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  2. People here wouldn’t stand for it either .
  3. No way will the US go into a lockdown. People would riot. But I don't see it as necessary. I'm not a medical professional but it doesn't seem like it's getting to that point. My area has a 50% increase in hospitalizations and deaths but the numbers are nowhere near 2020 or early 2021 levels.
  4. We can’t afford another lockdown. So hopefully it isn’t coming . I doubt it will happen.
  5. Yes, @Kwothe28, I am glad you and your mom are recovering.
  6. Glad you are reasonably ok.
  7. I'm not convinced we're going back into full on pandemic mode. This seems to me to be one of the seasonal upticks we've experienced a few times a year since Covid first became known. Summertime, back to school, Christmas and New Year holiday season...happens every year. It kind of went underground for a while so people got complacent and figured it disappeared. Well, it's never going to disappear but fortunately the medical community is better equipped to treat it. And hopefully more people will consent to be vaccinated. I am planning to get the new vaccine as soon as I can, just as I get a flu shot every year.
  8. I already survived it last week. Dunno even where I managed to get it. Because I took my mom to doctor one day, traveled by bus to Capital next one, and then had a big wedding the day after. So it could be any of those 3. At the wedding I already had stomach troubles so could be before that. Worst of all I exposed and probably infected my sick mother. Good news is that we both took it fairly well. Small temperature and only throat troubles. Doctor said that it mostly just attacks throat now and that you cant relly on body temperature to know if you got it. But had big medicine help. I had some pills doctor gave me, you take 8 of them in the morning and 8 in the evening first day. 😬 Then 3 second day and after until you spend them. At least we got it over for now so we should at least have antibodies if pandemic starts again.
  9. Temperatures are really coming down . Is only 12C right now and was 7C last night . When it hits -2C we turn on the heat.
  10. We ate out 6 times and met up with my husband’s family up there and stayed in two hotels .
  11. But didn't you just go to see your new property? I would imagine that would be fairly safe. Maybe you stopped to eat but again, dining at a restaurant isn't that high risk of an activity.
  12. I just took my mom on a 500 mile trip this weekend. We didn’t think of it but hope we are ok.
  13. My son had it last month after a plane trip -we can't isolate in our apartment and neither of us got it. It was mild. And he exposed -by accident!! - my 88 year old mother but she was fine too. We went on several plane trips including London in June and got colds but not covid. We've gotten all the boosters and I plan on getting one in a few weeks -just had the flu shot. I am wearing masks more often although I never stopped completely. Good luck to everyone!!
  14. I feel safe traveling by car because I can control what I am exposed to. I took two road trips and they were fine. I did wipe down the hotel room surfaces but I don't think that's super weird. And I kind of accept that when I travel I am taking the chance of getting exposed. 🤷‍♀️ I just don't like the thought of being in an airplane but unless I want to drive across the country twice and take forever and a day to get where I'm going I will have to fly in the spring.
  15. He took his car to avoid the airports...kinda almost feel more stressed him driving cross country than flying. But he has to enjoy his life too.
  16. We travel by car but we have attended big sporting events. So far we have been ok.
  17. I am worried for elderly family for sure. So far my MIL has not caught it . She is 89 in two months and has A Fib and a pacemaker. My mom had it in January and was super sick . She has fibrosis of the lungs and asthma and is 77. I have asthma and diabetes but I am not so worried for my self . I had it last Sept and was pretty sick but did well.
  18. I am still reluctant to fly and to use public transportation. Being trapped for hours in a metal tube with hundreds of people, some of whom are guaranteed to be Covid infected, is not something I am comfortable doing. And forget riding a bus. No way. I am traveling next Spring. I am spending way too much money to get either business class or premium economy flights. And I got TSA precheck so I won't have to take my shoes off and walk on the filthy airport floor in my socks. I always shudder at the people who travel in flip flops and walk on that nasty floor barefooted. 🤢
  19. I'm mostly worried for my FIL who is in his 70s and traveling!
  20. Not really. I certainly don't want to get sick but I'm at the point now where I realize I can only do what I can. I still don't like touching things in public like door handles and communal ketchup bottles (WHY are those a thing???) and I still take a shower after returning home from a public event, dining out or working in the office, but I stopped wearing a mask at the grocery store a few months ago. I am fortunate to live alone and to have the ability to work remotely if I do get sick. And I can do grocery pickup if needed. Ironically, the few times I was directly exposed (and the one time I actually got Covid) it wasn't out in public but from a family member or close friend. In fact, I was exposed two weeks ago by my son!
  21. Anyone worried about the new variant ? I am kinda meh , but at the same time don’t want to get it .

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