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  2. In my city, seniors (65+) are getting vaccinated by their primary providers. They don't have to make an appointment, just wait for a call and THEN they make an appointment. It seems like most young people don't have primary doctors here any more. I know I do but I'm in the minority. However, they are savvy and I imagine sometime this year, most will be able to stroll into a pharmacy and get it done.
  3. Yeah, my mom and step dad will be in this predicament and my MIL too. My mother-in-law is 86 years old and has a heart condition but knows nothing about technology. My stepdad is 81. And my mom well she’ll be 75 next month and of course has pulmonary fibrosis. Neither are tremendously tech savvy.
  4. I wish the whole world was on the same page. 😟. I didn’t anticipate getting mine this early. We weren’t supposed to start until April. But, they added very specific diseases to the eligibility list. But, it’s honestly horrible, the process. It’s like hunger games. In order to get all these appointments (my mom, fiancée and myself) I had to have 7 websites open, my phone with a list of zip codes and dedicate a few hours to nothing but vaccine searches per person. It’s so upsetting for seniors and low income, or people who simply are not technologically savvy to naviga
  5. I am so glad you guys have been able to get your vaccinations!
  6. Thank you! The fatigue is kind of exhausting. I’m going to attribute some of it to bad sleep and the long ride(I had a dream that my fiancée let me sleep and I missed my appointment. Woke up irrationally pissed off at her. 😂). My mom and fiancée are going Saturday for their second. I’m curious to see how it hits them!
  7. I sure hope so but it seems all down to a country’s buying power to get anywhere.
  8. Yes, I read that recently. I'm hoping that for you, it will be a little closer than that, maybe if vaccine production and distribution continues to be ramped up.
  9. Starting March 15 here in Ontario they are opening the online registration for vaccines for people 80 and older. I might be able to get mine at the end of summer.
  10. YAY. I am so psyched for you! I, too, had the Pfizer shots. I had a short headache and some very mild fatigue for a couple days. No other issues, just like you. You may feel sicker with the 2nd shot (I did not, but many of my coworkers did!) so be sure to plan for a day off or so after the day you get your second!
  11. Got my first COVID vax today! My state expanded eligibility, effective today, for people with high risk illnesses. It was brutal securing an appointment, and I had to drive 2 hours but so worth it. Got the Pfizer, have a headache. Mild fatigue starting to set in. That’s it so far.
  12. Quit Using Enemas Every Night 😱 WATCH ⌚
  13. Sensible People Overtly Obstruct Nicotine QUEEN
  14. Wednesday Ravenous Elephants Ate Kiwis 🥝🐘 SPOON 🥄

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