to and i get a vibe he's slightly interested i feel like broadcasting it to the world (it never works out with them, i'm not lucky with guys). With this guy i didn't, so i thought something may be different. I can't actually go to the event anymore so if i don't see him soon i'll have to call him and let him know he's "off the hook." (Though we've never talked on the phone i have his number, he doesn't have mine though) We'll see where things go with him. I'll be myself (as i wasn't quite my quirky, fun self when i asked him to the formal event as i was pretty nervous) an be careful. Thanks for all your advice!
  2. Thanks everyone, he seems like a really nice guy but all this on again off again crap really made me wonder what was going on with him. What you've said has made sense, i won't waste my time with him if anything he'll be a friend, but i'll make sure not to fall into his stupid gaming trap. Thanks again.
  3. So there's this guy that i'm around sometimes because he's a good friend of one of my best friends. We all hang out together sometimes and i usually playfully flirt with him. At least i think it's flirting, and i think he flirts back. We do a lot of that playful being mean thing. Anyways i'm usually just myself around him as i didn't really used to think of him as a potential date. We're all talking about dating and stuff, i mention that the guys i like don't really like me, and the guys that like me i'm not really ever into. He says, once he finds out that a girl likes him he normally loses interest in her. What exactly does this say about a guy? He likes the chase more than anything else? He has had girlfriends before which i guess means that this isn't always true. Anyway, i asked him to this formal event that i have going on and he said yeah he'd come, there wasn't any hesitation he said "yeah!" like immediately. Before i asked he was really flirtatious. But then after he wasn't so much he didn't really talk to me much at all in the group (there were 4 of us). The next day i also saw him we were with a big group of people and he barely talked to me. What's with him? Does he now think i like him so he's not into the flirting anymore. I can't figure out if when we are doing what i think is flirting (there is solid eye contact during these moments of playful fighting) he is actually flirting with me, or just being friendly. Also he could just be flirting for flirting's sake, not necessarily because he likes me. Either way, do you think he does like me thats why he went kind of cold when i guess i showed interest? What does his little philosophy about losing interest once he knows a girl likes him say about him? (i'd especially like guys input on that question) Is he worth going after as i'm pretty sure i'd have to lure him with games which i don't think are necessary if he's really into me. p.s. He's been able to get lots of girls in the past as in hook ups, he's not into that anymore though. So i mean i'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing, he knows how to "work it" with girls.
  4. Yeah, thanks for the advice, and that was no lecture LostInMyThoughts it was great advice I know i need to be in a safe environment and around people i trust if i'm going to drink. This was a small gathering, at my friends house, only 5 of us, and i knew everyone there. Plus 2 of them didn't drink so there was someone sober in the house. I don't drive yet which is good in this case i guess. I've never understood why people would want to drink or how it would help people who were "lost in thier sorrows." But after trying it i get how that works. Either way, i'll be sure never to drink when i'm depressed as i'm sure thats a recipe for disaster...
  5. I just had a couple questions about drinking and realised i could glean from your wealth of knowledge, lol. Alright, so i've always been a very clean cut, straight laced girl though a lot of my friends (like most teens), drink, do drugs, or have sex. I've always never done these things because my parents are obviously against there teenage daughter engaging in these activities. I'm a senior in High school now, and it occurred to me that though i've never done these things i've never asked myself why? why don't I personally want to do this? Irealised it's always been "you don't do this because you're not 'supposed' to" not that i had any honest issues with drinking. Now i'm not talking about drinking till you're legless, i think thats ridiculously idiotic, especially for a teenage girl. And personally i've decided the whole drug thing isn't for me, it's unnecessary risk that i don't need to take. However, i decided that i don't really have an issue with drinking, and so tried it as a friends house this weekend. Now i'm from europe but living in the States so my parents don't have an issue with me having say a bit of wine with them randomly if i ask. (they hardly ever drink, so it's like once in a blue moon). Anyways, this time i had more "hard liquor" i guess you would call it. I had about 4 shots, didn't wanna go crazy with it, but i did get quite a buzz. I felt lose, more care free, it was a great feeling. My question is, how do i know the difference between just feeling buzzed and being drunk? Also, is it natural to want another shot after you've had one? I took the first one and it was harsh on my throat, but after getting over that i felt a little like buzz and felt like i wanted another? Is that bad? ust a couple of questions, hope you can help... Anyways, i woke up and i thought i was fine but as i started walking around and stuff i realised i had a bit of a headache, nothing intense, just annoying, i was still feeling a little lose (i had the shots at like 1am-2am went to bed a little after and woke up at 7am), was i still buzzed?
  6. I'm not at all trying to bash on guys, i love guys. I've never had a boyfriend and that used to really upset me bring me to tears, it still does at times, and i'm just saying i'm not going to let that happen anymore, i'm not going to try and change who i am so a guy will like me. I'm trying to teach myself i'm worth more that that, an i'm beautiful as i am.
  7. I'm so over this! (this will basically be a rant i'd love some encouragement or helpful input from anyone) Constantly worrying if this guy likes me, and then hearing that some random guy likes me and worrying if he's going to stop liking me or has stoped liking me. I'd done with it!! I'm done with feeling sorry for myself in regards to the fact that all my friends are in serious sexual relationships right now, i don't care!! Thats them not me, i don't neeeeed someone in my life to be a complete individual. I'm gorgeous, talented, well spoken, unique, i'm hard working, and most importantly i don't need a guy to validate me, i'm enough without someone else. I don't need someone else to love me in that way for me to feel special or beautiful. I am beautiful! Both inside and out, and i'm going to embrace that. I'm going to meditate on how much i've accomplished as an individual, my strenghs, my beauty. It's about time i did. Pepping everyone else up is all fine and dandy, but i need to take the time to strenghen myself also. So enotaloners, i'm pledging this to myself with you all as my witnesses. I'm going to take the time to relish how amazing i am, WITHOUT a guy!!! I won't back track this time, i won't fall back into my self-pity every time i see my friends and their boyfriends or see someone i like but can't have. I'M OVER THAT!!! I am me, i'm fine how i am, i'm beautiful as i am, i'm perfect as i am. I don't need to change to suit someone else. I am me!
  8. So, i've pretty much learnt how to not focus on the fact that i don't have anyone in my life romantically now. However when i really get comfortable with myself, or with the fact that i don't have someone romatically in my life some guy comes along. I went out with a group of friends and actually started talking/joking around with a guy i'd been introduced to a while back but never talked to. Either way, as the night progressed he got very flirty and touchy. Now i don't know if he's actually interested or just messing around having a good time. Either way it was really cute, we were sitting next to eachother and he kept grabbing my knee, touching my arm, looking at me, and playing a little footsies. Now like i said, he could have just been messing around, having random fun. Anyways, so whenever something with a guy like this happens, i really click with him romantically and i can't get him out of my head. Iimagine myself dating him, going to prom with him all kinds of stuff. Also i tell all my friends about it which i'm def not going too this time as i just want to see how things progress. Either way, when stuff like this happens i just can't get the guy out of my head, anytime someone shows me some kind of attention thats flirty i'm just constatly thinking about them and what it could develop into. I feel like i always jinx stuff when i do this as these moments hardly ever develop into anything. Why do i do this, constantly think about the person and where we could end up? How come i just can't let go and see how things go? Do you think by creating all these senarios in my head i am killing prospects for a relationship?
  9. I was having a discussion with my friend and i noticed that most people we know aren't actually in relationships with drop dead gorgeous people. We crush on them, or discuss how hot certain people are but when it comes to relationships my friends honestly aren't with the best looking people on earth. In fact they don't look that good at all. My friend firmly believes that people don't pursue thoes they think are drop dead gorgeous as they don't think they'll have a chance, thats why my friends aren't going after and dating the people that are amazingly hott. Do you agree, do you not persue someone if you think they're hott, but if you think they're approachable?
  10. Ahhhh, wonderful idea... 1) I'm proud of myself for running for Student gov , trying out for a squad and making both in the same week! 2)I'm also incredibly proud of the fact that i've successfully pushed myself out of my comfort zone, to expand and grow as an individual. 3) I'm proud of the curvatious body i have, that i've worked hard to keep toned. 4) I'm amazingly proud to be an articulate British female! 5) I'm proud of my public speaking skills, even when i'm nervous as all hell i can still pull off a great speech.
  11. Lol, Ilse don't feel old, sounds like you didn't regret your decision which is good. I kinda feel the same way, maybe not that i'm too young but just not completely ready. I just don't get how my friends who have seemed a little "behind" me, are so completely ready. They've found boyfriends and are going for it, it's just a shock, a year ago we were all talking about how we could never imagine ourselves doing that, and being self consious and not thats all changed. Granted i'm not as self consious as i used to be, but i'm still not quite there yet.
  12. I've heard a lot of people on this forum say they wish they'd waited longer for their first full on sexual experience. But people don't often say why. I've never really felt peer pressure but a lot of my friends are losing their virgininty (i'm 16, most of them are 17) or engaging in oral sex. I've never really been able to picture myself or my friends doing it. Now they are it's like Whoa, and i'm trying to imagine myself doing that. I guess i'm feeling kind of left behind. I skipped a grade and though technically my friends are all a year or so older than me i've never felt younger or slower in development. I'm the one people always turn to for advice, and people are always shocked when i tell them i'm only 16. I don't have a boyfriend which is tough as most of my close friends do, but i know i don't want to have sex until i'm with someone i'm completely comfortable with and trust. Now that i've rambled, lol, i guess my question is why do so many people wish they'd waited? Didn't they think they really cared about the person at the time? Did they later realize it wasn't love or what? Are my friends who seem to be loving their new sexualy active lives going to feel the same way a few years from now?
  13. This morning he sent me another series of texts I have a question for you Did you have any fun saturday night The truth would be nice I texted him asking if i could call and talk to him but he said no (he's at work) and i should just text him what i want to say. So i texted back... I had a good time, but i've been thinking about it and seriously in not looking for anything more than friends with anyone, Schools gonna start and ASB and Cheer really aren't going to leave with much time senior year. I had an awesome time i just realised i don't want that right now. He hasn't replied, i feel bad for saying it in a text but he told me to (cowardly, i know). Oh well, at least i've learnt something about dating from all this. I just don't get how he knew i didn't have that AMAZING of a time, i acted fun and bubbly like my normal self? This dating thing is ridiculous, lol!
  14. It was also his appearance i must admit. I didn't really get a gooood look at him during the program and i honestly didn't think he'd contact me (everyone was giving out contact info on the last day). I don't know he also seemed a little tooo smittened by me. When i looked at him he was doing that like gazing into my eyes thing. He was just too keen. On the phone and stuff he's had a playful more sarcastic personality, i felt he was trying to hard to impress me, and it just killed it for me. (i know i sound crazy, lol)
  15. So i went on my "first" first date with this guy i met at a summer program. He got my email adress, emailed me, and we've been talking and texting on the phone for the last two weeks. I thought i really liked him, he had an awesome personality on the phone ( i honestly didn't pay any attention to him during the program) and i was really starting to fall for him. We planned to go out this weekend and in all honesty interacting with him in person kind of killed it for me. First of he was 45 mins late, (yes 45 mins granted he'd never been to our location before and i think got lost but i gave him the adress so he could map quest it if need be). I brushed it off because i didn't want to make the rest of the night awkward. Either way, in person he wasn't as chatty (maybe he was nervous i don't know) so i was pretty much keeping the conversation going. I don't know it just didn't work for me in person and now i feel really bad because i've been acting like i was really keen on him (because i was) and now all of a sudden i feel differently. He sent me 2 texts this morning, normally i'll reply about 10 mins after he's sent. Today i just didn't reply, he then sent a text saying -You must have had a bad time last night not to have returned my text at all I felt awful! I just lied and said i didn't get them, then instead of texting him for an hour or so (like we normallly do) texted for about 20 mins and said i was tired and was going to bed. He's a really nice guy and i feel awful for changing my mind like this, i just didn't feel anything when i saw him, in fact i was kind of pushed in the opposite direction How do i let him know i don't want to persue anything romantic anymore? (Lets keep in mind there's a high probability i'll be seeing him next summer at this program and would love to keep things nice and civil ) Thanks in advance
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