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  2. My brother's friend was one of the Covid minimizers. She called it "the sniffles" and scoffed at my brother for being in bed for nearly a month. She thought he was being dramatic. Well, wouldn't you know she ended up getting Covid from a neighbor because neither of them was following any safety guidelines. And she was angry! How dare the virus infect her when she didn't believe it was really a thing! And she was angry with her neighbor which makes no sense because she wasn't being safe either. Fortunately she didn't get a really bad case. But I have to wonder at the mindset of those
  3. Interstellar Great movie. We're going to watch Arrival tonight. That's another awesome one.
  4. So sorry S. It's still like some bad science fiction movie. We are doing cautiously well here. Numbers are down and vaccines are rolling out like they are on fire. But the numbers eeked up just a little in the past few days. Nothing to get excited about, but we've been here before a few times. Waiting to see the outcome of the recent spring break freedom. Had my first shot 10 days ago. Arm hurt. That's about it. From everyone I hear it's the 2nd dose you need to watch for. Mine is 5/5. In the past 10 days, I've been out with friends 3 times. (a friend came into to to
  5. That's awful news, Vic. I'm sorry you have to go through that again. 👎 My husband and I will finally be eligible for the vaccine beginning this coming Monday. On a lighter note, as of now New Hampshire is the first state to allow people living there to go without wearing a mask. Talk about letting their guard down. I certainly don't agree with that decision.
  6. Our Premier just out out a desperate plea to all the provinces and territories for more doctors and nurses we are totally overwhelmed and will have to make decisions about who lives or dies.
  7. Well they will if they can get Europe to cough up what they promised.
  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope they get it figured out soon.
  9. Vaccine distribution in in a few words is ,going like crap which is why we are in the state we are in. Three weeks ago my area had seven cases and we now have 170. My province could have 18,000 cases a day by the end of May. We reach 4700 today which has never happened ever. It’s becoming a flaming disaster.
  10. Wow, is it really that bad there? How is the vaccine distribution going?
  11. Dear God they are considering a curfew. Gaaaaaawhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Willy's wonderland. Nicolas Cage is determined to win Raspberry award for worst actor next year. I haven't laugh so hard in a long time.
  13. Posted on Reddit on April 9: LOL people are funny, man.
  14. Here we can chat about anything video game related. What video game are you playing? I'm currently playing marvel avengers. It's part of Playstation plus until July. Amazing game. I wish it was the ps5 venison but the game looks great on ps5.
  15. Just finished Bodyguard. It's a series, not a movie. But it's only six episodes, so it's practically a movie. It was really good. I don't usually go for shoot-em-up thrillers like this, but this one kept me engaged. It was exciting, and not too predictable or too implausible.
  16. I have some kind of an arrhythmia. They weren’t able to see it on the 12 lead because it wasn’t happening, then it did on the 3 lead but no one was ever in the room(and it wasn’t the kind that set off the crazy alarm, just the “missed beat” ding). The ER doc finally saw it during discharge and said it looks like SVT. I stopped mid sentence im like it’s coming! lol. He was so tickled that I could feel when it was about to happen. But I’m (at times , overly) in tune with my body. I have an appointment with a cardiologist next week to get set up with a holter. They upped my beta
  17. How frightening! I hope you are doing better.
  18. I had to go to the ER last night. The one by my house is a level 1 trauma so..it gets hectic. Guys, I left and went to another hospital. It was appalling. There was no separation of people who were coming in hacking/exhibiting what could possibly be COVID symptoms. There was so little room in the waiting room that you had to kind of hop over peoples feet. I’m super glad I am vaccinated for this reason alone. It’s always scary to go to the hospital but adding another layer of COVID fear is so crappy.
  19. I had almost no side effects. My arm was sore for a couple of days. Literally that was it. I was shopping and running errands and packing for my visit to spend 2 weeks at my son's home and had no issues. I guess for once I was lucky!
  20. How did it treat you? I’ve mostly heard the side effects are more intense in people with previous Covid infections.

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