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  2. Koalas Nosh Eating Eucalyptus Leaves 🐨. 💨👃SCENT
  3. Tedious relationships indicate eventual divorce. KNEEL
  4. Ok, this torrential rain really has to stop now. This is the third time this year most of the State is under water. Thousands of people lost their homes, their livelihood in the first floods this year. They had just started the massive clean up after the water receded, only to be flooded again about 6 weeks later. Now this is the third time and it's the worst ever - everything, everywhere you look is under water. Some houses completely disappeared. It's just too much now. Can't handle it anymore. 😟
  5. When doing business with an aquarium and everyone signs off with "Best Fishes". 🤗❤️🥰
  6. it's been gorgeous out here, not too hot and not too cold. I still wish it were warmer.
  7. Peaky Blinders (not a movie but who cares) Ooh Tommy Shelby 😘 I'm not your type but I'll be whatever you're smokin.
  8. I Caught Insects Late Yesterday.🦋🐞. 🐜ROACH
  9. Has Anyone Really Partied Saturday?🍻🎉🎇 🍗🥩GRILL
  10. Yes, very tragic. Her voice gives me chills. It’s so beautiful.
  11. Elderly Ladies Dared Eating Rattlesnake👵🐍 🏝BAYOU
  12. Great song. I learned recently that she died a few years back. Sad.
  13. Could Reconnaissance Aliens Find Truth? 🚀🌎 🎡WHEEL

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