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  1. I’m having the holter put on tomorrow, then a routine echo done next week. I’m also seeing an electrophysiologist tomorrow as well to talk about an ablation. Of course, I haven’t had any palps in a couple weeks(aside from tonight - I was a bit dehydrated so I wonder if that triggered it). I swear it better show up on there. LOL. I get both the “skipped beat” feeling and the speeding up and almost what feels like it’s resetting into sinus rhythm. I can also make it stop by coughing hard or bearing down. I’m told sometimes that simply IS a treatment if it’s infrequent,
  2. Just an update, I’ve got the coolest part time gig. I’m starting this weekend, at a local children’s STEM museum. In addition to the ED being incredibly accommodating to weird schedules, I can bring my child for on site babysitting. I just cannot be one of the employees operating it when he is in it. It’s 4 days a week, weekends which my fiancée or mom will watch him, and the 2 days during the week, he will come with me. I was really surprised he called me back at all. I was upfront about my schedule and told him I understood that I do not have the open availability h
  3. Why? He made these choices. And she’s not here to be angry at. Be angry at the person responsible. He’s grown.
  4. Well, he had a choice to be the person to end that toxicity and cycle. We all see poor things modeled by our families; it doesn’t destine us for the same outcome. In this case, he normalized the behaviors. That was his choice. Not his choice how he was raised. But his choice to recognize what is unhealthy and he didn’t and doesn’t sound like he will. So that’s enough of an answer for you. Regarding mom, I don’t know I suppose it doesn’t matter now since she’s dead(not to sound cold), but clearly it was terminal and I can see him wanting to be near her as much as possible. The
  5. Maybe the photo system has been helping you, but it doesn’t sound like it is her. Also, I assume if you eat pizza you send the pic of that too. Man, I would immediately fall off the bandwagon if I had to look at pizza pictures a couple times a week. Being on antidepressants can make weight loss very difficult. And metabolisms are different, especially for women with fluctuating hormones. Maybe don’t try doing this together right now. She may need to find her own method and yes, it’s discouraging when your weight loss partner is making strides and you’re not.
  6. Your body is a machine! A well oiled machine. Repeat. LOL. Beats the ventilator. Just keep telling yourself that. Hugs!
  7. Yeah, it is bottom line. Might want to put a little space there between you two and draw some lines in the sand. It’s good she’s not sleeping in your bed and that really should not resume.
  8. Sexuality can be fluid...but there’s also what my fiancée and I call “gay for play”. We’re a same sex couple. She has gotten hit on often by self proclaimed straight or bicurious women. If she would be like, come on, let’s go then they back the hell off. For them it’s fun. They may like the idea of a same sex escapade and think it’s fun or cute to hit on a lesbian and see them as some sort of novelty. Its safe flirting for them because they don’t really want it to go anywhere. It’s pretty gross, really. Maybe she’s confused, yes. Or maybe she is “straight for play” in this c
  9. Okay folks, women especially...if you ever want to drive yourself insane, get the new otc Covid antigen test they just started selling this week in the US. it’s like doing pregnancy tests. It even says to look for “very faint lines”. I was going nuts and taking it apart, just like I did with my pregnancy tests! 😂
  10. Thanks hun. Happy vaccine day!! 🤗 👍😘
  11. Yeah and a rash...I can’t figure it out. It could be a viral rash. I changed his detergent to free and clear and got some colloidal oatmeal...hydrocortisone, and am giving him Benadryl every 6 hours. At first I thought it was atopic but I’ve removed every irritant and it’s really not getting any better at all.
  12. I’m having my son tested for Covid later today. I hate that this is the first thing that needs to be cleared out of the way. I don’t really believe he has it, but they won’t see him in person unless he has one done. Thing is, he’s NOT going to let them administer it, and they won’t let me, so I have to do it where they allow self administer (well, by a guardian). Why can’t they have these spit tests more readily available? Honestly I don’t even know if those are approved for children anyway. It used to be where when he needed it, we’d get myself and my fiancée tested per the doc be
  13. LOL well...this virus in general is extremely funky. Don’t get me wrong, I think about how we’re all pretty much almost the phase 4 of clinical trials. But I also know if I got sick there’s a very good chance I’d be hospitalized, at best. I’m not willing to take that risk. And if say, there really is a microchip in there 😂😂, go ahead. You can watch me eat chips and go to target. I’m fine with that.
  14. That’s how it goes! At least you know there are 2 people somewhere who will get those appointments. Yes, here as well. Our elderly are 80% vaccinated with at least one dose. So we are seeing more 20s/30s/40s etc dying. My eye doctor, actually(he’s not dead just to clarify)..I’m not entirely sure of his age, perhaps 50? I have been seeing him since I was 12 years old and he was straight out of optometry school...I called the office like 2 months ago for an appointment and it said it was closed due to the pandemic. I thought that was weird because 2 months ago we were i
  15. Aww, thanks!! My career skills have to stay fine tuned. Lol. In all seriousness, the headache of looking for a vaccine was very taxing here. We just arrived at a point yesterday where they have a walk in clinic, no appointments necessary. Of course, no one wanted to wait months for that kind of ease...I know I didn’t. But I do believe the rollout will get better there eventually just like it is here. Then it becomes a matter of vaccine hesitancy...which we are starting to see here in the US. Ugh.
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