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  1. Maybe you weren't but it's okay... we can't please everyone. Also, you two are still young - not always 'ready or willing' to quite settle down, yet. You have plenty more years to come across numerous nice women. This one's playing the field it sounds like.. let her go.
  2. Sorry for the position you're in.. yes, it can hurt, a lot! 😞 I don't know your age or how long you two were involved? By sounds of it, she had already emotionally removed herself from your relationship- which is why she did not react to your walking away.... ( But you two separated for 2 weeks?- that's often a real sign of trouble..) Don't regret your actions.. you acted due to her behaviour- which was a good move. Never stick around someone who mistreats you.
  3. Emotional abuse/neglect... and his insecurities = Not acceptable. See what it's doing? He's immature on how he handles anything... storming away? Not dealing with issue's.. laying blame, no intimate times? This is not a healthy relationship... 2 yrs, been long enough? - Honestly.. is there a 'perfect' person? No. As I often say... there's all kinds. Sadly, there is a lot of people 'stuck' in their own ways, of life. You will get neglect, ignorance, etc.. But this is NOT on you. Please do NOT resort to dating sites... Do you know how many are on there.. and why? They ar
  4. Together less than a year and you had him delete FB? Wow.. over doing it a little, no? I understand your insecurities, but you really cannot 'control' him this way- can very well lead to resentment. = more issue's IF you can NOT trust your partner, it simply will not work. ( you admitted you already have insecurity issue's?). - so, you never tried to work on this issue of yours. Now, onto HIM.... Anyone is allowed to 'comment' on friends pictures.. BUT with respect... Fine, she's good looking.. or beautiful. But, to continue on about it, like 'why you laughing, it's
  5. Yeah, as mentioned, he's 'kindly' trying to pull out of this 😞 ( to ask you if you think you 2 are a good match..). IF someone IS truly interested, they would step up & continue to try in this. He's copping out. Don't contact him, just leave all alone.
  6. - She has never been happier -- then leave her to it. ( Don't be available for her, at all). - She 'misses you'..... she is 'conflicted' -- None of this is good.. Missing you is normal after a BU. As for conflicted, that's on HER. Things are messed, as is she. ( You do not want someone like this around- most often, she can pull away from him, then you, again = one big, painful mess 😞 ). Stay away. She has moved on... TC of yourself and give her nothing.
  7. right... selfish.... and the worst thing to do, is lead someone on- to nothing 😞 Definitely, issue's here.
  8. I love this girl with all of my heart and soul, she is after all, the girl I wanted to marry. - Okay, so why did it end? Of what caused your marriage to fail, is anything changed? Issue's cleared up? - You dating? Why? .. By sounds of you are chasing HER.. your ex ~>>.. Omg. slow down! WHY do you think this is going to happen... seriously.. 😞 I feel like I have screwed it up so far. I have told her how much I do miss her, the "IF WE DO GET BACK.." messages....all that. I am there for her, but we hardly talk most days. I want her attention li
  9. Best one to approach, is the one who isn't ignoring you.. .. say HI to the other one. Lunch w/ her? Smile & say Hi then, as you walk past her :) - If she responds, there's a start. Then see IF she starts to check you out, should you run into each other...
  10. Yes, life can get to be too much sometimes. Maybe, in time (a few mos at least) he will reach out again and be in a bettter place. Is good actually IF he is backing out at this time, to work on himself & other expectations.. I had to do the same for a while... had ongoing therapy for a good while, to work through some issue's...etc.
  11. Yes, I think he's just not ready or able to be involved... it takes time & energy to succeed. He needs to work on a few things. (eg. to not communicate wit partner..?). Yeah, he needs to work on things & take care of himself.
  12. When he has it in order 😞 ... how long do you think that will take? Are you familiar with such mental health conditions? He has self esteem/communication/anxiety-depression issues and I think an underlying mood disorder bipolar 2 or cyclothymia possibly? He had a 10 year relationship and married for the last 2 years of it, wife cheated multiple times and they divorced in fall of 2018– And, seeing all of this.. I feel he is still needing time to sort through this whole experience.. heal more, in order to feel he can move on - in a more 'stable' manner.
  13. Sounds like he can't handle it anymore. He's tried for a while but is just too much. As you said he's got a tonne of stressors going on - I think he just can't handle a relationship as well. Plus you are aware of his mentality... adding to that expectations of a partner & another things that will set him off is that night shift.. and he has schooling as well? Wow 😞 So, I say to just respectfully back off now & work on accepting his choice in this.
  14. alright... this is crap! 😞 .. He's nasty! You do NOT keep kicking your fiance out! Not sure why he ignores all your calls/ msg's? Inconsiderate? I can see not reacting to some, for whatever reason... but c'mon. His insults towards you is a form of abuse (mental/verbal). None of this you need to take..right? Then just get out of there.... I would not want to carry on something like this.
  15. What is it he 'does'? How long have you been together? ( I will assume, him being your fiance he does want you there with him?)
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