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  1. then this was a decent experience. You came to realize & act within a good time limit. NOT remain in something that was not to your needs/expectations. In time, with experiences, we can come to learn.. for our own good πŸ˜‰
  2. No, I don't mean that at all. Meaning you two are so different. Look at all of the differences... you not receiving what you felt you should.. He's going a million miles a day, etc. So, in other words, you two were far from having anything in common really ( not compatible). You came to realize.
  3. This, you keep repeating. So, is obvious. Did you choose right? Yes. He was so far out of your league. You two are far from 'compatible'. We usually come to realize this stuff soon enough (within first few months). Things never panned out for you & able to progress in a healthy manner, So, you move on now.
  4. As mentioned.. in your previous thread: So he keeps jokingly saying when he calls. Things like did you just Kroc your boyfriend out before I called or is anyone there with you. What’s up with this kind of statements I joke with him about it but find it strange Maybe he has someone there with him and is projecting his behaviour to me . ~> With this and what you've again mentioned, what about any of this with him amusing? πŸ˜• How long have you both been single BEFORE you got involved? Your assumptions could very well be correct, that he's projecting.. Either way, I see lack of TRUST from either side.. and No one loves anyone in this. How about you reject the headache and get out of this?
  5. Unrealistic. Exactly.. and this is what you get, when they go OFF their meds! I highly suggest you tell her to get back on her meds.. that is necessary. That & her therapy, in order to be 'able to function' half normally. If it were me, I'd say you do this.. or else! She's not being very responsible this way. People in this state are very challenging πŸ˜• . What is she 'healing' from? If you cannot handle someone like this, is best to just cut all ties. So you can both work on accepting & healing. But, yes, by all means. do take care of yourself here.
  6. Aww,, I know... it's tough when we hurt πŸ˜• . I feel is time to step up & deal with your emotions. Is okay to cry, it's a form of release. But, It is very important to deal with all of this & you. I've been on anxiety meds for a good while - I know anxiety feels awful πŸ˜• . I also did a good amt of therapy. Am now on a 'mood stablizer'.. it does help πŸ™‚ . How about some support groups online? I have a mental health support grp on FB. Then, people know they're not alone ❀️ .. Can you maybe look for something there?
  7. Sadly, it can be a dilemma πŸ˜• . It is a common issue for many. I agree with no need to rush into it. But, I think for some people, it's like a 'security'.. it shows them that they are that special. ( reminds me of a commercial I think of a little girl twirling in a beautiful dress as she dreams of her big, successful future & being wed in her special wedding dress - almost like that 'dream come true'). BUT, fact is, it's not necessary. I had an uncle who never married his woman, but they progressed just fine together. Having 2 kids and no problems. If you two DO communicate fine, I think you need to have a real 'heart to heart' talk about this. How you feel compared to how she feels, if it doesn't happen. That she does mean the world to you, but you just don't see 'marriage' necessary.... let her decide IF she can accept that. I feel, if she feels just as strong, she should be okay with it.
  8. I don't think you needed to go as far as removing your messenger? I suggest you go out & get a journal ( or use wordpad on your pc, etc).. Get writing. Let it out that way- all you want to say, 'release' in another form. Yes, of course, we need to just back off & move on. Not cause an issue, if someone is treating us like a nothing πŸ˜• . Never beg for attention. And I agree, as mentioned, go talk to your doctor about some help with your anxiety/depression... Take care of YOU ❀️
  9. YOU are just too infatuated with him.. I think you should NOT have gone there again. If a guy doesn't show true interest within a certain amt of time, it just isn't there πŸ˜• . If you can handle 'just friends', is up to you to accept that.. or not? Maybe not, in order to work on accepting you are not getting what you want with him.. Kinda like 'all or nothing'...I suggest you just walk away with some dignity. Seriously, leave him alone now.
  10. 1) How long has she actually been single? 2) Whether she was involved at the time or not, I don't see why you'd even consider trying anything with some gal next door who declined your invite πŸ˜• . The thing is.. is YOU keep track of all she's doing .. to the minute! You need to back off some. That's a little much. So what she comes & goes - Yes, a car belongs in that driveway... It's normal. I also have a neighbour/ex close by, but in time I've learned to let it go. To just move along & live my own life! Just like he has. They come & go as well.. but I don't need to watch constantly.. that will drive you crazy πŸ˜• . Also, she is just 21, you're 27. I hope you've matured some? Some guys just don't by that age..lol. Often, is common for youngens that age to still be out there, partying, living it up etc. Either way, I am not sure she has too much an interest and things are a little too close for comfort. What should happen if things don;t go well.. yet she's still hanging there? I guess, in order to find anything out, send her another invite?
  11. He's looking to get lucky.. is why he's acting this way. He is hinting in many ways... touching your butt.. hand down your pants? Coming up behind you.. offering back rubs, while you sit on him? I see is as a few different positions in sex... right? He's a horndog, as mentioned, lol. Awaiting to pounce! So, is this what you want?
  12. This stuck out to me. She feels like you two are just friends? Not actually a couple? Is this for reasons? Or is this what she wants now? What kind of conversation is needed re: what your relationship is? Sounds to me like something's really lacking here πŸ˜• . And as someone mentioned.. sounds like she's giving up. Yeah, do not go there on her moving in.... But, IF she's giving in, she needs to at least admit to it.
  13. Awwdorable Is good with all you've done to work/train him! I know a few around here who could benefit on 'learning'..lol. Yeah I have a shorkie mix & he's not as bad now for jumping up on the couch, most often does it when others come by & they sit there... He gets all excited & wants to join them, but I say 'get down', he hears me..lol. Does your dog have a good collar? Mine has a collar and also a chain when we go out to walk around the block or the parks. He also has 'his bed', he goes to every night. That is his. he goes there for 'his rest time'. We did not have one for his first cpl months, then I said, he needs his own bed space.. and it won;t be on my bed.. lol My son is great with him.. he loves to show his love towards anyone who will accept πŸ˜‰ ... He is smaller for dogs - so my issue's been trying to stop him from jumping up to them when they arrive.. although he only reaches their knees, lol... But, still. I am sure you've trained him with treats? I wonder if it's possible to train him somehow to not go up there, with treats again? Have it ready, for when they approach the couch, you have him a treat somewhere else? Kinda thing.. In order to divert him.. just keep trying diff things, as other's have mentioned. Good luck!
  14. I have been through plenty enough, lol I know all the shades πŸ˜‰ I have been single for almost 3 yrs and in no hurry to go there again. It's draining & I don't have the energy needed to try again πŸ˜• . So, I prefer being on my own, as I have been through too much now. Yeah, it does hurt, especially when you've been through it all over & over - and it's caused damage. I often say.. Don't get involved & you won't get hurt πŸ˜‰ . I still suggest you do NOT seek him as a real partner in your life. If you are okay as 'friends', fine. But, don't expect more than that with him He is now your ex, leave it at that! ( You already know you two are not compatible) . Then work on accepting this & move along. Is always good to work on ourselves.. getting back to good. Go in with a clear mind, when considering dating again. So be kind to yourself.. Take some down time. - And don;t go at the first one who gives you attention. Take it easy...
  15. Okay, good. So, go easy with it. Just go with the flow - no reason to assume & react that way, like you did! At this rate, you'll end up messing things up really fast, by thinking this way.
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