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  1. Young girls. For some reason... 16-18 I noticed a lot of this going on in shopping malls and university orientation visits. Another most recent moment was at the gym with a 16/17 y/o. My last gf was 18 (with a high-school personality), so...
  2. Masturbating alone can get me off after about 5 minutes, yet penetration (with ultra-thin condoms) usually takes 30-40 minutes if not more. Time flies, but it's not a good thing if you simply want to get off sooner rather than later.
  3. I need to keep this aloofness in mind. A girl I am mildly infatuated shows interest, then becomes dry, then once again shows, then once again dry. As a result I play her game
  4. For established friends, absolutely. For a friend you just met not quite. Girls call me hun (short term honey), all the time, though I take it as nothing more than it is.
  5. The other day I became shy when speaking with a girl I had absolutely no interest in, yet I had a simple question for her. As soon as I asked if she remembered me, even with no interest in her, I began to blush, and almost became a mute, but luckily my super level of confidence saved me
  6. "The most important thing is to never, ever be the first one to break eye contact." "The most important thing is to never, ever be the first one to break eye contact." "The most important thing is to never, ever be the first one to break eye contact." I want to remember this one. It works for more than just flirting. You can do great things with just the eyes Alot of people, including myself, have a subconscious incentive to wander the eyes, or do occasional shifts onto other objects during a conversation and shift back.
  7. real2


    Hes facing social anxiety because a girl rejected him. Long answer short, you'll get over it. Awkward moments will happen, but who cares down the line.
  8. If, and only if, she says she wants to take it slow, then you might be out of luck. If she says shes not ready for a relationship, then you're out of luck. If none of these come up, then you're good to go Don't go too deep with her yet though, she might still be in rebound phase, meaning she wants someone to fill a void gap.
  9. I told a girl she smelled real nice, resulting in her becoming flattered. She stammered a bit and said *thanks* as well. She complimented me a couple times as well, but nothing major. Made her laugh a couple times, had some fun teachin her to dance, seemed to be doin good. Later on though, when trying to converse with her again, she became very dry and seemed uninterested, primarily on msn. Seeing as how I react the same way to people im not interested in over msn, I can pretty much deem her uninterested at the moment.
  10. Female + friction on flaccid penis = hardon within seconds Many girls love it, some girls get turned off. I know most girls absolutely hate it when a random guy comes up and starts rubbin his hardon on her. But generally, if the girl knows you and feels strongly towards you, she will feel absolute euphoria when you rub up against her When I was with my exgirl, she told me she was getting constant shots of adrenaline down her spine for atleast half an hour of drunk grinding
  11. I saw this in a documentary somewhere on BBC, and apparently usage of the word "sexy" as often as possible is a very good way of flirting. This was in association with club hopping though, since when I used the term sexy during friendly get togethers with girl "friends", it didnt quite have the same reception. So don't use terms that their mother would otherwise tell them like cute, or handsome. Keep it in a sexual context if you want that as your final objective.
  12. Cute face. Atleast a b/c-cup. Thin, but not skinny.
  13. 1) Nice face 2) Nice body. 3) Doesnt act like a dude.* *girls that act and drink like a guy, and have a similar personality to a frat-house dude are a huge turnoff. She has to act like a typical girl would. Otherwise 1 + 2 =
  14. As a guy whos said, im not interested in a relationship "at the moment" or whatnot, I can basically tell you that I say this around girls I have limited to no interest in. If a friend of a girl who is infatuated with me asks why Im not asking a particular girl out, and my response is "not looking for a relationship", then its basically the same story. Long story short, he is not interested. Whatever your sexual "encounters" mightve been, he probably felt nothing of it. Remain his friend, but dont look for anything any further. If he says he might like you, its not true
  15. Poke him. He likes you. He will poke back. You will send a wallpost, sayin "lol, so whats up", he will say "nm, you?" you will say "nm either", then you will feel awkward for a bit, because he hasnt asked you anythin of importance yet. You will wait for another facebook wallpost from him, to which you will be delighted to see he is interested when he responds with some kind of mishmashed, "im goin somewhere for some reason, but you wanna chill after class 2morrow? lol" etc etc, you guys chill after class, something or other gets established, you determine if he is actually cool or not, then it's all freestyling from there
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