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  1. I first realised I probably had a problem when I was 15 I think... I only started doing something about it last year (at 22)... when I was worried about it, someone on here said to look at it as a "stress-managment issue" as opposed to a drinking issue... Which was REALLY helpfull
  2. but mental health professionals have agreed that it is a disease not exactly true. AA, a christian organisation, was the first to decide that. healthh professionals tend to look at it as what it is, an addicition... just like ciggerettes, coffee, etc etc. If you feel you NEED to drink, even if its one night a week. If you ache for it, your thinking about it... then yes, you are addicted. Most likely a psychological addiction, which is the hardest bit to beat... but its do-able. If you want to do something about it, and you wont let it esculate, that is
  3. giving a guy a blow job right out the back in the yard at a house party (yeah yeah, I know) and I got a nose bleed.... I was SO drunk, and it just kept coming... he ended up with blood ALL OVER his pants... that was a bad night actually... the blood nose was one of the good bits
  4. Akin to a moth I am lured to your scent The deep, heady footpath of odour Leads me over the planes of your body Mapping gradients on your skin Topography of perfume
  5. I like it, for once I often cringe at poetry, but I really enjoyed that
  6. and people dont take their conscious desicions into account yes, evolutionary factors may give us certain urges, but we have the power to control those, to work on our weaknesses
  7. I am very masculine Although there are differences, its ridiulous to say that "all men love porn" and "all women want babies". men TEND to be most while women TEND to be more its like a ven diagram, with a HUGE overlap.
  8. 1. What is the most difficult problem you and you partner face in your relationship? Personally, I find I want to spend too much time with him. I dont have anyone else in this city and I think it grates him a bit. 2. Do communication differences get better with time? only if you both work on them and really want them to change... its not easy and it doesnt just fall into place 3. What keeps your relationship going strong? we are good to eachother, we TALK to eachother and we do things to show our appreciation for eachother. We realise that we are different people with different needs and ways of showing how we care. We DONT apply sterotypes to eachother 4. Any words of advice for someone wanting to maintain a healthy relationship? laugh, a lot... and dont sit there being angry, never, ever go to bed mad
  9. I have never gone out looking for a partner... for sex/fun/friends, yes, but not a partner. I have always been very quick to get out of relationships as well, (apart from the abusive one) I have always known when it wasnt going to work and just walked. In a lot of ways I prefer being single. I love Macca, a lot, but I am very much my own person and I find being in a relationship completely forgein and difficult. I think its worth it when you have a connection as we do, but I am in no way scared of being a spinster. Sometimes i think it would be nicer to grow old with friends... just chill out with mates till we all pass away.
  10. I like watching him when I hold him down and lightly lick his lips... i love seeing the pleasure on his face
  11. -fumes- tell me where he lives and Ill knee-cap him. dont, ever contact this man... call the police, SHOW THEM that text!!! do not delete ANY messages from him from now on... let the police deal with it. I cannot begin to fathom this behaviour. He needs to be locked up.
  12. sorry, I didnt mean to come accross as dismissive... it didnt seem like a point I should have elaborated on. I didnt mean for it to be a sensitive topic. But it is a christian (or consumer) holiday... if the OP entered the relationship knowing that her SO doesnt celbrate such things, its not something she can get upset over now, unless its a religious issue, not just a material or holiday one. That said, it is a time to get togehter and celebrate family and loved ones, presents are one thing, but I agree (as I am assuming you feel) that just being with those you love on Xmas is important. Although it shouldnt be if you dont subscribe to the religion, it is, for some reason
  13. the christmas thing is moot, a lot of people dont celebrate it on principal... its nothing to get upset over. but the rest of it... yeah, I agree... WHAT is fantastic about a man who treats you no different from any other person... he doesnt sound like hes grrrrrrrrreat, he sounds like he's middle of the road... not doing anything bad, persay, but not doing anything to validate the relationship, either.
  14. Last night was romantic he turned up at my place at about 11.30pm... we were laughing about something stupid and he just grabbed me and told me how lucky he is to have me The whole night just had the most amazing vibe
  15. it sucks that you had to wait that long!! She obviously wasnt hte one for you!!
  16. I so know that feeling I have slept on guys chests before, but when I do it with my bf, he doesnt just let my lie there, he holds me... all night normally...
  17. my best friend of 6 years was im-ing me... I was complaining about men and said I wanted someone to crave my name into a tree he said I wrote your name in a sand trap once (when we spent every day together, he lived down the road from a gold course) why? becuase I love you I asked him why he had never told me and he said I didnt want to fall at your feet like all the others Pity it didnt last... My bf now climbed into bed with his guitar, and played (with difficulty) "green eyes" while I fell asleep on his chest... Hes not a classically romantic guy... he does heart-jerking things for me tho...
  18. Um, how about dropping both of them becuase you obviosuly dont care enough to be faithfull to either?
  19. I do that without thinking... my poor bf almost had his lip bitten off while we were doing the deed the other night!! I love it when my bf just kisses the top of my head... he'll do it while we are watching telly...
  20. WELL said!! lazy isnt really what its about, some people never get the CHANCE to get training to get into a profession. It would definitely be harder than being a waitress... but no one calls waitresses lazy, do they?
  21. how about putting your fingers inside her and getting HER to touch her clit?
  22. I found out last night that my mister likes me kissing his toes
  23. You cant really explain it to someone who hasnt been in an abusive relationship before. You dont have self esteem, you dont think anyone will want you, you think you DESERVE the abuse. I still saw this guy after he let his friend try to kill me, didnt care when his other friend tried to hook up with me and I still even saw him after he raped me (the first time)... and when he finally left me for someone else, I begged him to come back. You dont act normally when you are being treated like that, and DONT judge her or try to make her feel stupid for things she did back then, its embarrassing enough as it is. Superfreak He was going to dump her if it was above his acceptable quota. Regardless of what may have happened in her past.
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