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  1. I wish the whole world was on the same page. 😟. I didn’t anticipate getting mine this early. We weren’t supposed to start until April. But, they added very specific diseases to the eligibility list. But, it’s honestly horrible, the process. It’s like hunger games. In order to get all these appointments (my mom, fiancée and myself) I had to have 7 websites open, my phone with a list of zip codes and dedicate a few hours to nothing but vaccine searches per person. It’s so upsetting for seniors and low income, or people who simply are not technologically savvy to naviga
  2. Thank you! The fatigue is kind of exhausting. I’m going to attribute some of it to bad sleep and the long ride(I had a dream that my fiancée let me sleep and I missed my appointment. Woke up irrationally pissed off at her. 😂). My mom and fiancée are going Saturday for their second. I’m curious to see how it hits them!
  3. Got my first COVID vax today! My state expanded eligibility, effective today, for people with high risk illnesses. It was brutal securing an appointment, and I had to drive 2 hours but so worth it. Got the Pfizer, have a headache. Mild fatigue starting to set in. That’s it so far.
  4. Lol, wow. While I think prenups are great, his desire for one in this particular context are not about mutual protection but some negative associations with marriage. What are you going to do, take his couch and Cheetos from mom’s basement? If he had some kind of assets, even then his angry and resentful response would be just as concerning. Prenups in people with healthy views on marriage can be great. Clearly not the case here.
  5. For people interested in vaccine experiences... As I said, my mom got the first moderna last weekend. She had some heavy fatigue for 2 days along with mild to moderate arm soreness for about 4. Her symptoms have totally resolved. She’s 70. My fiancée got the Pfizer first dose yesterday. She complained of an immediate headache which, while mild, felt something like a sinus pressure. She woke me up in the middle of the night moaning from aches. She also has a low grade fever, still a headache and moderate injection site soreness. Also, the same fatigue. She said th
  6. My mom got her first dose of the Moderna over the weekend. She said aside from arm soreness and fatigue which is fading , she feels good. She said the fatigue was pretty potent for 2 days. She was pretty nervous to get it, because of an anaphylactic response to a medication about 5 years ago. But she went to one of the public health sites run by the national guard and they have longer wait rooms for people with allergies where a nurse watches you like a hawk for an extended period of time. She said it was so organized, heavily staffed and she felt really safe. I’m ea
  7. I’m phase 1c. They are doing 1b starting Monday which is non healthcare essential workers, inmates, adults 65+. 1c are those 18-64 with preexisting conditions. Then there’s the general public and they hope to start that group by the end of May. Frankly we have a lot of “leftovers” from the first phase of people who refuse to be vaccinated (along with a tiny amount of people who can’t). Otherwise 1b would be waiting longer. I just don’t understand folks.
  8. I had to take another stupid COVID test because of exposure. I can’t wait to get vaccinated. My group tentatively is set for the end of March. My mom can get vaccinated next week. She’s super worried about potential allergic reactions(she does have medicinal allergies). Her doc says yes, you’re good but...she’ll be having it with an epi on hand and I’m throwing a bottle of liquid Benadryl in her purse.
  9. Yeah. I think my kiddo does, too. He’s become really defiant. I have to give sliding room (with respect to not slapping labels on him and stuff), BECAUSE of the pandemic, isolation and all that comes with it...his psyche isn’t seeing his patients in person either because his office is IN the main hospital. I feel like telehealth is only so helpful in this case. Honestly, my own therapist was so off the last time I had a virtual visit with her. Her anxiety was such that she couldn’t put on her blank slate. I’ve been going to her for so long I know when she’s putting on the face
  10. Never mind, I’m just going to give myself anxiety. Lol.
  11. Eh, she could be really shy on the phone. She could have social anxiety on it that might make her stutter, stammer etc. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you start hearing someone feeding lines in the background. 😜
  12. Was that intentional? Or was the boy wildin out in the background and you just so happened to see him? I can understand her concern. That's a very real and valid fear, of getting seriously involved with someone your child gets attached to and then boom, it's done and now you've got a child who, as children by nature are egocentric, will probably think it's all their fault. Maybe it is time to have a frank conversation about the fact that she keeps bringing that up to you. Mention the frequency of it and ask questions, ask why. Ask what exactly her definition of slow is.
  13. Understandably so. She should be. You’ve only known each other a month, though. That’s hardly any time for her to make any assumptions about your character when it comes to that, or for her to be concerned about it. I’m assuming you have not met her child and aren’t going to any time soon, as she wants to go slow. Yeah?
  14. Well, as a divorced mom of an 8 year old, I waded through plenty of people before I found one that I thought would fit into our lives. She is the only one my son has met and we are engaged. There’s no involvement from my ex at all. My worry here is that she seems really panicky about thinking her child is gonna drive people away. That speaks on her mindset a lot. She should be viewing this as a package deal if she’s looking to eventually get serious, and if she’s NOT and wants something casual, there’s no reason to be bringing that up every 2 seconds. I did date casua
  15. 2021 is really slappin it. Incredibly sad and infuriating day.
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