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  1. yea man, he'll be a friend for a long time. and i know this is a complicated question, but what can i do about the dad?
  2. yes, that's all well and nice, but i'm on AIM with him right now and it'd be nice to know if there was more than just that (thanks for reminding me tho. i appreciate it)
  3. my friend's dad is an alcoholic and has been fighting with his wife for nearly 2 years. my friend thinks his parents might divorce...he's only told this to me though. what should i do?
  4. so i've been going out with her for atleast a month and it's been going great. we'd talk on the phone for hours, txt each other, hang out during lunch, go on dates and make out during some of the more boring movies (like The Return...God i swear...) but now she's getting obsessive. and clingy. she's been txting me lately and all she wants to do is say hi, get the watsup, and cyber. i'm thinkin " * * *, i'm not your 24/7 phone sex slave." and when it's not that it's her constant obsessive "oh i love you so much" every other txt. and that's fine i think, but i'm not her 24/7 worship center either. i really, really want to break up with her, but we really did have a great time with each other the first month. she's flip if i wasn't with her. i believe in second chances, but what should i do? gradually do less with her? tell her how i feel? dump her and hope she doesn't do something crazy?
  5. yes, but still it's a bit...well, i'm only 14 (i turn 15 jan 7, tho). i use my cell phone as a clock and a wristwatch is a bit too...formal. sry if that's being picky
  6. i'd love for that to happen, but she's going to be gone for Christmas. she has family way up north and whatnot. she does make good cheese cake though...she gave me and her best friend (who always hangs with us during lunch) and those were good. i've thought about that before and i'm not sure that would be enough for her...i told her nothing, but she insists. i'll tell her cheesecake and see what pops up. i'm open to more, tho
  7. hey guys, been a while. school's been going great and i have a (slightly) new girlfriend (we've been going out for a month). we're doing great and she's been over to my house and we "watched" a movie and we're with each other all during lunch and everything else and we can talk forever and so on. anyways, i'm getting her a promise ring for Christmas (her friend told me she REALLY wanted one), so she's set. the problem is, she doesn't know what to get me for Christmas. i don't know either. and i haven't really suggested anything cause all i really need is her (yea, it's sweet. thank you.) and i told her that and she's like (because her friend told her what she's getting) "you're giving me something special and i want to do something special for you." and as i said, i have no clue what i want so i don't know what to say. any suggestions?
  8. it's a skin disease that causes dry skin (i have it and u have a symptom of it)
  9. Proactive is the BEST acne medication i have EVER used. i see the results usually within the same day i use it (however minor they are), and my face doesn't dry up to the point that i can rub off dead skin cells and see a more natural skin color underneath. you use it during and after you take a shower. are only 3 steps (4 if you want the oil-free moisturizer or night creme (the night creme eliminates a lot of acne, too)) it works if you use it, and i'd recommend using it twice a day (which means showering twice a day, of course). if you use it at first and don't see the results immediately, don't worry. keep using it.
  10. hey guys, thanks for the advice. it's the most helpful i've had in a while. to Zoe: that worked. i talked to one of my friends about it and it gradually disappeared and my social life is back to the norm. thanks to scout: that is one of the best quotes i've heard. it's also true that the mundane is of little interest to me (i had to ask webster what that word meant before i knew it, though), but i like listening to it sometimes and giving a little feedback. i can keep a conversation going on for a while if the topic is analytical a tad better than if it is "average" or "small." my friends love talking about what's current, but there really isnt much current, if you know what i mean. it happens a bit, but only lasts for a while. anyways, thanks for the feedback, it really helped. sry this reply was a bit late.
  11. Before i ask for help on this, i'd like to say that i am NOT shy. I have been shy before, but i ditched that problem a few years back and it's so far behind me now that i can forget about it. Anyways, I have trouble starting conversations sometimes. I mean, some weeks i can talk for hours (and listen to the other person, too), but every so often, there comes a time when nothing is happening. my life starts to suck for some reason (ask me if u want specifics), and my mind pays more attention to my problems than my friends. I end up getting in some awkward situation where i'm stuck standing there thinking about why the hell i haven't said anything yet and it gets worse from there. luckily, this doesn't happen too much, but lately it's been getting worse. I end up thinking more and more about my problems and everything starts falling apart. what do i do?
  12. limitations have come through my mind a bit more often than i'd like it to do. i've told myself that self-control has been the only thing holding me back from myself, but hell, why not just lose it? all my life i've been subject to introvert because that's where my self-control leads me when i feel down. if i didn't, then i'd just be me
  13. before i joined cross country i was atleast 145 lbs. since then, it has dropped to 130. this is nowhere near healthy for my height (6'3"), and needs to be fixed. problem is, i've been having trouble gaining weight for almost my entire life! i have a high metabolism, and it's obvious that cross country is going to burn a lot more calories than the norm. i haven't confronted my coach about this, but only because i just learned about my condition after school. what should i do?
  14. my signature helped me a bit when i ran into awkward moments in my life... also, you'll never get comfortable with something unless you've done it before and u know what to do. i find it easier to speak in public when i know exactly what i'm doing and how i should do it. it's almost exactly like testing, except for the obvious reasons. the worst person to try to converse with is the one you want to talk to the most? that's common for many people, so don't feel left out a great way to start a conversation is with a 'hey, wats happenin?' or 'how's it goin?' he'll never notice you if he can't notice you, and it's always a bit harder to notice that cute looking girl in the corner of your eye that wants to talk to you but is afraid to because you're talking to a friend. one of the best ways to carry on a conversation is by saying something. i usually have nothing to say myself, but today i've had a bit more to talk about because i was hangin out with my friends and was at my high school's first football game. i ask myself constantly how i made these friends, and the answer is always 'because i was involved in the same things they were.' that gave me ground to walk on because we automatically had something in common. we'd talk about things we'd like and whatnot cause we were all thinking the same thing: i need a friend. let that settle down in yourself and try to read nottogreen's journal (work in Progress) in the journals section on this forum. hope that helps! i know it was a lot to read, but take it slow and you'll get it down fast.
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