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  1. pft they just mean that THEY cant imagine marrying you. unless someone is against marriage, I dont see how someone can not be the "marrying" type. People said that crap about me too... you just gotta find the right person
  2. 1. What is the most difficult problem you and you partner face in your relationship? Personally, I find I want to spend too much time with him. I dont have anyone else in this city and I think it grates him a bit. 2. Do communication differences get better with time? only if you both work on them and really want them to change... its not easy and it doesnt just fall into place 3. What keeps your relationship going strong? we are good to eachother, we TALK to eachother and we do things to show our appreciation for eachother. We realise that we are different people with different needs
  3. I do that without thinking... my poor bf almost had his lip bitten off while we were doing the deed the other night!! I love it when my bf just kisses the top of my head... he'll do it while we are watching telly...
  4. WELL said!! lazy isnt really what its about, some people never get the CHANCE to get training to get into a profession. It would definitely be harder than being a waitress... but no one calls waitresses lazy, do they?
  5. Wilhelm... she was joking. Nah... in my experience it was poohs at first, but it just keeps getting better. Sex is awesome.
  6. Eliza, that is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard
  7. ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha that... is awesome totally reminds me of me and my mister Im loving how at the moment, hes still not comfortable saying "I love you" so he says other things instead hes a really "live and let live" kinda guy, so its really nice to have him grab me in the mornings, not letting me get up once my alarm has gone off, and growl "all mine" into my ear
  8. I knew I had never stopped loving him on the second night we were back together. Before we went to sleep I was worried about it, but during the night he woke up with a start, looked around (in that funny way men do when they wake up) saw me, grabbed me, pulled me right into him and said "stay here", moaned this satisfying little groan and held me for the rest of the night... I was awake for ages. scared witless.
  9. the chance you are pregnant is TEENY WEENY, I promise stress can do amazingly strange things to your body I would be late, take a test, breath a huge sigh of releif when it came out negative, then my period would start 10 mins later
  10. I am continually in fourescent lighting... that could suite possibly explain the eyes getting worse, but I started getting the "swimming head" thing when I was going through some real heavy stuff with an ex, before I was in this job with the lights. Im not using a ray tube (??) and I dont wear clothes that restrict me around the neck or anything. It could be loss of breath I suppose, but I dont think I breath badly when angry, people dont even KNOW im angry if they can see me, unless Im shaking or something... Gah, I hope it has nothing to do with a drug binge I had last year
  11. No one MAKES you feel anything Would you rather they spent years in a relationship that they felt wasnt going anywhere? or was neglectfull, or abusive? I would MUCH rather be hurt than hurt someone... sorry, I dont mean to belittle your heartache, feelings are always valid, but its not fair to attack someone just for breaking off a relationship. If they did it horribly, or were abusive or somthing, then sure, but most relationships end... you cant hate someone just beucase it didnt work out
  12. it doesnt sound like your dumb, it sounds like you may have a literacy or learning problem or something... Perhaps its a problem with relating to people? as much as I hate to analyse people, it sounds like it could almost be mild autism... studies have shown that autism is more common than we may realise, although it is more common in men.
  13. but this isnt about you, and if anyone compares her to you she will be hurt, annoyed, feel like she isnt good enough and resent YOU and your parents. Why? becuase she doesnt want to do something that they want her to do? thats just nasty. She is going to really hate you guys for that... itll be the kind of thing she will bring up in ten years time and tell all of you how hurt she was and how unfair it is... and she'll be right. My parents did that kind of thing to me and it just made me worse, I completely shut them out of my life. think about it, shes FOURTEEN, hormones, boys, soci
  14. How old are you? and what kind of physical hurt has he caused you?
  15. oi, im sunburnt atm!! yeah, its freaky, like my brain sloshes in my head or something
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