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I want to kiss 100 girls this year

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Kissing 100 different girls is easy. You just have to set very wide guidelines for yourself. See, kissing on the cheek counts. Your mom, sister, aunt or other female relatives count. Walk up to random girls and kiss them. Sure, you may get slapped or kicked in the groin, or worse. But it adds to the total.


Ok, in all seriousness, why do you want to kiss 100 different girls? How old are you? I know that not having kissed a girl can make you feel bad about myself. It took me until I was 22 and a half to kiss a girl, and I've only kissed two girls in my entire life (about to hit 23). But it was with girls that I really liked and that is all that mattered. How many girls you kiss or when you get a kiss isn't what matters. What is important is who you are kissing. Trust me, its better to kiss just one girl but for that one girl to be the right girl and the kiss to be meaningful and special, then to kiss 100 girls but for the kisses to be meaningless other then to add to your total.

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to me, thats kind of offensive... maybe im old fashioned, but u dont just go out with the intention to kiss a girl, or make out with a girl. why dont you make a goal, to find yourself a nice girlfriend. and then u can kiss her as many times as u like.

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Listen to steff. Other girls have said similar things to me. They don't want to be looked at as just a number, and what you are doing will just make them into girl number 43, etc. The better goal isn't one kiss from 100 girls, its one girl whom you can kiss 100 times.

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Damn, I've heard of "sewing your wild oats" but you're looking to knit an entire clothing line of extra large sweaters with all that sewing you plan on doing.


Either pay them or set a more realistic goal.

lol, couldn't have said it better myself. If this were football, the over/under would be 35.


Go to bars and clubs.

Find some drunk girls.

Become a porn star.

Save money and find an escort service.


You need to kiss on the average about 2 girls per week, starting with this week. Do you mean kiss on the lips or ful blown makeout session? Whatever it is, I hope you at least reach 1/20th of your goal. Keep us informed, I'm interested to see how this pans out.

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Yeah thats sort of treating women like objects to want to kiss 100 girls. Thats quite a jump frm no kiss to 100 kisses. How about a resolution of just 1 kiss, you know, that firsat one? Kissing 100 girls is not special. You can still spread germs by kissing people like that.

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i say go for it boy,it aint that hard to kiss a girl,u just wait for the RIGHT moment!!!!!

Now the right moment has to be exactly that......totally right! if you are to get anything out of that kiss....

Now if i were u, id go for the good kisses(from the good decent girls!!) then id have something to brag about!


Want a race........

Kissing 100 girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,never thought of it but seems really fun,may even try it out myself!!!...

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I do know exactly how to kiss many many girls without paying them etc, and even though this is an advice forum I cant tell you what it is because its cruel and unfair to the girls


and I'm geussing you really dont get why this would be offensive, so let me explain: girls like to consider themselves human beings, dont get me wrong I'm sure you consider them just that but it sort of makes them feel like less of a human when your planning on playing with their emotions just to get a kiss and then ditching them to get another kiss from someone else


while that doesnt seem like a big deal to you, it is a very big deal to them. girls like relationships more than kisses, and while they might appreciate a kiss at the moment pretty much every girl can say she expects the guy she kissed to want to talk to her(and most likely kiss her) again. so when she realizes that your just kissing her for your new years resolution then she will be pretty hurt. and even if she doesnt find out she will be hurt when she finds out you were kissing someone else soon after.


so please dont do that, it'll cause alot of problems for the girls, and for you if you piss them off enough(revenge becomes a sweet sweet thing for teenage girls when theyve been treated like trash)

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