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  1. Dab something nice-smelling on your upper lip, right under your nose. That way it will block out any unpleasant scent coming from other people's mouths.
  2. Well, I got over myself and deposited the check. The reason I was letting it get to me is that I generally feel bad when people pay me back...I don't see it as my money being returned to me, I see it as their money being taken away from them. I'm weird like that... But yes, the check is now safely in my bank account, waiting for when my shoe-shopping buddy comes back to town
  3. How close are you to your boyfriend? How much contact do you have on a regular basis? If you get too comfortable in the relationship, flirting goes right out the window...But if both of you take a step back. do your own thing, and aren't as readily accessible, the next time you see each other, you may find yourself flirting naturally...
  4. It seems like it's a little early to place a label on your relationship still...But only you know how strong your feelings are and how you feel when you are together. So, if you are having a comfortable conversation with each other, I don't see the harm in bringing up your status. A good way to do this is to say that since you started spending time with her on a regular basis, you don't feel like dating other people. It's not quite as blunt as asking "Hey, are we official?" but hopefully it will coax a similar response out of her. As far the group of people who disapprove of your relationship? Let them say what they want. As long as the girl isn't the kind who is swayed by peer pressure, it's all good -- and if she is swayed by it, that reallly says something about her character...
  5. Did you talk to your surgeon or medical care provider about this? Given that you need it to deal with the aftermath of a surgery that they performed, they may be able to provide you with something to make urinating less painful.
  6. Neutrogena Deep Clean cream cleanser * * * *inson's Witch Hazel as a toner Clinique moisturizing gel Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (sooooo smooth, it's amazing) Lip Smackers gloss (I'm such a kid at heart) Garner Fructis shampoo and conditioner (yummy smell) Bath & Body Works: Eucalyptus Spearmint ANYTHING Edit: I find it so amusing how the brand name of the witch hazel is blocked...
  7. I think it's perfectly fine to contact her. Heck, it's almost like a high school reunion, only one-on-one. If she thinks it's weird, she doesn't have to respond or agree to do anything. Just don't press the issue too much...if she doesn't seem interested, leave it at that. Recently I've been randomly contacting people from high school just to say hi and catch up on the last three years of our lives...Sure, we were kind of friends, but after such a long time, they are basically strangers. They responded well though, so there's some hope for you too!
  8. When my ex broke up with me in July, he still owed me money - not a ridiculous sum, but in the hundreds. I went through a period where I didn't care about getting it back as long as he himself came back...then we stopped talking altogether, and I just didn't care about anything, period...Well, once the time came to fill out my tax returns and my financial aid forms for school (and with the prompting of a few friends and coworkers), I decided to send him a firm reminder that he still has an outstanding balance). He messaged me back saying that he hadn't thought about it in a long time and that it was good that I reminded him. Well, upon coming home today, I found an unaddressed envelope in the mailbox with a check from him, dated for my birthday, which was a couple of days ago, along with a scrap of register tape simply saying "here you go." Now I'm on this massive guilt trip! I feel SOOOO bad depositing that check...Even though I kind of hate the guy for breaking my heart and for having a new girl when I don't have a new guy yet. I'm tempted to rip it up and return it to him with a dry note saying that scraps of register tape don't make for very good enclosures...Or should I just send him a message saying that I got the check and will deposit it soon -- and then go and spend the money on something nice for myself? Oh, what to do??? I feel like one of those divorced wives who are getting all this money out of their husbands...
  9. No, I don't think it looks creepy (I wasn't implying that at all). A little busy, maybe, but I have very minimalistic tastes when it comes to web design, so don't base that on my opinion. Is your friend in a lot of Myspace groups? Does he have lots of interests listed? From what I remember (haven't used Myspace in a while), interests are links, so you can see who else has the same ones...and I guess people add friends based on that?
  10. I could never brush my teeth in any kind of public place, but I always carry floss with me -- and gum, naturally -- for those trickier times. And I swear that no matter how fancy modern toothbrushes are, with self-times and all, nothing can beat a regular old-fashioned one. And I can't go to bed without following my brush-&-floss routine with a minty rinse...
  11. I think the secret is just requesting to be friends with people. Most of the people I know just automatically accept friendship requests, unless the profile looks really creepy. Just because someone has a lot of friends does NOT mean that they actually know them in person...and it doesn't mean that he/she has talked to any of them! Maybe not even a single message! As far as dating sites...Maybe try OKCupid? It's not as soulmate-oriented as Match. come and eHarmony, so it's more casual and appropriate for younger people...
  12. I usually base my eye contact on the other person's eye contact. If I look at the person and he/she is looking at me intently (not really staring or anything...just really looking into my eyes), I tend to crack and look away as much as I can. But if the eye contact is more relaxed (meaning the person is looking at me, but isn't fixated on my eyes), I feel much more comfortable and look back at him/her in the same manner.
  13. It can be incredibly hard to tell someone that you love them. I personally don't think it's abnormal to not tell your parents and siblings that you love them...I certainly never do! (Or maybe that makes me abnormal as well). It depends on the weight that you give to the word "love." To me, if it's said seriously (as opposed to "OMG I love that movie!") the meaning is strictly romantic. I don't think I could ever seriously tell my parents or my friends that I love them. Heck, in other languages they have different expressions for different kinds of love so that you can still tell the important people in your life how much you care about them, but without that romantic overtone. What really matters is how you interact with your family in general. Without explicitly saying that you love them, do you have loving conversations with them? Do you do things that show them how much they are appreciated? If you do, it's all good
  14. Relationships between TAs and students are such a complicated topic...As somebody mentioned, there's the issue of sexual harassement. Also, romantic involvement no longer makes it an unbiased educational environment. And sure, it may sound appealing to have your boyfriend correcting your tests because he's sure to be lenient...but what if you have a falling out? Or what if he is extra hard on you in order to not play favorites? Soooooooo complicated. Absolutely don't mention anything until the semester is over...things could get way awkward! However, before/after class starts, don't be shy to ask questions pertaining to the class (as long as they are legitimate...it's SO easy to spot silly fabricated questions!). Maybe drop by during his office hours to chat about your test results, or something along those lines. Keep it strictly academic though!!! But by interacting with him outside of class, you'll make yourself stand out above the rest of your classmates. That way when you contact him AFTER the semester is over, he won't scratch his head and go "Who is that?" I definitely understand your dilemma though...Going through almost the same thing myself. But my academic career is too important to me (and I would never want to jeopardize his academic career), so nothing's going to happen anytime soon...
  15. I feel like starting a relationship during a stressful time makes the couple appreciate each other more in the beginning...but then there's the danger of basing the whole relationship on licking each other's wounds and falling in love because "he/she was there when I was a mess" and not because he/she is truly the right person for you. When my ex and I started dating, both of our lives were pretty stressful. I had just started college. He was trying to come to terms with the fact that he had a disorder and bring himself to seek treatment. To top it off, we had to do long-distance right away. Now that our relationship is over, I realize that we were not right for each other...And I remember thinking that we weren't going to work out long before he actually dumped me, but always thinking that "oh, he supported me when college was a drag, shouldn't that count for something?" Also, once all the stress is gone, the excitement of the relationship can go with it because you no longer "need" each other -- I definitely agree with Batya there.
  16. I definitely like foreign languages, but if a guy tried to ask me out in one of the languages that I'm learning, yes, it would make him look kind of dorky, and not in a good way. Sorry. However, I would be more likely to respond positively if instead of busting out the French right away, you said the phrase in English first, asking me to translate it into French...and once I do translate it, repeat it in French for emphasis, in case she didn't get the innuendo the first time.
  17. Yup, what the previous posters said pretty much sums it up. With the summer approaching, people (not just guys though) can just sense those summer flings that they are not obligated to extend into the academic year. Yay, freedom (not that I agree, quite the opposite). Also, the summer may bring travel opportunities for one or both parties, and sometimes one person simply can't handle that, so he/she calls things quits.
  18. If you are really concerned about the color of your teeth, you could consult your dentist. Oftentimes they can whiten your teeth, or at least prescribe something potent for that (however, insurance probably won't cover the procedure or the prescription). But if it's not that severe, then yes, Crest Whitestrips. I'm sure they will have something similar where you are, even if it's not the same brand. And avoid staining foods and drinks, like coffee and dark soda...They really do affect the color of your teeth! (Especially if you have them right after you use any kind of whitening treatment)
  19. I don't think you should read into it too much. I personally tend to pick up on speech patterns very quickly, regardless of my relationship with the person. I've been guilty of imitating speech patterns of people that I actually hated, and definitely of people that I simply didn't care about (but had a lot of exposure to, like in class, so I heard them talk a lot). So I really don't think it's a reliable indicator. Unless, of course, she makes a point of using those words (places emphasis on them, looks at you when she says them).
  20. I once asked my gynecologist about whether or not it's normal to feel something down there in-between periods...For me it was a very localized ache right around where the ovaries are supposed to be. And she said that unless it's a severe pain, it's nothing to worry about, and that sometimes you can actually feel yourself ovulating and it can be an odd and alarming sensation. Could that be it?
  21. I personally don't think that protein shakes are a good idea, and you'd be better off with natural sources of protein. I'm sure that you'd get some great ideas for that at sites geared towards vegetarians -- since you're basically a temporary vegetarian. There is a lot of advice out there on this topic, since it's a big concern for vegetarians as well. Just search for "vegetarian protein" and you'll come up with plenty of results.
  22. If you're worried about your stpeaking skills, how about making some visuals to go along with things? That way if you feel yourself going out of place, you'll have the visuals to guide yourself AND to distract the kids from the mistake that you made. Plus, children that age love colorful things, and it's always a good idea to mix up oral and visual aspects...
  23. The important thing to me is how close he is with his friends...I don't trust people who have a bustling social life, but everyone is just surface friend. Same with people who would rather look for new friends instead of trying to deepen their relationship with existing ones -- it would make me wonder about whether or not he'd want a new girlfriend once our relationship got to a certain point. To me, it's more attractive if the guy has just one of two GREAT friends than a large but shallow social circle.
  24. You should definitely give it a try, especially if you think there are signs that she likes you in addition to the other guys. Yes, it's possible that when you ask her out, she'll tell you that she's sorry, but she likes someone else...But it's also possible that she'll be excited that you're showing interest and will agree to the date. Heck, people not only LIKE more than one person at a time, they also casually DATE more than one person at a time, so as long as one of those guys isn't her boyfriend, it's perfectly okay to ask!
  25. I had two raised moles right under my eyebrow, and I was really self-conscious about the way they looked, even though they weren't all that big. I actually got them removed while I was visiting a different country, so the procedure only cost about $100, and the facility was great (not the kind of horror stories you hear about dirty illegal salons). I was quite nervous, given that one of the moles was on very delicate skin, practically on my eyelid...However, the cosmetic surgeon said that she had removed moles from the lashline with no complications whatsoever. She just applied a topical anesthetic to the two moles, and basically burned them off. I could feel her doing it, but it really didn't hurt. For about a week after that I had two rather large dark scabs, but once they fell off, everything was just hunky-dorey!
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