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  1. Well I think the bolded part is the answer - sometime could mean when we reincarnate as cats too ;-) Love the idea of a thread Btw guys if they are interested can make a lot of effort. Recently I've red that "He's not that much into you book" (I must explain myself - I do read smarter stuff - this was pure curiosity because it's been so much talked about but this time it wasn't a complete disappointment as when I was reading that stupid Da Vinci code)...hm..what was I saying..oh yes the book is good. Guys do put a lot of effort if they want a girl. They stick to plans, they treat us right and they have no problem paying for a drink. My bf found my number after meeting me in a club through his friend who works as a police officer! Yep, little bit nuts but hey it was a lot of effort. Then he called me but it was my mother's place number and then he left his number to my mom so I could call him if I wanted to! That reassured me he's not some psycho - he was polite enough not to ask my mom for my number.
  2. Hm, I think she lacks sexual chemistry with you. That's not something that can be worked out - it just is or isn't. Some things can't be worked out. So she likes stability of the marriage as well as you do but seeks sexual fulfilment somewhere else. Well now it's not like I've discovered hot water - that was pretty much clear. I think she is the kind of person that needs great sex chemistry/forbidden fruit kind of thrill. I think it would be naive to believe she will stop with the cheating if things remain the same. You are probably aware you have several choices: - staying with her and continuing like nothing happened - staying with her under condition you two go on therapy - leaving her Whatever choice you choose to make, make the one you feel deep inside is the right one. And btw I think its' sad you value your house over your well being - as far as I know the house should be sold and money split in a way you can afford yourself a place to live.
  3. I have an interesting story too. I went on two dates with two different guys 2 years ago during the same month. They were both born on the same day and on the same year in the same city (19.12.2008.) and they both liked me. I ended up being in a relationship with one of them and he's still my bf. So they both were "lucky" enough to meet and date me in the same month lol They both met a Virgo with joint ascendant Capricorn/Aquarius with Moon in Gemini, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio. Weren't they lucky. lol btw it really annoys the hell out of me when other people bash astrology in the astrology related thread. I never went bashing religion in a religion thread (when they were allowed here). So if I am polite enough not to say there is no proof God existed to a person talking about God why it's not expected from other people not to criticize things I believe in even though there is no scientific proof of them. How rude, annoying and selfish it really is when people start criticizing other peoples convictions?
  4. I've taken these on my summer holiday this year I decided to put some effort into taking them just to see if I have any talent. I am happy with the result. I tried to make a nice composition/perspective - but I didn't use manual settings. Concentrating on too many things at once is hard if you don't have experience. link removed link removed link removed link removed these are just normal pics: me on holiday link removed my bf link removed
  5. DEFINITELY. I was never seeking a guy that had perfect look....I was more interested in a guy who is smart, has a job, persistent, appreciates women, know that marriage is more than me taking care of the kids and cooking all day, a guy who knows how to cook, who isn't an awfull driver, who knows how to listen to me, who can ignore my nagging every now and than, who shares the same values as I do - when it comes to money, education of kids, religon, friendships, morals......, who can deal with me since I am very stobborn etc. etc.....with all these requirements expecting him to be great looking is too .....UNREALISTIC So if anyone wants to blame their average look for getting dates failure is wrong. You can always blame it on the lack of self - confidence. And luckly that can be changed.
  6. But still can't claim how Okie is ugly because he is affraid of posting his pic to Syrix
  7. I know what could help you...but if i say it i will get banned probably...;-)image removed
  8. I questioned the very same thing in my PM Kioshiro.....
  9. Hm....are you shure? She sounds stupid to me! P.s. I'll never forget when Wilhelm was complaining about how he's bad looking (if I recall that was under his nick Kevin T) ( I hope my data and memories are correct) and he finally posted a pic. I wanted to reach with my hand thrugh the comp screen to bang with his head on a keyboard. The guy was normal looking and definitely not unattractive. If he approached me somewhere I definitely wouldn't reject him because of his looks! Or once a member (I can't remember his name right now - I think it's Shrek or Hulk something.....) was saying how he is shy and he doesn't look good. And he posted a pic...and damn...he was one of the best looking guys I've seen on this forum. Oh, and my bf is not gorgeous, he's just an average, awfully hairy on his body but bald guy. lol But the way he treats me - it's amazing. And he approached me in a pub with no worries about him being not gorgeous enough or something like that....he approached with an attitude hey, you deserve me and probably i deserve you....
  10. Sorry for hte interruption, but not only that you have great sense of humor but also you are a wizard - how you managed to put all those crying smiles in? Seriously, I have a friend who has great sense for humor and who is not brad pit and he was in the same sitation as you are - girls looooved him but as a friend. Even I liked him as a friend only. So it is the truth - giving up is impossible. He didn't and now he has a gf!
  11. Roman chatolic priests are not allowed to get married. How many of us can really believe they don't masturbate???? What do they do if their "thingy" is up in the morning? Who gives them the right to tell me how masturbating is wrong after hearing about all those pedophilia incidents inside the church? O.k. now it's just the matter of time when my post will be deleted.
  12. I agree and it goes both ways. I knew a guy who had this urge to be friends with his ex-es (all of them).image removed selfish looser.
  13. You did the right thing. Screw morals, really! Such people are liars so you need to believe in goals justify the means. I would do the same. No need for fake moralism. Whene in doubt - thats your subconsious telling you something. I would feel great if I were you - that was the best way.
  14. lol O.k. I am going to ingore okie now...and going to concentrate to give a good answer. Let me see.... hm.... hm..... Hm... I'm still thinking...... I have no ideaimage removed
  15. She's not into you as much as you would like her to be. When a girl is into you she'll answer all of your msg's, trust me! I would run and close that chapter. She openly admitted to you she's not for a relationship. Take her seriously - it could save you a huge heartbrake. I wish I've done the same in some cases.
  16. Are you shure you're not depressed? Are you shure you want a divorce?
  17. In most cases (yes, not all, I am aware of that) nature tricked us humans. We have a natural urge to have children. hehe. So in many cases our biological clock starts ticking. Mine is still on stand by But I have this feeling that at 28 I will want kids badly.
  18. Don't count on the fact he will change. You've done the right thing by moving out and I suggest not to change your mind. I would brake up with him. The fact you lived with him was a blessing in disguise - you managed to see early his habits and way of reacting. When someone makes such a huge deal over the fact how you fold things - thats crazy. It is just the matter of time before he hits you. Do not come back. 3 months relationship is just a trial period! You have evry right to dump the guy whit no regrets why you didn't tay by his side. HE IS ABUSIVE
  19. Yes, she can because she dumped you after figuring it all out. Thats controlling sentence.
  20. Oh Kellbell you're only few years from retirement! You're very, very old. lol
  21. Well to me looks like you were controlling and it is abusive in a way. You can't control high school girl as well as you can't control anyone else. High school crap is dumb in case you finished high school. When you're in high school thats your life and your problems so it's not reasonable to expect a high school girl to realize how dumb most of her high school crap is. Actually expecting that is patronizing and belittling her. About the cops - aren't you a control freak for texting so much? I have no idea about the call. The only thing i can say is ignore. Everything that comes from her ignore. It would cause problems to stay in any sort of contact with her.
  22. Well yeah, he's right you know. That thing you're doing is not the best thing for your kid or for you and at the end for you ex. You can be shure he cares about your kid. And it is really frustrating and sad for him to hear how the little one is missing him so much. I am shure it is tearing his heart apart but at the same time he knows staying in contact with her will hurt the kid more in the long run. So buy saying to him all those things this you are prolonging your suffering, his suffering and kids confusion. Next time your daughter says something like that you need to know how to react and what to say to her. Her words are not a message for your ex, but a message to you. You need to deal with her feeling hurt because you're her mom and she says that things to you because she wants you to make her feel safe. Stop saying that to your ex. Find a way to make your daughter feel better and to make her miss you ex less. As I said do some reading about that toppic. Also having a talk with a child psycologist to help you how to deal with it, to explain you how to do things would be great. Maybe going for a talk or two to get some helpfull hints. If you put your energy into that it will help your kid as well as it will help you because you will distract yourself from thinking about your ex all the time and you will feel better about yourself for doing something really important and constructive. Being a mom is a hell of a job, being a single mom is like being a CEO (my mom was single mom So here you need to make constructive steps to help a kid. Thats your only worry. You're adoult you can handle the brake up, but the kid needs your help.
  23. Well there is a huge chance that the girl you like likes you back but is affraid to show it to you because she's affraid of rejection too. A lot of girls are not confident enough to flirt in a very,very, very, over the top, explicit way with a guy. Most of the girls will give you small hints like looking you in the eyes or being shy to look you in the eyes, smiling to your jokes even if they're bad, playing with their hair...... So in case you are both waiting that the other one makes a first step...hm, you'll both miss your train. Next time you see a girl you like have a small talk with her and immediately ask her for a coffie or something like that - before you become friends. In that case if she turns you down you woan't be dissappointed too much because you woan't be attached yet, and she woan't be in a position to question your intentions (is he just a friend or likes me more). So if you call her on a date right away thats great because it means you want to get to know her better and to see would you be interested in dating her and vice versa. If you are friends with her for too long she doesn't get that idea and things get messy. Oh and don't worry if you look little bit shy when you are asking her that - it's cute in a way. The most important thing is to ask her out. Even when a girl is not interested she is still flattered with your attention and she woan't find your efforts embarrassing as long as your polite and decent guy. I liked that advice what to think when approaching to a girl Frisco dj gave you.
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