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  2. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/national/coronavirus/2021/10/15/1_5625455.html The US will allow mixed vaccine dosed individuals like me when they open the land border on Nov 8. However, pointless for a day trip as you must have a Covid test to return back to Canada even if you have been gone an hour which could have a $300 price tag for the 3 of us.
  3. Sort of. I can't say for sure whether the book was good or bad because I didn't read it. I love her dearly, and for her sake I wanted to read it (and still want to), but I will probably never find time. And that is because my expectations for it are (unfortunately) not very high. I know her well, and my suspicion was that her 'author' phase was just another one of her strangely ambitious quirks. She has never, ever been a writer. In fact, I spent many a night in middle school and high school helping her write reports. I hope her book was great, but I will leave that a mystery. What I found weird about her publishing experience was the cult-like social media miasma that cocoons (at least some) self-published authors. My friend started accumulating all of these followers and developing online friendships with other authors. It gave her a feeling of success. But closer inspection revealed that all of these followers and 'friends' were other aspiring authors seeking to create their own following. So they were following each other to create this illusion of volume, but in reality it was actually just one big hairball. Nonetheless, these girls (they were all young mothers) took it very seriously. The weirdest was when my friend invited me to a book signing at a library close to where I live. The book signing was in the basement, and it was more like a bake sale than a book signing. Moms setting up tables with their books on display, kids running around or sitting at a table coloring. An occasional husband sullenly sitting next to his wife. I don't think there was a single outside visitor, just the authors visiting each other's tables. I sat at the table with the kids and colored lol. One look at their lush advertisements told me everything I needed to know about their books. Sorry to judge books by their covers (or advertisements), but... hairball. So like I said, I don't think my friend is a good publishing example for you.
  4. Cheers Jib! I’m intrigued now! Was this a corny cringe book that your friend was hyped up about and you glance read and then couldn’t bring yourself to say it’s only good for the fire love? 😉 You are making me think of a similar situation I was in a year back! Hard if you don’t have a poker face! Lo x
  5. I'm expecting to be called back into the office any day now. I'm not worried about exposure there, but it's been nice to have zero commute and not have to spend over $200 per month on gas. Going back into the office will mean my budget will be impacted and my work day will increase from 8 3/4 hours to 11 hours, including 2 hours of freeway travel. Oh, and I'll have to buy more corporate type office clothing. Can't wear shorts, leggings or sweat pants to the office.
  6. As early as next Friday Ontario might go to full capacity everywhere as the fourth wave is declining and the vaccination rate is high. Mask mandate inside still applies.
  7. No, but my friend has. It was weird, though. I don't think she's a good example. You can also look into Lulu: https://www.lulu.com/
  8. https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/ https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G202172740
  9. The US has taken the recommendation of WHO to allow mixed dosed vaccine international visitors.
  10. I get "Whiffs" here and there of smells. I think I just have a lot of inflammation but I'm pretty confident it will come back and I don't think it will take quite as long. I have already started "smell training". Definitely getting the booster is a good idea. I don't regret getting mine, although I ended up getting infected before it took effect. Planning a trip to Canada in later November. I think I should test negative by then.
  11. I think you'll get your senses back. My nephew took about six months to start getting his sense of taste back, but as you know everyone is not the same. I am going to schedule my Pfizer booster asap. I do want to go on a road trip to visit friends and I want to get the booster before I go. I cancelled my scheduled trip for later this month because my friends live in a tourist town (where literally the only industry is tourism) so there are no safety protocols being enforced. I don't feel safe going there just yet.
  12. Pretty good. I had a monoclonal antibody infusion. No fevers, no respiratory symptoms, no more chills, and no headaches. Smell is still gone but I get "whiffs" here and there. I am confident it will come back with time. I have some residual fatigue but not much. Gets better everyday.
  13. Honestly, that would make me really annoyed too. It's kind of disrespectful. If you're going to go into another country, it's only the right thing to do to bone up on some basic information re: the laws. I carry pepper spray and a large knife in my car when I am home in the US. I've had people approach my car and bang on the window before. I haven't had to spray anyone - yet, but displaying them cannister with my finger on the button makes people back away from my car, as they should! I also have some sterile, wrapped needles in my glove compartment - I bought these legally at a pharmacy, no script needed. I go to Canada quite often and I have a little "check-list" I go through before I go over the border. I leave the mace and large knife at home. I also take Canada-accepted proof of my auto insurance, should I get into an accident. The only other knife I have is a small pocket knife (it's quite small) so I always keep that in my bag. Don't get me wrong, I like guns and now am a registered gun owner but I think it's the height of self-centeredness for me to assume that everyone else/ every other country is the same way. Just because we share a land border, that doesn't really mean anything. I miss Canada. I was planning to go over but had to cancel my trip due to my breakthrough infection. I am hoping to go over in the future, when I'm better and I test negative. I'll be over there soon enough. Canada is my "back up" plan. I would not want to work in Canada as I stand to make a LOT more in the US but if the worst happen, I would move, live with Canadian family, and apply for citizenship. I'd rather commute over the border for work.
  14. We are a beautiful country to visit. So much variety in everything . Scenery etc. Most Canadian cities are safe. But like all major cities there are unsavoury areas. But overall a very safe country. I have been to about 30 US states. when things calm down I would like to go back but being a mixed vaccine individual that still isn’t settled yet. The US doesn’t recognize AstraZeneca. Even though our chief medical officer of health says that a mix of AstraZeneca and mRNA vaccine actually gives you a better immune response than just two mRNA together or to a AstraZeneca together. They are working on trying to get the USA to recognize mix dosed individuals. Until that is sorted out I can’t go. But as the vaccination rate isn’t as good we probably won’t go for a long time.
  15. I would like to go to Canada for a vacation. It seems safe there. No airplane trips for me for a long while, though. I wouldn't feel safe being stuffed in a crowded metal container with a bunch of unvaccinated yahoos. And I live too far away for a road trip, sadly.
  16. Yup, always research when heading to another country. But I know many Americans think of us as an extension of the US or forget we exist. It sticks in our national craw sometimes 😬
  17. Where this couple is from, guns are practically worshipped. People in the Southern US love their guns! This couple didn't have any guns but I believe they have pepper spray because they live in their van conversion and often spend nights in Walmart parking lots. But yes, they should have researched what is allowed and what is not. They were ultimately allowed to cross the border. No arrest or fine. They were just detained, the pepper spray was confiscated and a document was submitted. I once got sent to secondary at the airport because I had a pocket knife (similar to a Swiss Army knife) in my backpack. I totally forgot it was in there. I used it to open packages and such. The TSA just confiscated it and allowed me through. I was pleased to see this couple is vaccinated, but I think they did it because they make their living posting travel videos. They knew if they didn't get vaccinated their travel options would be extremely limited.
  18. In most Canadian cities there’s no reason to carry any of this stuff it’s not the wild west. Most Canadian cities are very calm peaceful places.
  19. Many items legal in the US are not legal here. Most guns, pepper spray , mace, brass knuckles , most knives, any non prescription drugs. Prescription drugs must be in their original bottle with the licensing physician and your name on it. even if legal here it can’t cross the border. ALWAYS call and see what is banned . They were banned entry due to the pepper spray.
  20. I watched a YouTube video of this American couple who was trying to cross the border into Canada. They had their forms, proof of vaccination and their negative Covid tests. But they had a canister of pepper spray in their van conversion and got sent to secondary as a result. They didn't know pepper spray was a disallowed item to bring into Canada. Apparently you can actually be arrested for bringing it over the border. Canada isn't messing around when it comes to letting Americans across the border. Which IMO isn't a bad thing, since too many of them are refusing to get vaccinated and are forging vaccine records and test results. My city in particular is at about 79% vaccinated. I feel safe here.
  21. Canadian fully vaccinated rate has now hit 82%.

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