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  1. I didn't set out to hurt you, even though I inevitably did
  2. So I'm interested in someone who works for the same company as mine but we work in completely unrelated departments.(we have little, if any, work related contact) However, we seem to run into each other walking in and out of conference rooms, hallways ,elevators and staff rooms. He always make it a point to smile ,ask how I'm doing .I see him see him around 1-3 times a week if I'm lucky. Last time he wanted me to join him on his lunch when I ran into him but I couldn't because I had to go back on my floor. Unfortunately,we hardly to interact since we work in different departments and . I a
  3. I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk outside the local park today....the owner is unknown and is long gone. There's no way I could've found out who's it was for sure, so I'll just take it as one of those pleasant little surprises that life gives you sometimes. Come to think of it, I've lost money before too, money goes around, comes around.
  4. Back-to-work blues after taking 3 weeks off to recover after burning my hand . panicky feeling in my gut reminding me that I'll be returning to work tomorrow.Saying goodbye to the sun, sea and freedom not having to wake up ealrly
  5. Did a resistance-focused Body Pump-type class and 30 minutes run on treadmill
  6. Oh wow, I almost forgot to eat supper I guess my , my hunger mechanism is 'broken' loolzzz
  7. It was just an entertaining thread that became more like play ground- it was closed in the end.I knew it was a matter of time before the party got shut down anyways lol.
  8. Oh no!The Party is over... was watching with box of pop corn .Damm that was entertaining!
  9. ^^ LOL awkward, did he ask to come to your place?
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