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  1. I would just transition fully into grey hair if all the dying is getting to you. Grey hair can look beautiful and you can get a very modern cut to jazz it up and use dye to color in effects for fun at home that wouldn't be expensive or a hassle to do on your own. Do you watch youtube videos at all? If you do go to youtube and type in Monique Parent ( she has an interesting channel and transitioned to full grey and she is an actress ( horror movies, I think) and has the challenge of maintaining her grey for her work ( think she recently cried on colouring her grey for a job in one video) Check
  2. Omg.. I know way too much and you would yourself if you knew what I knew. I find it amusing because I am so far away and you assume too stupid to be that clued in. Oh well.. Haha. Still no contact.. well over a year and half ( I think??????) even though I got calls, texts and emails to bait me.
  3. I feel like a cubic zirconia tho..haha but what a lovely and great comment you were given and nice to pass it on to others.
  4. That is too bad but at least you put yourself out there, went out and had a great date on your side and felt a connection...this one didn't work out but not any fault of your own. BTW, do you know her ex? Trying to understand why she would tell you not to tell anyone. I assume she means that she hooked up with you? Not to tell anyone that?
  5. Guess we cannot like posts anymore, so I gave you a rep point.
  6. Hi, dias... Thank you, was looking forward to seeing all your new photos, hope they fix whatever is blocking images. Has been a long time since I logged in here, good to see you too.
  7. Over this past year has been difficult and guess as always I don't grieve speedily because still hurts/still sad/and all the bad feelings that go along with losing someone you loved and knew for certain loved you. Difficult to move forward having one less person who cares about you in your life and talk to when you want. Miss and love you always. Have you seen how awful J has been? Didn't ever expect that even after all this time.
  8. Boo...I can't see any pictures for last several pages. The only one I could see was Lisii partial post in #502 which is really nice. Not sure if my computer or the website that makes images unseen.
  9. I can only see your first four photos in your first post... but all lovely, serene and peaceful images.
  10. "I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light." Helen Keller "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." William Shakespeare
  11. Thor: Ragnarok 10/10 so good and funny. Loved it.
  12. Miss you, thought when I brought you back home with me I would feel you here with me at least a little, because I know you loved me and wouldn't want me to not feel you still around me, but I haven't felt anything at all. Why won't you let me know you are still here in that small way? Would help me if you did. Even through my dreams but nothing it makes it that much more painful and difficult. Still balancing sad and angry. xx
  13. This took forever to answer, I got logged out somehow in midst of it, haha oh well. I saved it. I think I got it all answered, funny this is what I post on first since being off here several months...took my mind off some things so all good. 1. Where were you 3 hours ago? At work. 2. If you have a nickname, what is it? Bunny. 3. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? Joshua. 4. Do you have any hobby's? Drawing, Painting, Photography, Knitting, Cooking. 5. What would you name your daughter if you had one? Emma or Emily. 6. Wha
  14. Wanted to add a picture too, not just make a comment before I log off Hope that shows.. if not I'll try next visit. ]
  15. ( about my 1st relationship) Beautiful eyes and a beautiful heart.
  16. Maybe she wanted to see her life because she knows you see care and look for her online and once she let enough time go past ( a week ) she was done and removed her account, possibly created a new one under a different name that you won't find and made her friends list private and account private.
  17. The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer
  18. I dreamt I was rich haha and had 7 brothers and sisters and we were trying to escape from our parents old, all teenagers to go to this huge fancy party with lots of alcohol and in the dream I was assigned to write our parents a note, idk why I was the youngest and I had to ask two of my sisters what their names were because I didn't know WTH? and they didn't seem it odd that I didn't know my own sisters names one was Blair and the other was Nicole. Then I was painting a pantry pink, no idea what happened to the party.
  19. Knowing I was always right Nothing better than knowing it isn't paranoia
  20. ^ trickykid .. I liked that series... it had a throw back feel to it that appealed to me. Kids were great in it too.
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