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  1. Girls, do you like it when a guy approaches you? not in a creepy way, but in a shy and friendly manner...
  2. Good idea! Y'know, maybe it is that THEY have the issues and not you.
  3. On a related note, how do you make girls know that you don't want anything more than a friendship? Without stating the obvious!!!
  4. See, there's nothing wrong with that at all! Well... just as long as you don't go in depth about your own personal past, or talk about past partners on the first date. Actually, it's kinda rude for someone not to call you when they say that they would.
  5. awwww... well how about just asking how he is via text and ask him to call you if he wants to talk. How you word this depends on how much you like him!
  6. Just casually ask him why he never got back to you. If he doesn't give you a clear response, then just give up. You also say that he is shy, so maybe he is scared to contact you first. As for 'doing something wrong', well... how do you act on these dates? what do you say?
  7. In my experience it's just fun to flirt in that way; nothing will ever happen.
  8. There's a girl who looks very cute with glasses at work. I don't think I would've found her to be as attractive to me if it weren't for them. I think that she is shy as well.
  9. That is not harsh at all. I bet he thinks that he is gods gift to women too.
  10. I recall seeing your picture in that 'post your pic' thread, and believe me, you are really cute. Maybe it was something that you said? You should talk to him about it. If you don't hear anything, then he wouldn't have been worth all the effort. BTW, I've read your Journal thread, and I hope that everything will work out for you in the future.
  11. How do you meet people from MySpace?
  12. I always thought that going to a movie or coffee was normal friend stuff? :S No wonder I stuffed up.
  13. I am too nice for my own damn good. Girls say they want a nice guy but they NEVER go for me.
  14. Say, what if an average looking guy started looking your way, would you signal for him to come and talk to you? :S
  15. I would really love to know!!! I get so scared of flirting with good looking girls, because I feel that I'm not 'good' enough physically. I love a girl who intellectually stimulates me.
  16. Just give up mate. The situation is already in cardiac arrest.
  17. girls who wear fashionable prescription glasses... omg.. so hot.
  18. Myspace is useless to him because people on those sites only want to either 'show off' how many friends they have, or get in touch with long, lost friends. Being a random is no good, especially if he is looking for love.
  19. Off topic, but you are one attractive young woman.
  20. What you had in the past was great, no denying that. I'd say to leave now, because she has turned into an awful person and you seem like a very decent individual who doesn't deserve this kind of shabby treatment.
  21. 5"10 to 6"3 is the 'ideal' height
  22. I go to Borders before work sometimes - I work in the evenings. I see some nice looking girls reading sometimes, I wish I could talk to them!
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