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The Random Thought Thread, Part 6


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Here's your chance to get those random thoughts out of your head and into in the open.


They can be as weird and "out there" as you want!


I'll start...


I wonder how butterflies got their name...they fly, yes, but there is nothing about them that resembles anything remotely to butter...hmmm.





Your turn!

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lol who's that Vic? I hear ya..I'm making posts about pain relief and cats. OMG.


Shoulder is feeling better now and can listen to some music and get a work out in.


I'm lamenting about years ago and here we used to have excitement. Used to have happy threads. And fun and jokes.

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Number of relationships - Women 7; Men 8


Disaster dates - Women 4; Men 4


Blind dates - Women 2; Men 3


Stood up on a date - Women 1; Men 2


Online dates - Women 2; Men 3


Number of kisses - Women 15; Men 16


Sexual partners - Women 7; Men 10


One-night stands - Women 4; Men 6


Partners lived with - Women 1; Men 1


Falling in love - Women 2; Men 2


Researchers also found that while 94 per cent of women believe in true love, just 88 per cent of men feel the same way.



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