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  1. I have taken Effexor in the distant past and it’s a different beast. I found it to be hard to taper down from, much harder than an SSRI. I thought it was just me but in talking with people it’s a common complaint. I am not sure why. I have easily followed a tapering plan with Zoloft and not had the issues I had with Effexor. I also have missed a dose or two of Zoloft and it’s been a non issue - with Effexor I felt it fast. It was very effective although you know that’s an individual response. For the withdrawal feelings, I would not go back on it personally. Do you have
  2. Well, now you’re treating him/your relation like a bad investment. Trying to flip a house with a terrible foundation, putting way more money into it than it will be worth. YOU worked hard. What did he do? You can’t fix him.
  3. Sounds like you guys might have different relationship goals. The more you try to pull him towards the type of relationship you crave the more he is going to resist. You have to decide if you’re good with this. There were points in my life where I, as a single mom, would have been good with that setup because it didn’t put much pressure on me, and I didn’t want anything very serious. I also had to accept that if I did change my mind about what I wanted they probably weren’t going to be on the same page. Sounds like this just isn’t working for you anymore. Think about
  4. If your sex life is suffering and your dynamic is different, then the stuff like daily texts cause a bit of a war - you want it because you’re needing affirmation. You feel all the stuff that’s different between you. He resists because 1. He may just not think that’s a necessary part of a relationship and 2. He feels you pulling at him, and it’s irritating. And if he is generally indifferent towards you, perhaps he has started checking out. Is that it? Or is your relationship falling into that post honey moon phase? My fiancée used to write me damn near dearest Abiga
  5. Waaaay overdue! I hope he goes through with it this go. Your brother is a very good looking guy as well, so if he’s in the market I’ve no doubt he will find someone. 😆
  6. Tonight she texted me when she was out front and told me and M to hop in the car. She took us for for dinner(curbside, naturally. Lol) and ice cream. Her and M had a very detailed and nerdy conversation about how ice cream machines work in the car. When we got home, she brought me all his “nighttime meds” stuff and I took care of that while she fixed her lunch for tomorrow. Grandma is visiting a bit so he’s watching tv with her. This is how we used to be. So much had changed and there were so many life stressors, we just need to find our way back to these things in our new no
  7. I think the most important thing you can do right now is get your legal ducks in a row. Consult with one lawyer at minimum. Gather as much information as you can.
  8. I’m sorry you’re sick. Wishing you a speedy recovery. What she did was abhorrent. She abandoned her children. I agree with your mother that you should seek legal counsel. You don’t have to be bound to anything, but you do indeed need to know your options and safeguard your kids. But aside from that, what do you think was “not that bad” that she said you should have seen coming? What sorts of problems were you having in the marriage?
  9. Wow, you guys certainly have gone back to the March 2020 ways. Those shoes are cute though! Let me know if there’s anything you need(although probably by the time it gets to you your lockdown will be over 😂).
  10. Oh boy. Okay, my son does indeed have trouble falling and staying asleep. This is what one of the medications are for. And probably one of the reasons he doesn’t like it! He does not wander around in the night attacking people, lol...Worst case scenario, he comes downstairs and sleeps on the couch to be closer to people or he wakes me up - which is rare. Yes, indeed I am taking back “med duty”. It used to work well for them, they would make a game out of it with timers. That’s not working right now. We talked about it and think maybe he needs to feel more autonomous. So I order
  11. I even get burned out by my own kid. Kids are a lot of work. We’re both trying to balance various parts of our lives. She’s certainly entitled to feel that and do what she needs to recharge; we talked about that last night. We have been trying to work on feeling “coupley” again. Even prior to the pandemic, she had a major surgery with a 5 month recovery time. Then as soon as she was back to work, here comes corona. There hasn’t been a lot of down time.
  12. If I’ve painted her out to be an a hole, that was my frustration speaking, not the reality. I came here for help getting grounded. Which I have gotten! If I thought she was a douche I would leave. I did say she is good with kids, is generally patient, warm and fun. That includes with my baby, too. It’s the last couple months where things have been off. And upon reflecting on some of the things that have been brought up here, I can see why she seems disconnected.
  13. Yes. I said that this is I think the 3rd time I have brought up the disengagement issue. And she has used sarcasm on a previous occasion. It was nowhere near or like this particular comment, it wasn’t said during a frustrating moment/wasn’t directed at him and I do not think he heard it. However, I did and I said something to her about it. I don’t like using sarcasm in front of him. I am not sure why you are hell bent on making her into an an abuser.
  14. Oh my goodness. Poor R. How is he handling that? Is he okay?
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