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  1. Also wanted to add: According to the research on donor conceived children-it is the quality of parenting that matters-not so much the quantity of parents. Adolescents with open-identity sperm donors: reports from 12-17 year olds. Scheib JE, et al. Hum Reprod. 2005. Show full citation Abstract BACKGROUND: Donor insemination programs can include 'open-identity' sperm donors, who are willing to release their identities to adult offspring. We report findings from adolescent offspring who have open-identity donors. METHODS: Using mail-back questionnaires, youths from 29 households (41.4%
  2. I've always wanted to be a mother and did research adoption (however, after much soul searching I decided that adoption would not be for me). I've never been much for dating, and I identify as an asexual with romantic tendencies (alloromantic) I've not really been searching for a 'Mr' or 'Ms' Right, and I'm happy being single. I did not think it would be right for me to involve myself in a marital or civil union relationship as an an alloromantic to provide a "nuclear" family for my child---but I started feeling that ticking biological clock. I used an open- ID donor who is open to contact whe
  3. Is an excellent website that offer support to women suffering from perinatal mood disorders. It sounds like you have antinatal depression. Antinatal depression in plain momma English: It is more common than spoken about. There is help and support. You will get better--hugs to you Momma.
  4. I am a solo mother by choice. I can weigh in on this side of the coin. At the age of 35, I was single and I was given the diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve. I was not in any relationship. At the age of 36, I decided to try on my own. After 12 IUI's along with a miscarriage I became a mother finally at the age of 39. I will be 42 in June and my daughter is three. She is the joy of my life. I cannot imagine my life without her. I work full-time and she is in daycare during the day Monday through Friday. Both my parents are deceased and they were before she was born. My support system is m
  5. I have always wanted to be a mom. At 38, I became a single mother by choice to my 2 year old daughter. I decided not to let not meeting Mr. Right in time to take that deep desire away from me. It took me 2 years to conceive her after being diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (infertility) to conceive her. During that time, I experienced a miscarriage associated with great sadness and despair. The thought of never experiencing pregnancy/motherhood was depressing to me. If I had waited any longer, I wouldn't have had her.
  6. Try reaching out to groups you share an interest or interests with. A site like link removed is great. I can relate-I'm 40 also. I have a twin sister who is engaged and up until she met her fiancé, it was just "us".
  7. Obsessional thinking is actually a component of obsessional compulsive disorder. Rumination is a component of anxiety. I would recommend reaching out to a therapist. I've ruminated in the past myself and dwelled on stuff. Rumination can lead to depression. Talk therapy (with cognitive behavoral therapy) and meds (if needed) can really help. Please reach out to a mental health specialist for help. Good luck and update us. A useful link regarding rumination: link removed
  8. I agree. This was me. I had antenatal depression that went into severe postpartum depression. I did not bond with my daughter until 6 months after she was born. Before that, I did everything a mom should do for their little one- but out of obligation. I was treated with meds and intense therapy and I got better, thankfully. Pregnancy was not a glorious time for me and I did not feel instantaneous love for my little one. Reach out for help. Antenatal depression is more common than people realize. It is NOT your fault.
  9. I LOVE my daughter but I HATED being pregnant. I pretty much felt what you described. While I never vomited, I experienced nausea until I was 18 weeks pregnant. After that, I had a constant metallic taste in my mouth. I remember wondering when I would enjoy food again. Pregnancy was physically and emotionally taxing for me. I never understood when some women said they loved being pregnant. I found it to be a vulnerable time in my life.
  10. I like link removed I've gone white water rafting, hiking, and salsa dancing with groups I met on meetup. Tonight, I am going to go salsa dancing with a meetup group. It totally removes the pressure of one-on-one dating. I like DN's idea of joining a group that you have a shared interest in. You never know who you would meet while you are doing something that you authentically enjoy.
  11. Maybe you will meet someone who is worthy of you on vacation. I always feel relaxed on vacay and that's when I meet people.
  12. That's like cheap fast food to a woman who is interested in something meaningful. Where are the men that want something meaningful?
  13. I'm jealous. A few hours! ahh...time to go back in my cage
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