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  1. So grateful for my fantastic husband and the love he continuously demonstrates through all his actions. It makes difficult and stressful situations that much bearable.
  2. Thinking about the weekend and our plans. It has been one long week, but now that my husband is back from a business trip things should be easier.
  3. Yes! I am glad it stood out to you because it always made sense to me when she gave me dating advice in years past. You need someone that you want to be proud of and proud to be with in whatever kind of situation you end up in. Think about the future, places you will visit and important people you will meet. You want the right person holding your hand.
  4. I hardly think Carol can talk or judge whether you're being too picky given her past dating situation with that guy. Even if you were picky, so what? You have a right to be picky about certain things. It isn't like you're deciding whether to date him based on a few grey hairs. It is because the guy sent you a picture of his penis after meeting you once. If he is horny, that's his problem. Put on some damn porn like many other guys and deal with it yourself lol.
  5. These guys are so weird. I don't understand what makes people that have self respect send nude photos to women/men they barely know. I am certainly not a prude, but if a man is cool with sending penis photos after meeting someone once or twice that is a huge red flag. In my opinion, how a man treats YOU should be the biggest indicator not how many women he slept with. Just as women do not like being judged by the number of their past sexual partners I think same respect should be given to men. I am a firm believer that a book should not be judged by its cover. In the case of C, clearly you're not on the same page. Is it common for men and women on dating sites to talk about cuddling, kissing and sex? I always figured dating sites were just a tool people used to introduce themselves and go on regular dates without discussing anything physical early on. It might be just me, but when I used to date cuddling, kissing and sex were never even a topic. It wasn't discussed unless it happened naturally.
  6. It is always easier to see other peoples mistakes than our own. That is why our friends often notice cracks we ignore and pretend aren't there. Outsiders are removed emotionally from the situation which makes it easier to judge.
  7. Nice to hear you had a good date. No rushing, take it easy and remember there are plenty of fish in the sea!
  8. I think you mentioned taking meds for the anxiety, but don't remember if you mentioned seeing a therapist right now? Perhaps that is what you need now, someone to help you work through some of the struggles you're experiencing. I find therapy so helpful because it allows me to grow and learn how to manage certain situations and make positive changes that allow me to grow without impacting my child or husband negatively. Maybe some of those attachment issues should be discussed with someone that can help you work through certain issues so that in the future you don't get attached so quickly. I know some things are out of our control, but it is up to you how much of yourself you choose to invest in a relationship that is new. I think you have to master resilience (it is hard!) because it can help you when you're faced with stressful situations. Also, I do not want to come across as if I am judgemental (not my goal at all) but perhaps avoid cuddling/kissing/sex talk with guys early on until you talk to them, go out on a few dates and so forth. Just based on this thing with D, it is clear (at least to me) that you got attached to him physically being present, which is not a bad thing, but everything else other than the sex and him being there for the physical connection did not match what you want/need. The work drama with the girl is scary, but maybe best you do not get involved. You did not hear or witness her saying it, if those that did hear/witness her saying it want to take the matter further they can. Don't get involved.
  9. It seems to me that you want a good man in your life that you're willing to test the waters even with the guys you know are not emotionally available. You want someone and take risks with guys, but you have to learn to try and shift how you get attached to them. Getting attached so quickly isn't healthy for you in the long run because you're liable to give the wrong guy many chances because of a few good things about him. I see the changes you have made. I see you standing up for what you want, but I also see you desiring so desperately to be loved and wanted that you put up with a lot of BS you probably should not. You're an attractive smart woman and you don't need to waste time on men that aren't emotionally available and into you 110%.
  10. What is your ultimate relationship goal? Do you want just a long term relationship or a marriage? Do you want children or are you happy being child free? If you have answers to those questions then you should look from someone with similar goals. It doesn't matter what your answers are, but being on the same page is really important. It seems like you and D weren't really on the same page. Stick to what you want in life not just what someone can give you right now. If you want a man with a job that doesn't live with his mother and who is stable then only give your attention to those people, and don't waste time on those that don't match what you want in a partner.
  11. Tomorrow is a new day! Keep your chin up and start fresh tomorrow.
  12. Him changing his mind so quickly was a huge indicator of just going with the flow in the moment. That's ok, but clearly it was causing you anxiety and that's not how a FWB situation should work. Sadly a lot of the time it does cause drama because people rarely agree on just having sex. We humans are difficult and complicated. You don't need someone that 'changes' so quickly. It isn't real, it's situational and has no depth. You're better off doing you and concentrating on enjoying your life. The right man will find his way to you.
  13. Babe you are better off finding someone you would like to be with than waste time with a person you clearly don't want a relationship. As I was reading your first post from today the first thing that popped in my head was that it seems like a lot of drama between just friends with benefits. You want different things and that's ok. I'll never forget something my mother said years go. She said "find the the person you would be proud to introduce to people you highly respect" and she couldn't have been more right. You're a great woman, don't sell yourself short!
  14. If you want monogamy and commitment then aim for it. You don't need someone that has one toe in your door and the other whole foot in someone's bed.
  15. Well, now you have two families to visit in the city if you ever decide to come on a holiday here! Hope your date with D goes well. Have fun!
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