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  1. I like link removed I've gone white water rafting, hiking, and salsa dancing with groups I met on meetup. Tonight, I am going to go salsa dancing with a meetup group. It totally removes the pressure of one-on-one dating. I like DN's idea of joining a group that you have a shared interest in. You never know who you would meet while you are doing something that you authentically enjoy.
  2. Maybe you will meet someone who is worthy of you on vacation. I always feel relaxed on vacay and that's when I meet people.
  3. That's like cheap fast food to a woman who is interested in something meaningful. Where are the men that want something meaningful?
  4. I'm jealous. A few hours! ahh...time to go back in my cage
  5. Upwards and onward, Annie. Hang in there. I'm glad you're keeping all your options open. Keep in touch with busboy, too.
  6. Upwards and onward, Annie. Hang in there. I'm glad you're keeping all your options open. Keep in touch with busboy, too.
  7. Good idea Daligal. Planning a trip and going on an adventure is just what the doctor ordered. I do it all the time-it's a wonderful form of escape. At my current rate, I'm in 1-2 different states/countries per month lol.
  8. Probably not! A cast of 30 hot dancers that boy don't stand a chance! Keep doing what you're doing Annie. Keep it light and keep all your options open.
  9. Good for you Annie-I think its so cool that you have your dancing You handled bus boy well, too.
  10. Again, I agree with Sweet Venus. Don't let the guy from your past determine what happens with bus boy. Keep your options open, Annie.
  11. Totally agree with this-who says everything has to work out in a certain order. Keep yourself open to him as well as others. Keep all your options
  12. It is possible to keep in touch with someone. The timing might be off now-but you never know what will happen in the future. I would keep the door open. If it is meant to be, it will happen.
  13. I agree with BellaDonna. Give it at least a week. Men don't seem to notice time go by as we women do on matters of this nature. He will get back to you. Men are compartmentalizers. They don't multi-task like women do. A scientist-is always thinking about problems. Don't delete him off FB. Relax and don't do anything rash. Hang in there
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