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  1. This thread is more than 3 years old guys.
  2. I'd go for a recent picture that shows something about you. A picture that isn't overly 'posed'. I always like these pictures that are more or less en profil and in which the person doesn't look straight into the camera. The best are pics that clearly show a moment you were happy. The moment happiness comes off a picture, beauty is more or less part of it
  3. Ugh, that sucks. How about putting carpet on the floor? What is on the floor now? A thick carpet absorbs at least contact sounds... ?
  4. At least in the latter case, you'd have a chance that your life would improve. Seeing what you're coming from, that is not easy. You have lived through things that very few people have to bear. What stands out is not these things, but the fact that you lived through. Now this was merely surviving probably, but I think that with the help of counseling, you could find ways to start living.
  5. My favorite quotes from Kierkegaard: How absurd men are! They never use the liberties they have, they demand those they do not have. They have freedom of thought, they demand freedom of speech. Once you label me you negate me. To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself. Soren Kierkegaard
  6. Well, I am familiar with that problem When my man and I first started to have sex, I was so scared It felt like I was having sex for the first time. Which is great in some way. I have gotten used to it. Your vagina is flexible, and lube is your friend. Certain positions are better than others. Like being on top will make your legs spread extra, and widen the area somewhat. You could try using a toy and buy toys in two sizes and build it up. It also helps to do pelvic exercises to keep the business down there fit, and to relax and NOT get stressed. The stress will create tension that you re
  7. I don't know if waiting is going to change the results if you are THIS late. You have tested once, I'd test asap with the other test you have. And definitely be more careful if you really don't want to get pregnant.
  8. arwen

    Training a Cat

    You can train it by 'punishing' them directly if they do the thing you don't want them to do. The most friendly way is a waterspray or a loud clap of the hands. I doubt you will be able to train them to be quiet around visitors- it has to be very clear to the cat what you are punishing them for. The bed is a clear place they can't be on, like our couch is the Forbidden Place to scratch nails. It's funny how our cats are, they will be good for a looong while and then see if they can try and get away with it again. Today I had to give our Anna a bit of a shower- she scratched the couch for the f
  9. It could be that he feels like having sex more often than he wants to (the part where he seems almost uncontrolled). Are you his first serious gf and/or sexual partner? Maybe he doesn't know what's normal and has difficulty 'letting go'. Sex in a developing relationship can mean a lot of emotional growth so to say- maybe the feelings are unexpected and a bit overwhelming for him. Or he feels like it physically ALL the time, but really wants you to be sure he's after more than that. All and all... I'd be more concerned if he had little interest in other things and would just want to have sex al
  10. I completely agree. Having a child is a huge responsibility- and your bf should have all the space he needs to take care that the relationship with his daughter is good, even if the one with her mother is over.
  11. This need not be a negative thing- I think he wants to put more emphasis on other parts of the relationship that need to be developed. Maybe it's like this for him: if you guys have sex every time you're together, it becomes this 'regular' thing that he focuses on. He seems to want to avoid that he wants to see you just for THAT reason, and make sure that there is more than that.
  12. This is an excellent point, in fact I agree with the suggestions of finding a therapist. In addition, I recommend to read 'Reinventing your Life' by Young and Klosko. They have a great way of dealing with 'traps' in your everyday behaviours/thought patterns.
  13. Sorry I just saw you already mentioned that Well, if you really don't want to get pregnant... why do you do this? You really shouldn't take the chance with precum. You need just one of his happy swimmers. Please make your life easier and be careful with condoms or use other contraceptives in addition. Pregnancy may not show up in a test that you buy for a week or so.
  14. I'd do another test in a few days. Buy another brand, just to be sure! Have you been having unprotected sex?
  15. Hey girl, CONGRATS on little boy! Hope you heal up soon.
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