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  1. “The United States is so cruel to their immigrants.... We're still under trump policies. We've never been this brutal to our immigrants. They're separating families.” My husband and some of his family members who have come to the US were never treated “cruelly” or were “separated.” They came here legally through the process, learned to speak English, studied hard in school to get into good internships through the medical programs, paid their loans back and got their citizenships. The only time my husband got in trouble with the police was over a speeding violation. He did no
  2. I married an immigrant who went through the citizenship process a couple years ago I am not sure where some people are getting the idea that marrying a US citizen means instant citizenship into the country. Nowadays that is FALSE. Your sister WILL be interviewed by Homeland Security and be asked specific questions as to how long she has met the applicant, dated him, etc. And her deadbeat husband to be better have a CLEAN criminal record and coming to the country with a trade. My husband and I were married for four years when he applied, but I had dated him for 10 years prior
  3. I would toss adoption out. Most adoption centers DO NOT adopt children out to couples who are 40+. I’ve known people who have tried but were denied because of their age. They don’t want foster parents who are aging/retiring soon and cannot afford to support children. You also mentioned not wanting kids because it’s expensive. Just wait until you see how much it costs to go through adoption. It is much more expensive to go through adoption with the fees, evaluations, and inspections. Sorry, but a biological child is the only way.
  4. “I had to work in a porn complaint department, and I've seen every horrid type of child porn and human trafficking cases you can imagine. This hardened my views on porn significantly. Please don't tell me its normal and healthy, because I still have nightmares 20 years later.” So what exactly are you looking for here? The mentioned stuff is ILLEGAL - users possessing those should be prosecuted. But pornographic images between consenting adults is completely different. And if you have nightmares about viewing this material then you definitely should seek help. Personally I would snap if I
  5. I have been in the same situation before. Loved 3 hours away. What made me move on was that my boyfriend didn’t have a direction and just drifted in school. I was on my final year of graduation and wanted an adult relationship with someone who was about to be financially ready. The guys I dated did not seem to be the kind of people I wanted to settle for. Meanwhile, the ex-boyfriend realized he had majorly F-ed up by losing me and by taking school seriously - he changed his tune by transferring into med school and became a registered ER Nurse. We reconnected at a mutual friends party
  6. Not sure how it’s like in your area, but I had to be on waiting lists for a few MONTHS before moving my daughter to a different daycare. A month is too short.
  7. If you consider adoption, I would get on it now. It is a very lengthy process, and many adoption centers will not adopt children out to couples who are 40+ years old. The longer you wait, the more difficulty you will have at adopting. Apply for it as you get a second dmedical opinion. ”And at your age, it is a challenge to have kids even with two otherwise healthy people. So there is also that to consider. “ Unfortunately Lambert is correct. Children who are born from women over the age of 35 have a high risk of developing significant developmental disabilities such as autism
  8. He... FORCED you? How do? By putting a gun to your head? Doubt it. That decision is on you. If you are having a lot of anxiety in regards to entering a relationship I agree with seeking some counseling. It’s time to overcome this issue.
  9. “You can't invite a few of the relatives and not others.” IF a relative physically threatens the bride/groom, then yes the couple has a right NOT to invite them. That’s the only exception because it is a safety concern. I had a drink aunt who was very volatile at my own wedding, created a scene in front of all my friends and family, and she had to be removed by security and escorted back to her hotel room. Looking back, she should of never been invited (my parents who helped pay for my wedding pressured me to invite her... which was a massive mistake). “as for not including kids
  10. Also, you and your fiancé have the right to request a child-free wedding. It’s your day and guests should respect that. I’m a mom of a 2 year old and I would be THRILLED to go to a wedding without my kid (and if I can’t find a sitter, I just simply don’t go). Crazy woman was using her kid to get under your skin. I feel sorry for her child to have a mother like that.
  11. I would hire security for the wedding/reception even if she is not invited. Let it be their job to enforce who arrives or stays out/kicks out. Don't rely on family/friends to take care of unruly/unwanted guests for you because it ruins their experience at YOUR wedding. It will cost money, but the price for maintaining a stress-free day and sanity is worth it. After that attempt of assault, her wedding invitation is out the window. She has a criminal history of being violent and already displayed aggression, no thanks. Never, ever invite a person to a wedding who threatens you or your fian
  12. Uh... you would choose some internet stranger you barely know over your current boyfriend? This should be a no brainer. Check your priorities.
  13. I will go against the grain here: After clicking on her most recent profile picture, I seen he had commented “beautiful 🌹” I asked him why would he tell another woman she was beautiful while in a relationship? After telling him how hurt I was, I reminded him how my ex cheated on me by starting little flirty comments that turned into more. He said he wouldn’t ever do it again. If I were the boyfriend I would dump someone who’s like this for two reasons: Telling someone is “beautiful” is complimenting, not flirting. There are tons of women out there who will be prettier than you
  14. One thing to be aware: online BMI calculators are very inaccurate. They don’t consider muscle mass in. My trainer is the same height as me and has high muscle definition in her body. She works out and boxes, but some BMI readings say she is overweight. Get a real reading from a doctor/nutritionist with better tools.
  15. I’m on the same bandwagon of dumping your guy. You don’t need anymore toxicity. Unless he has your BMI measurements and is your nutritionist or doctor, he has no business calling you fat. He can F off. Out of curiosity what is your height? I would kill to be 145 lbs. Losing weight takes a lot of factors and work. Focus on what you can control: watching what you eat and exercise. It took me 3 and a half months when I first started WITH a personal trainer to lose 8 lbs and that was because I was building muscle from weight training and it caused me to eat more. It takes your body a
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