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  1. Good call, I think if you just state your time there, the extra responsibilities you've taken on and how much you've grown etc... courses, training you have attended... It is always tricky with money! It as the same where I used to work, we weren't supposed to know what people earnt, but we all knew!
  2. This also, worth knowing facts and figures but staying discreet also. Its a difficult one! can see both sides. I am sure its a legal right to keep salary secret also? Atleast, in the UK?
  3. Wiseman offers good advice... i believe the same. Its a difficult situation to be in, maybe wait another wee and enquire? If you have hard facts, that X is paid such... and Y is paid such and are new starters who come to you for training and advice, then it is evidence based and better. However, in some companies I believe it is illegal to know others salaries, or frowned upon? I don't know how true this is but I am sure it is a thing, or people have the legal right for it to be private.
  4. Yes,i'm in a good place, life is crazy atm in a lot of ways, like the song title - life is a rollercoaster, ups and downs highs and lows!
  5. That was about taking a detox from social media,this was a kind of different spin, to gauge peoples opinions on social media... the good and bad and their opinions in hoping to start a good debate and see different perspectives.
  6. Yes, I agree. Technology is here to stay. Its interesting the tedtalk you mentioned. Sometimes I feel we struggle to live without devices. I never used to take my phone out with me when I was younger, or leave it in a safe on holiday... now I feel lost without it! Its interesting, how technology has been ingrained over the past decade or so. Some technology I would struggle to live without, google maps for example! However, taking a break from social media has been wonderful... I still have fb messenger and whatsapp though :)
  7. “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.” - Johnny Depp.
  8. 3-4 weeks and moving for a person.. no. Moving in so quickly? Big no. If you were moving for work/for new life (for you) a big YES... Which is it? However, this is a bit intense and 3-4 weeks saying you love someone is also intense.
  9. I don't like using it anymore and upon watching a few tedtalks and documentaries on it, i have decided to deactivate it :) Sometimes removing triggers is a bad thing yes, but sometimes it is a good thing also. Like friends who treat you bad and cause anxiety, or an ex who is harrassing you... etc. Its sometimes a good thing... no? :) If it makes you happy to do so and more peaceful? What are your views? Like for example, I now some workplace anxiety is normal and people who have anxiety disorders can overassess or take things wrong way, so you learn to deal through yoga/mediation/thera
  10. Not at all... You now nothing about me, or my life, or what I do and don't do... so please stop speculating. I stated in the last post I didn't want to discuss anything relating to me, just the use of social media and its effects. This was supposed to be a post on the good and bad of social media. Lets turn things around... why do you look at posts and 'assess' people upon one post when you know nothing about them or their mental state? :) Like i said, I am in a good place, I am a lot more productive without social media, reading more and and am enjoying being off it. Lots of pe
  11. /Good advice, just be polite, just say thanks but not thanks. Say something like 'oh I have plans with my girlfriend today!' also, the advice just saying, no... or next time you're at the gym, just saying youre workouts too intense! I need something easier :) etc... you got this.
  12. I forgot to answer, people do naturally compare when suffering with OCD/anxiety disorder/ panic disorder... I have a friend who got very upset over a group of friends who she is close with posting about meeting up and not inviting her for example. It triggered a lot in her... probably unintentional on the other friends part, however this is what I mean about it triggering. I gt triggered by sexual abuse and bullying posts, I also get triggered by cancer posts atm because of what family is going through. There is a lot of research on the benefits of being off facebook... just wanting t
  13. Yup... anxiety. Obviously you have never suffered or wouldn't ask such a question. I know myself and any others who have OCD/Panic disorder/Anxiety disorder... find when in an anxious 'irrational' frame of mind, which is to no fault of our own due to mental illness, that facebook etc can be a source of triggering, hence my decision to remove myself. When I am in a rational frame of mind (more often than not now as I have put a lot of work in overcoming my demons) I see facebook/instagram for what it is. It can be used by some as a nice place to post pictures etc, however i keep in cl
  14. I have deactivated all my accounts to focus as going through tough time recently, however... in doing so, has reduced anxiety a lot... i am reading more, less on my phone and in general happier and more content. I think when you are bombarded 24/7 with notifications, posts from left wing/right wing stuff, how others are doing etc... it chips and wears you down, you naturally compare and I think its better being without it. I also got to a point where I was thinking... is this good for me? Why do people post? Pictures/statuses... is it to share with friends, or something related to ego and i
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