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  1. No body art as of yet, but I'd like to get one of the henna designs I usually do on my feet during the summer. I'd keep the same earthy color in the tattoo, let the artist work a little with my design to refine it or add their own style. I would consider it a collaboration and would want my artistic style and the tattoo artists style to be seen.
  2. I treat it like I do the differences between Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Both are amazing stories as they stand alone, the film version is the creative vision of more than one person and when you have multiple thumbs in the pie, it won't ever be the same again.
  3. Currently working on Reading Lolita in Tehran. It is one of the best books I've read this year, it has got me motivated to read more classic literature and to be thankful for each and every book I own.
  4. TOV, as always I bow to your wisdom. Thank you so much for your input.
  5. Just bumping this up in hopes of getting a comment on my thoughts in the previous post. I was going to send it to my friend soon, but I'm still debating the finish.
  6. Thank you everyone. jc123: He did kill himself, slit his throat. TOV: That quad is not finished, the line is his blood and the curve is the neckline of her clothing. I'm thinking the blood line needs some errant droplets to give it interest and soften the harsh directionality it moves the eye (yes? no? suggestions?). Her clothing is a point of debate as well, it is blank as of yet, but I feel a soft draped look in mid tones to darken the corner would give it weight to balance the opposite corner. Not too fussy, just some wrinkles to make the fabric of it apparent (yes? no? suggestions?).
  7. Need some comments and suggestions... A friend asked that I illustrate his short story, the end scene of which is the lovers in a final embrace after they have both committed suicide. I've reworked the woman's neck a couple of times and have become frustrated. I don't want to do any more work on it because the integrity of the paper will start to suffer. I'm wondering if it is realistic looking as is or if I do need to change her throat (maybe some suggestions as to what its lacking). link removed
  8. Very poignant KG. Thank you for sharing something so personal with us.
  9. I went, the food wasn't that good and the one here was run by an idiot (forgot to get the liquor license) so they didn't have alcohol to make the bad food taste better. The car rallies are the best part, I like seeing the old roadsters and restored trucks and all. They also have a biker rally too then I can look at the cool bikes.
  10. I think one of the most romantic moments with my boyfriend was when we went to a beach near sun set. The waves were rather lazy, so there was only a only a little surf and foam. It was a dog beach, so there were 5-6 happy canines soaking wet and lolled tongued galloping free. The sky was on fire, red, orange bleeding into the darker blues of the night approaching. We embraced and watched the colors grow more muted as the sun slid behind the cliff to the south west.
  11. I feel your pain. Especially the idea of being put to the back of the shelf. That to me was hurtful, the idea someone would put you somewhere so they could forget. Very poignant.
  12. It wouldn't be paralysed forever, just the standard time. I've seen ladies that had the stuff slide down their face and they then looked like a young person who recently had a stroke.
  13. Why would you continue to a loveless marriage? Why prolong both of your misery? If you sleep with another woman, that will only make you a cheater and fix nothing. Focus on either saving your marriage or getting a divorce. If your partnership was based on sex, then its over. Menopausal women have little interest in sex because their body is not longer viable for reproduction, so things shut down. The estrogen that drives women's sexual desire disappears, leaving them with no interest.
  14. How did he make you break up? It sounds like you taking a break is a signal to him that he's on the rocks, you dumped him and he's moving on.
  15. You should have a been tubed until the stitches were out. That's not good. You should go to the hospital and ask them to do something.
  16. Botox was used to help prevent muscle contractions and spasms on the back (alot of back pain is actually just muscle pain). The toxin damages the nerve cells preventing the normal impulses to the muscle. It is an extremely powerful neurotoxin. Botulinum toxin is actually the waste products of bacteria. It is also considered a minor chemical weapon because if poisoned it could cause muscle paralysis and you eventually suffocate.
  17. And what do you hope to get from it? You have an ex girlfriend who thinks your sick and hates you. Guys that do that are the type girls tell their friends about, then all the girls know how mean you are and no one will date you.
  18. I'd think dork or weirdo. Like some hot girl is going to think "oh what a nerd, I must get him to break out of his shell!" That only happens in movies, in real life, you'll get looks, but only as people give you a wide berth.
  19. I have read up on those disorders and frankly I think it’s just a fancy name for someone being a jerk. Most of the people who put a big label on someone have only their stilted views of that person’s behavior as the basis for their assessment. You have a very subjective view of what is going on. The only way a diagnosis can be properly made is if a trained professional examines them with objective view and a scientific method. Even then the whole of psychology is a difficult field because no one label will ever fit a person wholly.
  20. Happy Birthday! I've spent a few of my birthdays sick in bed, I guess its the luck of being born during flu season, but cake doesn't do any for you any way. Why not spend your birthday with your parents? They are the people that gave you life you are celebrating, do you have a history with them that you don't want to be around them? I'm 26 this year and wouldn't mind my Mom being the only person I celebrated with. I'm not embarrassed at all to say my Mom is one of my bestfriends.
  21. Taken from link removed: This doesn't tell about the increase risks of blood clotting. In some people that can cause stroke, especially for smokers, and for women over 35.
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