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  1. Reading comprehension? It helps
  2. Go to or write a complaint letter to a higher authority police and a country court office to report the local police and the court system. I don't know what your offices are there but In the USA you can contact the US district Attorney to complain about local courts and to the State police or FBI to complain about local police and there should be some sort of similar offices there. Don't let him win or someone else will be hurt by him. p.s. every charge would be done at one hearing here and he would already be in jail.
  3. By not reporting everything they think he is changing into a good guy, CALL them everytime from now on and no contact w/ him at all.
  4. There are herbal remedies for horrible PMS moods/mood swings that work well (from experience w/ girls I've dated. Go to a health food store and find the section w/ holistic meds., one was labeled "PMS" something, it was in a green bottle w/ gold label and eyedropper built into the cap that worked great. Birth control pills really helped my ex wife. Maroon or brown towels for itsallgrand's suggestion work well and a mutual shower after.....
  5. Hey big boy, is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Hi, have you ever helped a girl do a bikini trim and will you kiss it better if you nick me with the razor?
  6. He is playing with your head so the charges will be dropped. Go to the hearing and prosecute him before you end up in the hospital. STAY AWAY from him! He would be in jail already here for 30 days after the 1st time he did the Apprehended Violence Order, 2nd time I believe is 1 year.
  7. As an older guy who has dated much younger women (17 yrs younger and married 14 yrs younger) I can tell you that the 45 won't want childish games. If you are a mature girl it should work out BUT he probably will want long term. Do you and he want children? that's an important question for starters. P.S. On the flip side, best friends make the best marriages.
  8. Go see a doctor to find out what it really is. If you get cold sores (herpes simplex I) and touch your penis that can transmit it. Sharing a towel w/ someone who has herpes can transmit it also.
  9. Show him the way to the door...... He's all for himself, it will get worse, much worse.
  10. It was covered in the 2 posts above, Magnum would be equal to Larger or Large.
  11. wine making is fun and you get to drink what you made. google "wine making (closest big city, state)" Beer making is also fun.
  12. They do stretch but try tying a tourniquet around a penis and then "try" to have sex. a comfortable condom that fits is so much better. Small condoms hurt larger guys. A simple comparison for the girls is for you to wear a B cup bra (push them in to make it fit) for your D cup actual size. Uncomfortable isn't it???
  13. Magnum is only 1 size up from regular, the name is probably a marketing strategy.
  14. "I am so mad on the phone that with my hand placed behind me I scratched his car with my keys. I panic and realize the consequences." That reads premeditated to me.
  15. 1.) To find a good therapist to work on your personal issues. 2.) You DO need anger management class If he does takes you back it will be because you actually did the above things.
  16. 5a. My Ferret didn't like my ex wife which proves Ferrets are very intelligent! 11. She was just using you. Relationships are like bad colds, you will get over them
  17. use a "safe word", if she says it you must stop. thick fluffy yarn or lace ribbon works well also and wont cut like cuffs can.
  18. exploring ea. others bodies massages (oils optional) just playing and caressing w/ ea other neck/chest/torso nibbling oral
  19. Paloma Picasso on the right person makes slaves of men....
  20. As annie said, the family would have to be ok w/ that. We put a shot glass and the ace of spades in an uncles casket because he wanted it and everyone had to agree before they would do it. You could write it all down on parchment or rice paper, (they burn well) then burn it outdoors like a burnt offering type thing.
  21. "I get nothing from her. Nada, zilch, zip!" Take the hint, why bother w/ rejection?
  22. I use Calvin Klien's Obsession for men or Paul Sebastian's "Design" because they work w/ my natural scent. The best way to get colognes that work for you is to go to a better/high end store and ask some girls in your age group how the tester sprays smell on you. Go lightly on forearm 1st, another on wrist and then another on the back of hand and let it set a min or two before they smell them on you. That's also a nice ice breaker w/ the girls.
  23. No, the sound in the movie "Space Truckers", when the evil guy was going to get it on w/ the girl.... Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  24. More upbeat; Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car Billy Ocean - Loverboy Bob Seger - Night Moves Boz Scaggs - The captain of her heart B52s - Loveshack Carole King - I Feel The Earth Move Ashford and Simpson - Solid as a rock Kajagoogoo - Too Shy Jeffery Osborne - Stay With Me Tonight KC and the Sunshine Band - Shake Your Booty Lionel Ritchie - All Night Long Liz Phair - Hot White Cum Maria Muldaur - Midnight at The Oasis Maria Muldaur - It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion Marty Balin - Hearts Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin Next - Too Close Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love Roxette - Listen To Your Heart Salt N Peppa - Push It Styx - Lady Tears for fears - Head over heels
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