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Women's Perfume


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I've been using the Ralph Lauren one (the one in the turquoise bottle) for a long time, and I love it. Sometimes I use body sprays from Bath and Body works, in all kinds of scents. For special occasions I use Chanel Mademoiselle. And I've been smelling the bottles at the MAC counter lately, so maybe I'll get one of those when my Ralph Lauren runs out.


But scent is just like color, or cut...Different things suit different people. Florals are better for some people...citrus scents for othes...etc. etc.


It's also a good idea to have several scents in your arsenal, just like you would have several shades of lipstick, or several bottles of nailpolish. It gives you variety...Plus, when you mix things up, your nose doesn't get used to one scent (i.e. become insensitive to it) and you're less likely to overspray.

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My favourite is the original lacoste for women, but its quite masculine

Stella is always good

and if you get a basic vanilla scent (lo'catainne (sp?) do a good one) put it under the main scent you are wearing

people are FAR more likely to be attracted to vanilla scents.


vanilla under Stella is my secret weapon


edit: heavy perfumes, like Poison, can give people headaches

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Amazing Grace by Philosophy (available at Sephora stores) is a good scent that I've gotten lots of compliments on. 'Tis a lotion, which I find works well, doesn't de-smell as soon as you put it on.


I'm also inclined towards Davidoff's Cool Water Woman, and Clinique Happy.


Also, Aqua Di Gio is a WONDERFUL scent (for men) that I've read lots of women wear because it's not too woodsy or anything, just smells really good.

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I love Issey Miyake too!! Miyake's Summer is my favorite scent but it's limited and seasonal.


My new favorite is Juicy Couture. It's very nice.


I also love Marc Jacobs, it's more of a floral scent but very nice.


Ooooh, and one more before I forget. My new new favorite fragrance (yes, I have an obsession) is Hanae Mori Magical Moon Parfum. Very elegant and luxurious.

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