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  1. Well, they got back to me. They want to do a lunch while they are out here. We will work out the plans closer to when they come out here. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Well so far I have not heard anything back. I’m not saying anything about this. I have noticed that he isn’t as friendly on the chat site to me, whereas before he would explain stuff if I asked, now he is kind of aloof and short. Just observing. Im letting this go and will not bring it up again. I could also be over analyzing this, so I will just step back and let it go and see what happens
  3. He is FB friends with me. I saw that he did read the message. I will let it be and see if he gets back to me. I am very thankful to them for taking me around and making me feel included
  4. Goddess, I sent the message about an hour ago via FB messenger. We'll see what happens.
  5. Sometimes I sound too eager to be friendly to people and that can be a turnoff.
  6. This does not have anything to do with the guy I like, but it does have something to do with the railfanning group I hang with. Today I posted on FB that I may go back out to MO to that little town to go trainwatching by myself in Jan or Feb. I love winter weather and miss seeing that, considering I live in CA. I had a good time out there and want to go train watch again, even by myself. I do know people who live there and probably can hang with people there. A few people gave me advice about when to do it and one of the guys posted that he and his wife were going to be passing through on their drive to CA. They live on the East Coast. They posted that winter train watching is cold but fun. This guy and his wife were really kind to me when I was out in this town since they were also there to train watch and they shuttled me around in their car. Since they were heading to CA, I IMd them about maybe meeting up with them to take them out dinner while they were in CA. I said Tim and I could take them out to dinner as a way to thank them for their kindness (I have told people on the railfan group and out there, that TIm and I are together). There's a long story about that. They haven't replied to me. Do you think I was too forward in asking to take them out to dinner? They had told me when I was out at the train thing that they were coming out to CA to visit some people who they know from the railfan group. I meant no harm by it.
  7. I think what I want in life right now is more friends. I know people like my personality. When I was at that train thing, I actually was able to chat with people and talk to people, and I still chat with them now. For the last few years, I've concentrated mostly on my personal life (trying to get my life together with money, working, taking care of my parents since they are getting old, and just isolating myself). I am very much an introvert. I haven't put myself out there to look for a guy in a few years because that tends to cause issues where I get attached too easily and it blows up in my face. I'm actually afraid to get involved in a relationship with anybody (hence why I try to push away my emotions), because of my fear of being hurt. I didn't go into this trip hoping to meet someone or anything of that nature, I actually was debating on cancelling the trip at the last minute because I wasn't sure how people would take me out there (since I am not white and I do have a type of disability that is noticeable). Tim actually convinced me to go since he said it would be good for me to broaden my horizons and travel like I used to do.
  8. I honestly am on the fencepost about this, so I may not do anything at all. Im not sure if I want to risk my emotions right now. Thanks all for your advice
  9. He didn't hurt my feelings on purpose. It was my fault for assuming stuff. I want that to be clear. I am NOT blaming him.
  10. Batya33, very true, I need to take responsibility for actions and decisions. As for the asking out, I know he is busy because he mentioned he was going on some work trips in the next few weeks and I don't want to ask to meet up on a weekend. I'd rather do an evening after work .I also have to move out by the end of this month (it's hard packing up an apartment you have lived in for over 10 years). I know Nov and Dec are busy months for people.
  11. I kinda decided to ask on here because after what I posted on here a few days ago, I wanted to make sure I didn't look stupid for asking him out for a cup of coffee. Thanks for your advice, I will keep it in mind.
  12. About a week ago, I posted about someone I had met up from a trip I had taken out to the East Coast. Since it was a small town and we came from the same city, he took me around and made things easier for me. I did develop some feelings for him and I asked if we could hang out again. His response was that we could meet up for coffee but he wasnt interested in a relationship or anything like that (he didn't say it that way, but I could get the gist of it). He told me to just text him so we can set it up in advance since he likes to plan things ahead of time. Since coming back, we see each other on the chat (actually its a youtube thing) site, and we do small chitchat. I also chat with other people on there so it doesn't matter. I did talk to my best friend Tim about this and asked him if he thought I could ask the guy out for coffee. Tim thinks it should be ok. Would you guys do it? We do have each other's contact number. If I do ask, it won't be for a few weeks since I am busy with work and moving.
  13. Btya33, I like the way you explain it. This sums up this whole situation in a neat and tidy way. I'm ok with it now. I stewed about it for a day and I'm letting it go. Normally, when I travel by myself, I keep to myself and I don't try to make friends on trips.
  14. I do have a close friend in my life right now (but there is NOTHING romantic between us), so even though we have that kind of close connection, I am lonely at times. Most times I let it be and deal with it. This time I was stupid and allowed myself to get attached to someone who paid attention to me and treated me well.
  15. I used to post on here a lot but haven't been in a long while. I haven't dated in years (don't want to deal with the emotional hassle that comes with it when things always end up blowing up in my face). Mostly just work, travel by myself, do things by myself, etc. Tim and I are still very close. We recently bought a house together (long story about that) because I'm to this point that, as I grow older, maybe having a close friend in my life (even though there will never be anything between us), is a good thing, especially since my health is not good. Had a few health scares recently. I don't really want to grow old alone. Other than that, I hang on a railfanning site to watch trains, chat with people, etc. I recently went out to a railfan event on the East Coast. One of the guys on the site who is also from my area was coming along. Got to hang with him on the trip. He took me around the city the event was at, we chatted, went out to lunch etc.. I'm mad at myself because just hanging out with him for a few days, got me attached to him. I guess I am really lonely. He's not interested in dating (that I do know). I did ask him if we could go out for a coffee when we are back in town. He seemed ok with that. We do have each other's numbers. I guess I am kicking myself for letting myself get attached to someone. I was actually scared to go out to the rail event mainly because I was going to be going to a very small town that was very conservative and white (and I am not white). He helped me to feel comfortable there. The people there were friendly to me so I had nothing to worry about, but with the political climate being what it is now, it is a valid worry. (PS: this is NOT a political post). Somtimes it is just better to close your heart and keep your guard up. I guess my question is how do I squash those stupid emotions of mine?
  16. Hey guys, thanks for responding to my questions. Batya, Tim's mom doesn't live out here in CA so what we do is talk via phone or texting. She asks me a lot of medical questions since I have asthma and have been on some of the meds she's been on. Occasionally, I help her research stuff (when I have time). She is coming out here to CA (in Feb) to try a last ditch experimental stem cell treatment. I did help her research into the different places that do stem cell treatments and she and Tim connected with them via phone and email. Metrogirl, I remember you talking about your dad. It is sad to hear them struggle to breathe (I can hear that when I am on the phone with Tim and his mom). She thinks she is improving a bit, but truthfully she doesn't sound good. She is also on oxygen 24/7. She did finally stop smoking (although Tim thinks she will relapse). And yes, the specialist has told her that her lungs are badly damaged (and she is NOT a candidate for lung transplant - they have inquired about this). Vanishing Girl, she is going through the cycle of getting flu/pnuemonia and being hospitalized for it. Each time she gets hospitalized, the meds help her, but she gets weaker. It doesn't help that she lives in a cold and wet climate. I try to be available to her via text or phone whenever I can (although I've been very busy with work lately). It's tough watching her deteriorate and watching it take a toll on Tim.
  17. Ballerinababe, yes she smokes, although she has tried numerous times to stop. This time, she says she has stopped for good (I pray she has). She is on Breo Ellipta 200/25 two morning puffs Spirva Respimat 2.5mcg two puffs bedtime . and pro air for rescue She was prescribed Daliresp 500mg 1 time at night to prevent relapse, but she says it didn't work well for her She is also on oxygen at night (2 liters/night when she is NOT having an episode)
  18. It's been a long time since I've posted on here. I used to be quite active on here. Tim and I are still pretty close friends. I'm also good friends with his mom. Recently, her health has deteriorated quite rapidly to the point that she was just diagnosed with end stage COPD. She's been suffering from COPD for the last five years and has had many relapses. Tim and her and the rest of the family are now freaking out that she is dying (or going to die soon). They are trying to find ways to help her, and now they've latched onto stem cell therapy as maybe a way to prolong her life. Does anybody know anything about stem cell therapy in regards to treating COPD? Does it work, or at least, does it prolong life a bit? It's not a cheap treatment since it is experimental (and insurance does NOT cover it). Tim and his mom and the family are willing to spend the money for it, just to prolong her life. Also, how can I be supportive to him while he goes through this? This also affects me since his mom is like a 2nd mother to me. We chat alot on the phone and via text about all kinds of things. I ask her stuff that I won't ask my own mother. I'm sad inside because I will be losing a good friend (when it comes time).
  19. Just curious, I know your son likes Pokemon. Is he into the Pokemon GO game that is really popular at the moment?
  20. Glad you guys have come to a mutual solution for the issue at hand. I hope everything works out
  21. Hope you feel better soon. Being sick during the holidays really suck
  22. I do hope you guys are able to enjoy yourselves in Toronto. The two times I've been there, I've had a good time (even in the winter). Are you guys gonna do any shopping there?
  23. Prednisone is a bear of a drug. I am put on it if I have an asthma flare up or a bronchial infection. Did you get any of the bloating that comes with it?
  24. How about getting a gift of a weekend getaway with you at a nice, romantic place? Does he have an iPhone and does he listen to music (iTunes)? A gift card for that might be good. To simplify shopping, I usually get gift cards for people (family). With my mom, I usually take her out to eat for a nice meal and spend time with her.
  25. Hope it is a good experience for him and that he can meet others like him
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