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  1. Yup, I agree with all of the above. There will always be challenges when you fancy someone from far away. Nothing can ever be 'real'. You have no real contact... and I hope all of this has not been all thru text? And, if she is having problems, there is not a lot you can do about it... maybe she does need more professional help? We just cannot 'make someone feel better'. When you are into someone from a great distance, you can expect problems. ( btw, this is early 2021, so if you've been involved since 2020, it has not been 2 yrs yet). So, is up to you to accept, not muc
  2. You two have been having a rough go for a while sadly 😕 A lot of arguments can be hard to deal with.... and to 'break up' and then get back to try & 'work it out', doesn't seem to be working for you. ( the reasons you break up & get back... those 'reasons' for the BU- have they been dealt with? If not, it'll be the same problems). - this is a real problem... communicating/understanding. Sadly, this is affecting her now 😕 I am not sure how you feel you can 'fix things'? If whatever is causing you two to break up is not being fixed then it w
  3. First of all, do not get mad with him. He is supposed to be your 'friend'. If you get pushy, he will pull away. Second, he is trying to be a 'friend', which means he is trying to be there for you AND many others. We can only do so much - so don't expect so much from him. Maybe it is best that you just ask him.... but then you do risk losing him as a 'friend'. As, often if it goes further and does not work out, it causes stress on the friendship you once had 😕 So, choose carefully. if you can't handle how he is being with you now, maybe stop calling & depending on him so
  4. I agree with letting this all settle a bit then calling her. I also agree with you waiting the 5 days for what has happened, I would as well. I know a few people who've had to do this - one has begun to show symptoms 😕 .. So, yes, wait a bit & see that she is in the clear. I know this has set so many off - it is difficult and has been for a while.. I'm sure she will see your concerns. And hopefully come around to understand your concerns.... Be as you are : cautious. Call her tomorrow maybe, hopefully she picks up & have a good chat .
  5. Okay, but WHY do you or would you do this, same thing? Mind games? Testing her? Don't. Like I will repeat, you two are still young.. your respect & maturity & sound mind is really not present.... Okay, then.. so why don't you move on? Do you enjoy this crap challenge? 😕
  6. Oh, how sweet of her.. 😕 Does it really matter what all she is doing? Does she needs your approval? The thing is.. is you DO care. But, you two are still young! Some things you need to just leave alone.. Your problem is TRUST. YOU have been set off since the beginning of getting involved with her! Yeah, sounds like you both have issue's.. It sounds like you are both a tease- lead each other on etc.. Do NOT play head games... I feel you two are just setting each other off. If you do NOT trust, this is going to go all downhill. STOP trying to figure
  7. You did way too much for her & way too soon. She has issue's you know this and it is spilling into your relationship. Yes, you are allowed to go hang with your buddies, without her! She needs to accept this... We need a life outside our relationships, that's fine & healthy. You two do not get along right. More a clash, right? With just dating 8 months, the answer was not to have her move there - into your home. You two were not ready for all of that. your relationship was really not stable enough yet.. and this has noe put more strain on it, right? I feel is
  8. You were involved for 6 months. And in this 6 months, you came to see how he really is. In ways, it sounds like you are too kind or insecure. Either way, he is not too nice, if you were offended by his actions/ reactions in this. You got upset and reacted back. You do not fancy his attitude with you. You two have way too many differences and do not get along. 6 months is nothing. Be glad you were not with him longer.
  9. - sadly, I'd say it woulda been so, for BOTH of you- right? How about toning all down a while more so YOU can also continue on with your own healing? This would have been such a mess on you 😞 . Walk away, stay away, focus on yourself. never rush into another relationship. when we get involved, our head & heart needs to be clear.
  10. I guess you're not able to do this, right? Since he pulled away, because of his mother's reaction? I am sorry you had to get emotionally invested in someone, when it ended up being a fail 😞 But, maybe, if this is how it works, do not start getting involved with someone until you know all is well with the family..
  11. Not sure what is that confusing? The way he talks to you about everything? Re: something like marriage & kids some day.... that, I don't understand, you've only known the guy 8 weeks.. So ignore. - yeah, I doubt that.. some guys never leave the sites 😕 I think you are taking all of this too literally. Guys talk... a lot is meaningless, more to try & draw a woman in and to 'make him look good'. BUT, remember what YOU said..."Even though i like him a lot, I don't think i am truly ready to jump back into a commitment, or even exclusively investing in someo
  12. Yup, typical reaction. (defensive). He's well aware of his behaviour! You should NOT have to always wonder what he is up to. He should be able to be trusted- but has kinda blown that now, hasn't he? His choice... now what's yours?
  13. How about you explain this to him.. and not try to get him to change. he's affectionate guy, that is just how he is. If you are too stressed, how about you just lay low, like it sounds that's what you prefer... I don't see that you speaking up about your own personal space, etc, would push others away.
  14. This is a problem, no? - doesn't think guys being flirtatious and hitting on her on messenger is a big deal. she is used to making herself seem available . - she said she would stop talk to them but continued as she didnt want to hurt their feelings. - its more about respect than jealously at his point. ......... SHE has issue's... she has trouble being confident & respectful in your relationship... How do YOU feel? Obviously uncomfortable & not pleased. What are you waiting for? Why are you accepting this? IMO, IF someone is 'ha
  15. It's always great in the beginning.. all new & exciting! Sounds like things may be settling down some now.. so, just let it be. See if she reaches out again, soon. You say she didn't send a text yesterday... How about you? Do you start any conversations? Yes, she may bs busy and she may also be thinking all of this over at this time. You two have been talking and you two have met up. Now, you see if she is truly into you enough to want to keep meeting & continue this. Don't show yourself as 'needy', but you can also reach out now & then, see how she responds...
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