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  1. Effexor has been the worst anti-depressant I've tried. Coming off it was horrible too. Had to taper so slowly. We tapered down too quickly initially and it felt like I had lost my mind that's how bad my withdrawals were.
  2. I feel angry. Yesterday at mid day, we had two cases in my city and contract tracing found they went to various eateries and shops since they were likely infectious. We went in a lockdown at midnight. Between the announcement of the cases and that we were going into lockdown and actually going into lockdown, we had a bunch of major sporting events that were held despite all this. Thousands of people congregating together. I can't believe they weren't cancelled. It's not like the virus obeys the lockdown start times. Plus, it is ANZAC Day long weekend in Australia and everyone from the city headed down south for a holiday. If you know anything about where I live, you know that the smaller towns outside of the major city would not be able to cope with the demand of a surge in cases. In the past we've locked down travel between regions but it seems we've let it go this time because we didn't want to ruin people's long weekend plans. We have tens of thousands of people all over the state. Sorry, but until we are all vaccinated, you can't go on a holiday that you can't afford to cancel at the last minute. We also can't have major events that can't be cancelled at the last minute either. All we need is an infected person to have gone to the rugby or basketball game and infected a bunch of people around them. If this happens, questions need to be asked why this was allowed. With a new case today, who had been all over the place, this might get quite bad. I could say more but it would be straying into politics too much. Needless to say, I'm infuriated how stupid we have been and how concerned we are with ruining people's social and holiday plans. Because of my age and the fact that I have no pre-existing medical conditions, I'm in the last group to get the vaccine. Probably towards the end of the year.
  3. Well, it finally happened here after 10 months of no community spread cases. A security guard at one of the quarantine hotels tested positive. The state government has put us into a 5 day lockdown since Sunday. Fortunately, as of yet, none of the people he has been in close contact with has tested positive. Hopefully, a swift lockdown and good contact tracing will mean that they've got on top of this fast enough and a 5 day lockdown will be all that is required.
  4. I don't really understand this mentality and I wouldn't want to live anywhere where people had this mentality. I'd laugh in the face of anyone who thinks I'm less fortunate living where I am compared to anywhere living in and out of lockdowns and people dying alone on ventilators. We've got a month to go until the first vaccinations begin roll out and we've avoided outbreaks and community spread during this entire pandemic. Things could change tomorrow, of course, but that's a remarkable achievement. I can't remember the last time we had a Covid death in my state.
  5. It feels surreal to live in a part of the world that has been untouched by Covid-19 so far and hearing about all the deaths in the US and the UK. I can't even comprehend a lockdown. We've been fortunate to have a state premier who has shut state borders with any state that has community spread.
  6. Hopefully we all start respecting people we have previously deemed to be working "unskilled", low paid jobs and stop treating the people who work those jobs like what they do is worthless. Grocery workers, cleaners, care workers, delivery drivers and so on have kept things going during this pandemic, at personal risk to themselves. I can think of some occupations that have enjoyed greater status and pay that I don't think anyone has missed during the pandemic.
  7. Some time ago, I created a second facebook profile that is only for close friends and family members and "liked" pages with more lighthearted content, nature photos etc so my facebook feed wasn't endless politics and negative events. I was really strategic with who I had on this profile. It allows me to shut down my general account if the social media negativity gets too much and still remain in contact with the important people in my life. I recommend it.
  8. I wonder what has happened to Imsuperman. I hope he's okay.
  9. This really bums me out. Even posting the right things often isn't enough. I know plenty of the types of people I think you are referring to (who I often share similar values and perspectives with but not necessarily their praxis) and they often engage in "you posted about X but you didn't post about Y and the fact that you didn't post about Y means you are ignorant and a part of the problem". Nah, I just don't spend all day on facebook posting about every little thing going on in the world. Not every thought, feeling or value I have is shared online and I'm not obligated to.
  10. We seem to have been spared community spread (for now) - at least in my state. Given what has happened practically everywhere else, and how contagious the virus is, it seems unbelievable that no one has transmitted it unknowingly to a stranger. As long as the state and international borders are tightened I feel somewhat safe. Unfortunately, successfully managing something like this results in everyone questioning if the measures were ever necessary. Completely forgetting that the crisis didn't happen because of the measures and not because there was a lack of threat. I'm hoping we can ride this out until there's some breakthrough or vaccine. I don't think the people here have the discipline, the patience or the means to go through another shutdown.
  11. There are now no people with coronavirus in hospital in my state. There was one person yesterday in ICU and thankfully they have now recovered.
  12. Sixth day in a row of no new cases in my state. Only 14 cases left.
  13. I don't think anyone is using hand sanitiser as an instead of hand washing and it's pretty wildly known that hand washing is the better of the two methods. Hand sanitiser is useful when you are out and about and hand washing facilities are not readily available or convenient.
  14. Another day of no new cases in my state. The third day in a row (before that we had one new case). We are now down to 23 people in the state who are confirmed to have Covid-19 as people are now recovering from their infections. Random testing of asymptomatic people starting soon. I have to say, I'm pretty disgusted by the price gouging with hand sanitiser (and other things). $15 dollars for 50mls of hand sanitiser. $20 dollars for hand sanitiser that has no alcohol in it, which is useless. We need everyone to be practicing good hygiene - including those who are already financially disadvantaged.
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