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  1. Thank you for replying. Yes researched it and it seems fine. It was mine and my husband's idea to move after nearly 3 years of hell. I am anxious about moving and of course there is the added stress of moving itself!
  2. So I'm moving away from two neighbours from hell. Went in by the flat we are moving into today and saw a guy who let's say looks dodgy outside the next building smoking a cigarette. He reminded slightly of the NFH. Am I the *** for being judgemental like this or is this just moving nerves? I have had neighbours before who some may say look like 'undesirables' but got along with them the most. I'm just scared that we will go through the same again. I know living in a city you can't escape drug users, drug dealing, noise etc but just can't go through this all again. Maybe I just need to be more positive. It is a nice area and the housing association (other flats are mainly private) said it is generally quiet with no known issues. Is this just nerves?
  3. Funny how you mention naps as I was thinking I hadn't had one in a while and tried to make room for them but was too filled with overthinking. Might be my aim for Saturday!
  4. Thank you ❤️ I will keep that in mind as i too need to work on my physical health which in turn helps mental resiliance.
  5. I personally don't see the issue with you watching porn or looking at these girl's pictures. You didn't interact etc but we all have different views and boundaries on such things. Your girlfriend didn't seem too bothered but it sounds like she doesn't want to know since she said she wants to be ignorant to it. I would just keep stuff like that on the down low.
  6. Yes, beforehand if i was put up against nasty people or challenging situations, I drank to deal with it. Now i'm here, trying to deal with it head on. I have signed up to be a volunteer and a board member for a charity i feel passionate about. I really want to build on my confidence hence why I have put so much work into it and working on my anxiety levels too. I am getting there but I have tough times. But surely with tough times comes strength.
  7. Thank you. Yes, I have done some meditation and yoga but maybe need to look into it. I have messaged my previous therapist so hopefully I can get some useful tools too.
  8. Thank you. Yes your right, we need to navigate our way when working with people like this. But I need to not let them have so much control over my emotions. I let people suck the life out of me but at the same time I tend to give them the straw.
  9. Thank you so much for this lovely response ❤️
  10. Thank you. I have worked with a professional therapist before and will consider it again.
  11. Well, I am not as bad as what I used to be in regards to this and are making marked improvements. But this mainly happens at work (sometimes outside work too especially with certain family members) but I let people's remarks or comments affect my self esteem and self worth. If they disagree with me or rude to me then it's my fault and i'm wrong / worthless. I know that no one makes me feel this way but me however I can't allow myself to accept that I have that power and not them. It's like I give people power over my emotions and self worth. I am working on my confidence at work which is difficult but a work in progress! I am voicing opinions more etc but stumble at times when met with difficult people but as I said but still let negative self talk win. I worry about making a fool of myself and not knowing what to say bit maybe sometimes with difficult people that silence can win too? Choose your battles etc...? Anyone have any good exercises, books etc...to help me with this last part in getting my self esteem finally? I care too much what others think of me. It's tough working on yourself. But almost two years sober which is a struggle too but again worth it. Maybe got to realise me self esteem is worth fighting for too and stop seeking validation outside.
  12. Unfortunately, a lot of Andrew Tate wannabes out there but there are plenty of guys who don't hold such narrow minded and backward views.
  13. I think it is the mind spins I need to primarily focus on right now.
  14. Yes definitely. I certainly wasn't yelling and maybe shouldn't have used the term 'snapped' lol. He is a notorious jerk and i'm sure was just trying to get a reaction.
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