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  2. The operative word in there is "genuine". Some people can be trained to "work the room" so to speak. They don't have genuine interest, it is a part played.
  3. True. Although, politicians are very good at this too.... and they are often completely driven by ego 😂
  4. Genuine people create connection and find depth even in short, everyday conversations. Their genuine interest in other people makes it easy for them to ask good questions and relate what they're told to other important facets of the speaker's life. They aren't driven by ego.
  5. I’m having the holter put on tomorrow, then a routine echo done next week. I’m also seeing an electrophysiologist tomorrow as well to talk about an ablation. Of course, I haven’t had any palps in a couple weeks(aside from tonight - I was a bit dehydrated so I wonder if that triggered it). I swear it better show up on there. LOL. I get both the “skipped beat” feeling and the speeding up and almost what feels like it’s resetting into sinus rhythm. I can also make it stop by coughing hard or bearing down. I’m told sometimes that simply IS a treatment if it’s infrequent,
  6. Husband and I got our vaccines yesterday! We're both doing great. Our arms are a bit sore where we got the injection, but nothing major. Happy, and relieved.
  7. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!
  8. That's some girl. She was 21 there. Very self-possessed
  9. Being popular must be the most tasteless insult anyone can suffer.
  10. Yay! My brother got his vaccine yesterday.
  11. It's all about building tension and letting your mind run wild!
  12. Just extra stuff that’s not needed right?! 😙
  13. We are on the same page my darling😎😎😎
  14. Wow, you and I are living the same life right now, seriously. I could have wrote that word for word. I started having palpitations/arrhythmias about a year back. It was only now and then, but it's become a lot more frequent lately. It is frustrating to go to ER and it doesn't show up! I too an booked in for a holter. It really does feel weird for your heart to either skip a beat, or go too fast for a few seconds, doesn't it? I have never had it happen in my life. I just hope it gets sorted. The sooner the better. Yes, they mentioned SVT's a few times, so I am thin
  15. Baristas wearing bikinis at espresso stands? What the heck?!
  16. I'm getting my first shot on Tuesday, 5-4 Bout time! 😤
  17. Read a fascinating study on business relationships, charisma etc. It studied what was referred to as the "narcissist ratio" (not a psychiatric study). In the study, they found an inverse relationship between charisma and influence and how often people used the word "I"( including me,my,etc) The more someone used "I" the less power, influence and charisma they had. Have to agree that when someone uses I, me, my, etc. and personal anecdotes excessively it does come across as boring and unengaging.
  18. Wearing underwear is reserved for people who turn out the light when they have sex 😎

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