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  1. [video=youtube;CB4fO-f33K0] wL_PuQYkqLCdv_BMvvw-WzPG0TBVEomv-l8gu25j9BCrji7hEE7w
  2. [video=youtube;vo2dTMih5Tc] ] I don't think it will ever end...........! Eye for a eye................! It is a never ending cycle of hate and pain driven by believes.........! How do one say stop to everyone if all is hurting and feeling they are correct.............! It is as old as man on earth....! How do one say to all stop walk away forget.............! There is no words to fix it..............! Every action will have a reaction........! For as soon as you try, there will be a reaction to your action........! There is no answer to fix it........!
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Yes if it is still to hard, to talk to him you can put it off for longer. But somewhere in the future if it was me I would have a talk to him to close this part. It is always good to get closure to as many things as one could to lessen the pain, questions one carry the rest of ones life from something like you have gone through. ((((Hugs))))
  4. If anyone wants to see a wild leopard in the wild, live from Africa.
  5. I had a very crappy but different dream this morning. Normally I would see my son's in some form, sometimes one, sometimes both "them themselves or a reflection or them in some form" and me trying to get to them, them being in a crowed, or on water or ice or a mountain but always to far, or something in the way, stopping me from getting to them. Today! I was this really hungry sugar ant looking for something to eat. I saw this large grain of sugar and was thinking "aaaaaw it's going to taste nice how lucky I am" running to it. As I came close I felt this wind blowing me away. It was a
  6. Eeeeeeeeek did he enjoy the head and the tail? My cat years ago only ate the head and left the rest...........!
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