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  1. Ok, I just got penalized for talking politics. I was not talking politics, I simply mentioned a political figure in the context of dating. If somebody does not want me here, I'll be happy to leave.
  2. - Very well said. One thing is for sure.....I certainly do stir the pot! That's okay.....I do like to watch drama! As long as I'm not too involved in the drama. lol!
  3. By the way: Woman says to man, "I love you". Translation: "Now you say it!"
  4. Listen to Andrina. A man who is serious about you won't break dates. Words are cheap. Actions scream. You have a crush on him but he only sees you as a friend. It's a classic miss-match. Look for another guy who likes you as much or more and you'll have a lot less problems.
  5. Please note that I said some men never say it. The things I talk about come from the very best relationships. The ones that have less than a handful of arguments per year, and still laugh and play together like little children cause they are crazy in love with each other. I think many people get their ideas from the fantasy world of Hollywood.
  6. You probably will develop a crush on him again. It's kind of a waste of time because he lives in another country and most long distance things don't work. Unless you think you can just be friends with him. And date other guys. Sounds like you are the back-burner girl.
  7. Some men almost never say it. What's a matter, you no lika Squint Eastwood?! If you read people you can tell that they love you through their actions. Saying the words may be overrated.
  8. Yes, she's right - she has excess emotional baggage or other mental issues. Which one(s) are not important. Can you imagine what it would be like being married to this woman for ten years? It would suck the life right out of you. To be a good catch, they have to be sane - otherwise, a relationship is going to be a living hell........which is what you are experiencing now. Love is not enough.
  9. One thing nobody mentions that might help you leave this woman is to find another woman - start dating other women.
  10. I don't do much of anything or add people on Spacebook anymore either. It's not weird to me.
  11. Wow, you two are like a train wreck. She's got baggage and your friend reminds her of that. Plus he's no good anyway. Find some new friends. Her friend - she is dating him, and she's cheating on you. She should not be seeing him alone - only in groups or with you / double dates.
  12. - this could very well be true also. Google: Rebound relationship
  13. It wasn't much of a relationship if you guys left each other. So why do you care?
  14. Yeah, the problem with online dating is, there are lot's of undesirable people on dating sites. - how about after they are no longer a patient? - If you want to find out if she likes you romantically, you have to kiss her. But more than likely she thinks of you as a friend and you are in the friend's zone. Besides, if she really liked you chances are she would have made a move herself by now. I say keep her as a friend - you can only have one lover (supposed to), but you can't have too many friends! And always remember, it's better to be single than to be in a relationship with a Debbie Downer!
  15. - Guys don't always know, can't read the signs that well, and don't have telepathy. I'm just sayin'. Whatever you do, don't ever ask. That can actually be a turnoff. Yeah, and if you do want to remain just friends, don't sleep in the same bed together either.
  16. Okay, you are a good girlfriend and already tried the things I suggested. - Right, you should play hard to get - so don't initiate contact, let him be the one. If he's got a shred of love left for you, maybe it will spike and he'll miss you. Men are stupid, women are crazy. The reason women are crazy is because men are stupid!
  17. Well, the big problem with LDR's is not enough face time (I don't mean the app, lol) together, so people tend to drift apart - which is a nice way of saying they fall out of love.
  18. Counseling is always good. Counselors know a lot about relationships and can sometimes help. But they don't always understand love very well. She loves you but perhaps not as much as she once did. Her love level has gone down a little. To bring it back up you have to see where you may have slacked up - in trust, romance, affection, or respect. Do you still treat her sometimes like when you first dated? Gifts, or date nights, a passionate kiss or hug? Vacation? A weekly date night? Try doing one or some of those things again, and you might bring back her fire for you. Never stop dating your SO
  19. Okay, that sounds normal. Sometimes the love fades, perhaps his love level for you is low. Yeah, it's a common complaint from women.... you need romance, quality time together, date nights, vacations. I'd say you two need a weekly date night. Maybe suggest that instead of complaining. Maybe something that integrates one of his hobbies? Men do like recreational companionship. Maybe that would help light his fire again.
  20. Why worry about text? Enjoy your time with her. Text is for friends or to make a date. Get more friends if you like to text.
  21. I felt like the only time I was seeing him was to say good night and goodbye in the morning. - So he was living with you, but stopped dating you (you should never stop dating). How was the sex life? What was the rest of the relationship like? How did you spend holidays - together - with family/friends? Tell the full story, more info needed.
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