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  1. As some of you know i liked a guy but today i found out he doesn't feel the same. he is into someone else. And you know what i am fine with that,i really do think its the best thing for me and will help me to get over him and stop analysing every single one of his moves. I'm sorry if i annoyed you with the same questions over and over but i couldn't help it i was infatuated. It's his loss and i can find someone 10 million times better who will like me for me and find me interesting. So thankyou again especially to batya you've been fantastic. I'm leaving now good luck to all of you with your relationships i hope everything works out for you like it has for me. i mean that in a good way,its a good thing and if someone doesn't see how special you are they're not worth it because you know what you are special. So thanks again I'm out.
  2. because i've made it obvious and i know he is attracted to me. I can see it in his eyes sometimes and the way he flirts isn't just friendly. But he can't touch me either because we work together. He says things that makes me think maybe he wants to take things further but not overly sexual things. How do i get my message accross even more, that i feel the same ,without scaring him away.
  3. I like him,like you all know coz i said so 1 million times.Well i decided to do something about it. I said something to him that was meant as a sign of interest, and i think he took it that way. He was a bit funny about it. I Told him i had been thinking of him because i saw something that reminded me of him.He has told me before when he's thought of me. Is it right to take this as a sign of interest or am i just reading too much into this again. If someone said this to you how would you take it?
  4. just curious to know.and do you act nervous,and if so in what way?
  5. We talk all of the time just about but when we run out of things to talk about he brings up the weather.What the hell is this?
  6. hey hun i am 20yrs old and i know exactly what you're feeling at the moment with this man at work. In fact it is my exact situation except for the superior thing. has this man told you he likes you or are you just assuming so from his actions because i want to know if my guy likes me back.He makes me laugh and as far as i know he is single. so has he told you or are you just reading his actions?
  7. god its only 7 years.whats the problem with that? I like someone and he is 16 years older than me.I definitely don't see anything wrong with 7 years. Sounds to me like you are just making excuses.
  8. and i don't know if i can take it. I don't think i have ever felt this way about anybody and i think he liked me too. I feel like i can talk to him about anything and he will listen. I love his personality and his laugh.I love his sense of humour and how he is a gentlemen who will stick to his word. What am i going to do when he does leave.should i tell him i like him because i nearly have a few times which is very unlike me. sometimes he gives off a vibe that he likes me and then other times he doesn't. I can't stop thinking about him.what am i going to do?
  9. Theres this man i know and i think he's flirting with me. if he says something funny and i laugh he laughs too and it's like we take it in turns at laughing. He always says hi to me.If i make fun of him in some way he laughs with me and tells me that was a pretty smart thing to say or if i have a good comeback for something he compliments me. He sticks to his word.if he says he will do something nice for me he will do it.He doesn't talk * * * *. And in the beginning i got heaps of eye contact but lately i find he doesn't even look at me sometimes and he usually tries to talk to me about the weather and he will sometimes come from wherever he is and start talking to me.what do you think.I think it's pretty obvious but i need some reassurance or other opinions.thanks
  10. yeah i am crazy about him.He's on my mind alot and i can't seem to think of anyone but him.do you think he is shy by what i have written?
  11. Do you think that he likes me? It's a different guy to the one i have posted about before 1.He laughs at some stuff i say that isn't really funny 2.When we talk he looks me in the eyes and then other times he can barely look me in the eyes. 3.He goes to push me or tackle me playfully 4.Told me he was my knight in shining armour. 5.Tells me when he's been thinking about me. Like if he's seen or heard something thats made him think of me. 6.Has told me all sorts of stories about himself. 7.He says hello and goodbye and even used to wave to me every time. 8.Has borrowed stuff from me and even given me something for letting him borrow it. sort of a thankyou.i told him not to worry. 9.I've seen him looking at me and when i looked up he kept looking as he passed me.I had to look away because it made me a bit uncomfortable. 10.He smiles at me when we talk sometimes and then other times he looks really serious and he tries to make me laugh. what do you think
  12. Here are my suggestions 1. JLO-glow 2.Euphoria blossom-calvin klein 3.Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker 4.Code by Armani
  13. sparkly


    i just want to know what does it mean when a man goes to grab a girl or push a girl in a playful way.Is this flirting?It seems like this guy is always trying to get my attention by doing this.what do you think.anyone whose seen my posts before it's a different guy.
  14. i have never really spoken to as much as i have lately. i flirt with him a bit,but i don't intend for anything to come from it because i have liked him before but now i like someone else. There is no feeling in me for him whatsoever when it comes to love or like. I was working near him today and he asked me out of nowhere whether i have a boyfriend or not. He always asks me about my weekends and what i have planned but this could just be politeness.what do you all think?
  15. we do talk quite a bit some days and not so much others
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