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  1. I'm not sure if it is the job or symptoms of anxiety / depression. Yes i enjoy my work but depends who i am working with. I have a real problem dealing with ***s at work and take it personally.
  2. Yeah just difficult to do it but i need to sort this out. I just torture myself.
  3. Yeah msged her asking for a further appointment. Fed up of having a messed up mind like this.
  4. Thanks for your helpful response. I have been increased on my antidepressants and represcribed anxiety medication. I am thinking of engaging with my therapist more as I currently only do video calls once a fortnight.
  5. Anyone got any advice on how I can stop myself being too hard on myself at work? I constantly kick myself and feel I am being judged if I forget to do something or get something wrong or don't know how to do something etc... I feel incompetent and that everyone thinks that if i don't know something or make a mistake that I am incompetent. I constantly worry what others think of me and it really affects my confidence. I have been bullied in the past but I have some good days where I can get a lot done and feel good but sometimes not. Just wish i could care less what other
  6. Unfortunately with snooping it gives you more questions than answers I am afraid. What if it is him? Why would he lose respectability? He is human and has needs. Maybe was after a hook up at the time? We all have our little secrets that we keep from colleagues. You either have to ask him about it or forget about it and enjoy seeing this man in the now. You may need to question if you can move on from it if you continue seeing him. Personally I wouldn't see it as a problem but that's me. If it us going to be a problem you might just need to cut ties. It's down to you. Good
  7. Hi there I have real trouble dealing with conflicts at work and always over think comments by colleagues. There is one i dislike and who has just started with us and felt she was patronising of me today. To cut a long story short, my boss asked me about something and i wasn't sure even though this used to be my area of expertise and she pipes up that my other colleague would know as she is transfering over there. I also have a colleague joining our team who i have had trouble with and i am dreading it already. I was enjoying this workplace until these two have joined. I lack c
  8. I have stopped drinking. See my update above.
  9. Update - After much soul searching and realising both me and my family deserve better, I have decided to stop drinking for good. I admit i was very dismissive if the advice on here when i was first hearing it but now I realise you guys were right. Thank you xxx
  10. We all do stupid things when we are young. If you never do so, how can you grow wise? I still look back and cringe sometimes but just try to laugh it off as a crazy stage. Trust me, there will be those who have done worse.
  11. I just wrote for advice on this topic too. I feel everything you have written. I wish I could control it but i'm not wired that way and i hate it. Please feel free to respond to my post, this comment and please feel free to pm me xxx
  12. To cut a long story short, I stopped drinking for nearly two years as I was drinking every day and started even drinking in the mornings when I wasn't working. It nearly ruined my marriage and I wouldn't have my child if I didn't stop as my hubby refused to start family while I was drinking. I started drinking socially again and it started well but old habits crept up again when my kid was at grandmas for the weekend and hubby at work. Was drinking the night before and woke up to start drinking again and all day. Cue me really pissed and then really ill for days. Had a chat with an
  13. I hate to say it but it is likely he is just after sex and if that is what your after then fine but i doubt you would be writing on here if that was the case. His parents will despise you but his mates will find it hilarious. I think you need to work on your self esteem as surely you deserve better than to be used as a notch on the bed post?
  14. I really think a therapist / counsellor is the best way to go so you can both reach a mutual agreement with this so both parties can be happy. I don't agree with what some are saying that it is unhealthy and wrong. Also, you say that he shouldn't need porn etc when he has you. It is human nature to still find others attractive / sexually appealing etc even if you are with someone. To me, porn is part of that and won't lead to cheating. But just my opinion. We all have different boundaries and ideas on what is acceptable in regards to this. Please seek advice and counselling regarding t
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