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  1. BG - Just dont think about marriage or babies, when I was your age that was the furthest thing on my mind. I would have deeply regretted it IF I got married at 22 or even 27 lol. Just live your life, have fun, enjoy being single & NOT having babies...because once you do, that's it. There is no turning back to the youth you have now!
  2. Before this closes out, I just want to say Im sorry - BG I really hope you focus on you & healing now. Dont think about the ex & when your mind starts to shift towards him & the memories immediately start to think of something else. It wont be easy at first but I know you will be ok & you will find "the one" eventually.
  3. This is why I think you should resend it because if you wait 2 days & want to send it anyway.... & then resend the same thing (and he got the first one, but ignored it) he might think you are crazy lol. But if you resend now it would just look like a glitch in the system. And now you are stuck in limbo not knowing if he got it or not. If you are going to do it, just do it & make sure you send it when the server is back up and running!
  4. Honestly, I think if you already sent it...just send it again. You want it to be over with already. If that makes you feel better, then do it. If I was in your position I probably wouldnt have sent the first one & if our email server was down at work I would be questioning if I should re send it too lol. I think you have your mind set already though. If him replying & giving you an answer whether they are good or bad - helps you move on then do it.
  5. You forgot me, I said not to lol. Wait & I think Gee and CoCo said not to, too... Are you ready for his reply? No matter what it will be?
  6. Yeah you are asking way too many "what ifs" it can be turned around quite easily...what if he declines? what if he brings his GF and they make out in front of you? What if he thinks you are crazy for inviting him? etc.. Your party is just a reason in your mind to "get back together" but its not that easy. If you want him back you seriously should make an effort & find out if he's single. Doesn't your cousin or someone date his brother or cousin...or something like that? Can you ask her to find out, but not mention you?
  7. I think he mentioned it because he knows you would probably have one & just trying to make converstation without it becoming awkward. I dont think he necessarily wanted to be invited. Inviting him while he still has a GF will definitely backfire on you.
  8. Oh gosh I also think its a horrible idea. I'm with DN all the way in saying, find out if he's still with this girl first...if not send him that letter. If he is, keep NC.
  9. I watched Yes Man the other day - I thought it was pretty funny & thought maybe I should live that way....lol What's the last movie you watched & did you like it?
  10. I just want to add that I completely support you trying ONE last time. Whether its next week, next month, next year...I think you should do it IF you think you will regret it for a long time. I was with my first love for 4yrs, I left the guy moved away without telling him a thing. We were on a "break" & I just picked up and left...with my family that is. They were planning on moving I just never mentioned it to him. Years later I still regretted doing that & not trying with him. He was always an amazing person & Im sure he still is (my friends in my hometown still talk to him sometimes) I mean things did turn out for the best, I found my TRUE love, but in the meantime I had a lot of regret & unhappiness staying "STRONG" because that's what I thought I should do but sometimes in love you should show some weakness. Not saying you should beg but put your pride aside in some cases...if you feel he is worth it. Once you think you exhausted that last try, THEN you can truly move on without any regrets.
  11. I dont know anyone I promised the world to or them me when we first started dating, but there were times I was upset/hurt if a guy lead me on for a few months & then told me he wasn't ready. Happens all the time, both ways...read around, lots of stories like that on here. If you are even remotely close to READY to date & open your heart to him then I would say... "Go ahead, try, open up, let your guard down. It might be good for you."
  12. Does this new guy know yet how hard this is on you? Because if he doesn't you shouldn't "use" him to make you feel better about this or to get you thru this, that's what your friends/family & support system is for... What if he's in the picture to make you realize dating isn't something you should be doing right now? I dont want this to come out the wrong way, but I think you analyze things way to much & that could get you into trouble.
  13. I dont think you have something more serious but Im no expert. You are going thru a breakup. Its a tough thing to deal with, regardless of how much support you have. With clinical depression from what I know you wouldnt be functioning so well. I have been depressed after break ups & other times in my life before but bounced out of them pretty quickly. Break ups usually took longer for me though to feel normal, alive & full of energy..like I normally feel. One break up took me a good 8 months to feel good again. If you feel you might have something more serious discuss it with your therapist.
  14. I always thought there was only 1, but learned there is more then one true love in your lifetime - definitely! I felt "true love" once before I met my SO & now feel like he is my true love. And yes, you cant see or feel that right now but you WILL find another true love again, when the time is right!
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