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LDR Australia to England losing the Spark

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Met a girl about 9 months ago at a bar in Australia (I am Australian)

Got her phone number from her friend, but only hung out once as mates, as she had a BF.


Fast forward to 2 months ago, and she is back in England, and single. I am headed to england to visit my brother, and message her and ask her to catch up.

She agrees, and we text regularly for 2 weeks until I arrive in England. We go out on a date, and have an amazing time.

End up spending the next 3-4 weeks while I am in England dating, telling each other we love each other, and all that.


We both agree that I will come back to live in England, and when I find a job \ set up there, we will find a place together (staying with my brother until then).


Anyway, I am back in Australia now for 3 weeks, waiting for my VISA to come through, and we are just having lots of little arguments, and can feel that we are both less excited to speak to each other, and it feels like a bit of the magic is fading.


We have been talking a lot via whatapp, and talking on the phone for around 2+ hours nearly every day. Which I think is partly why we have been arguing, it is too much.


Any advice from anyone else that has been in a similar situation, or knows a good way to keep attraction levels high, while I am away.


Hopefully I will be returning to England in 1 week, but I am nervous it may be too late.

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Hey Dude,


Agree with the others that racing all the way over here may be wrong if you are coming just for her.


If it all falls through, what are you going to do? Are you going to head home again with tail between legs?


What visa did you get? A 2 year under 30s working visa? If so, and you want to stay, head over to 'Kiwi's in London' page on facebook. There's an Aussies in London page too, but the Kiwi one gets more traffic with jobs/housing/things to do.

And if you're looking for a job to hit the ground running while searching for a proper job, and you are fit and healthy, try Kiwimovers, they're always looking for new starts.

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Hey Guys


Appreciate the advice.


I understand that it is moving incredibly fast. But there are not other options if we want to be together.

Visiting her regularly wouldn't really be an option. It is around $1500 for a return ticket, and takes 30 hours each way. Plus, starting a new job in Melbourne, would mean I wouldn't be able t o get time off to visit, and her role currently wouldn't give her a week or regularly to visit.


I recently left my job in Melbourne (which is why I traveled to the UK), and also left my apartment (the owners sold it), so I was effectively moving out and changing jobs anyway, so it isn't that big a deal to make those changes in the UK, instead of Australia.


Also if we do break up, I would stay in the UK with my brother.


Also, the not knowing her well enough, we have talked a lot, and have spoken a lot over the past 8 months. I think I know her relatively well.

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Speaking is not knowing.


I don't recall, you are not planning to live with her, are you?


Not right away.


I will be living with my brother, until I find a job and get set up etc.

Planning to move in together after Christmas, once we find a place and are more settled.

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