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  1. Well from my own experience, boy or girlfriends solve little. Oh, the potential problems there! Its all about your own perception of, and work on, yourself, unfortunately. If others were the answer life'd be easy.
  2. That is me, yes...wow I checked this thread by pure chance, I can't believe someone left something on here for me! LOL thank you v much for good words
  3. Hazey Amber is right. I'm smart. And mightily irksome? ho ho
  4. I think you assume that others think about you more than they actually do! That isn't an insult. It is meant to be a liberating thought.
  5. If he was THAT bad, she wouldnt be with him! My own guess is she's doing the classic thing of basking in your admiration and sympathy, all the while getting a longterm relationship with her BF. And lets say he IS a doosh...well, why would you want a woman with bad taste?!
  6. I wish you nothing but the best. It is your decision, I respect your right to hop off the mortal coil.
  7. I never stand for jerks. More importantly, I'm starting to not put with people putting up with ME being a jerk. Which is very much an aspect of my own path of maturing...
  8. Holy...No WAY do I smoke pot! I'm sorry, I cant help but be slightly offended. I am vehemently anti cannabis. I have never, ever smoked it. I'm not bothered what I have, I just want to feel Alright! But I thank you for taking the time to reply.
  9. HOORAY! A SANE PERSON! No-one is worthy of that kind of mental worship and obsession. Unless he's Jesus - and even then, only if you are a Believer.
  10. Yes, because looking good automatically makes one so happy! *bangs head against wall*
  11. Me - 5ft 7ins, 36D. Supposedly very hot? Never - I'm getting nice flattening-surgery soon as I can afford it. I feel her pain.
  12. I admit I didn't get the "now she has a boyfriend" detail. I'll get shot for saying this, but I'd tell her anyway. It's not an immoral act just to TELL her, providing she breaks up with him IF she reciprocates (people do change).
  13. Um...its obvious that female pornstars are often exploited! I only wanted to cover ALL basses, cos im sure t here are some women who like being in it too!
  14. I have no idea why you havnt tied him up with gaffer tape to a chair. Waved a sharp implement in his face. (Its very threatening, and yet obscurely sexual, and as he has an obsession thatll get his attention) Cut up the phone line, and threaten to do the same to his face. (But not, as you don't want to be arrested for GBH!) Then leave? I swear to the good God that's what I'd do - COMPLETELY wrong, has the world gone MAD?
  15. OMG? I'm shocking, arn't I? Assertive, maybe. But honestly - everyone's going to be dead in 100 years or so, nothing ultimately matters in such matters!
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