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  1. My girlfriend and I live about a half hour away from each other. We see each other on average of twice a week but we talk on the phone every day.
  2. This is to all of my responses: People have a funny way of blowing my posts out of porportion. I never said that by going on a date you're agreeing to have sex with the other person, you're agreeing that it's a possibility and you could see yourself wanting it. This is by far not a random representative sample, it's just what worked for us in the past. As I said, we both come from very interesting sexual histories and we wanted to take every precaution. We had the sex talk on the second date and made a plan. The plan worked and now we have a really good relationship. That's how we prevented any mix ups sexually, like what happened in this post.
  3. Pornography is simply a drug. It's not particularly good for you, but it feels good. It's an addictive drug, so if you become dependent on it you will be in trouble. Pornography dependence leads to unhealthy view of sexual relationships. I had been briefly involved in the pornography business and let me tell you, it's really not fun. I was a writer and I was paid to come up with pornographic stories. I'm an erotic writer (there is a huge difference between erotica and pornography) so I wrote some good erotica but they weren't looking for good erotica, they were looking for porn. I sat down and wrote a thousand words of really bad pornography. I did it. It felt really bad and wound up refusing to sell the story because I hated it so much. I'll write a manual about how to build bombs using household products. I'll write a recipie for anarchy. I'll write a manifesto bringing down the government. I'll write about death, suicide, destruction, rape, and anything that will challenge me but I draw the line at porn.
  4. I don't know the details of your breakup but I think that through inviting you to a gig she's showing you that she still thinks about you. I mean, you did go NC with no explanation so maybe that's hurting her somewhat. And to be honest, perhaps she doesn't see the relationship the same way. It did, after all, only last a month. I think that if you got together for a coffee you can get some things off your chest. If you can be friends it's good but you have to protect yourself from your feelings. Does that make any sense? And about your friend and her, you don't control her or your friend so don't even try.
  5. Well, you know, NC doesn't mean you have to shut off the ENTIRE world, just one person. But I think it's pretty clear that if you don't like reading stuff here, you shouldn't. As for me, I don't come her for advice. I don't believe in taking advice from strangers over the internet. I just come here to reply to people and to give insight. I like it plus it gives me an excuse to put off writing.
  6. Give her some time to miss you. She'll come back. My girlfriend breaks up with me on a weekly basis and I let her miss me for a while. It usually takes about one hour for her to come back.
  7. People pay me to write resumes and cover letters for them. Everyone has already told you what you need to know, except about the attatchments. I don't think you should send attachments because no one ever opens them. If they do open them, they're not the shiniest coin in the pile because attachments often hold viruses and you could inadvertantly send them a virus through an attachment. Send your resume and cover letter in the email and make sure it's formatted consistently. There are no real tricks to formatting except that it needs to be consistent.
  8. I really hope not because then people would be flirting with me all the time. Every man, woman, and child who looks into my eyes and nods when I'm talking to them would be flirting with me? I hope not.
  9. Valentines day was amazing. I went to work and got all sorts of candy and cards from my kids, then we had a party. I came home and my girlfriend came over. I gave her flowers and a card and when she got home she got another arrangement I had sent to her house but she hadn't been home yet that day. We cooked pasta, garlic bread, and steamed broccolli for dinner and had cake for dessert. (She's vegetarian.) Then we had sex for about an hour before she fell asleep in my arms. It was really good.
  10. Yeah, he likes you. I'd say you should ask him out.
  11. Yeah I only went out with two or three women from those classes. I found my girlfriend in a psychology class.
  12. I have a lot of intersts, too. I'm writing five books right now. I like reading books. I like listening to music. I'm currently composing an album. I'm teaching preschool. I'm in school full time to get a PhD. I'm an artist, too. You can do everything. I just sleep 6 hours a night.
  13. Oh, and remember, I'm an artist who's used to working with live nudes, and all the models I see have their pubic hair trimmed short or shaved off. I just got used to it, I guess.
  14. I don't believe there are bad kissers, only inexperienced ones. There's a very simple remedy to a bad kissing experience: give instruction and practice. For example, when I kiss i like about 70% tongue and 30% lip but my girlfriend likes about 70% lip and 30% tongue. We had to work that out and now it's about 50-50.
  15. I don't come from handjobs. I never have. You can try a combination of a handjob and oral. What my girlfriend does is take the base of my penis in her hand while sucking on my head. It feels really good. But if you want to give a good handjob, be creative. Put some lube between your breasts and hold your breasts around his penis while you slide it up and down. Guys find that very arousing.
  16. Echo, I'm going to suggest that you not take people's advice. It sounds like you're having fun, and you've been having sex with him for two years, so I think you have a comfortable relationship with him. My girlfriend sends me stuff like that all the time. She texts me saying, "Wanna have sex tonight?" (though she uses a different word) or "I'm getting horny." You know, stuff like that. She told me she wanted to give me a blowjob while I'm driving but we decided it wasn't too safe if we're on the road because she gives really good blowjobs. We agreed that if we parked somewhere secluded it would be fun. Your sex life can be whatever you want it to be. Good job on being your own, fun person. And sorry about my constant use of swear words on this forum. This is the first forum I've been to that doesn't allow it.
  17. I'd have to agree with all the people suggesting thearpy. Cognitive therapy would work wonders. My girlfriend used to have this issue. What happened was she used to get sad and talk to him, then as "payment" he would have sex with her. It wasn't entirely non-consensual- but close to it. For the first month we were having sex we had to stop several times because these bad memories kept coming up in her mind. There are a couple things that I could do in bed that would really stir up bad memories, so I just avoid those things and everything is fine.
  18. Okay, so we now have a sample of how guys like pubic hair on girls. I'm going to ask how girls like pubic hair on guys. I like to shave mine completely off every month or so and then let it grow however long it grows during the month and shave it all off again. My girlfriend doesn't have an opinion either way.
  19. Well you're lucky because I don't even come from handjobs. It actually takes me about half an hour for me to come from a blowjob. I last about twenty to forty minutes through acutal intercourse, which makes for some pretty long and intense sessions, but my girlfriend likes it and I just come when I'm ready. Don't worry about controlling it. I find that after you've come once it will take you longer the next time you have an erection, which makes for some pretty fun sex.
  20. I'll take care of all of my responses right now. The way we see it, when we're "dating" we both have already decided we wanted to have sex with each other, which was after the first date, but we decided to take things slow. I actually asked her if she had any STDs the first time we talked on the phone and if she was on birth control. She had been recently tested and she was not on birth control but would be on it when we did start having sex. She also has a history of guys making unwanted advances, so that's we always ask permission. We actually wound up in a private home together after the second date. That's when we talked about past sexual partners. My girlfriend and I have very interesting sexual histories. She was a sex educator for a few years and I'm an erotic author. We both know sex very well and we're both very comfortable with our sexuality. Remember, she's 19 and I'm 20 so we've been having sex for a while but not that long. This is the first time we've both managed sex successfully in a relationship. When someone asks you out on a date, you automatically know they want to have sex with you because it's a date and if you accept then you're saying that you're interested in having sex with them. So you both want to have sex but you don't know if you should. If we had handled it the way we had in the past, we would have had sex on the second date and ruined the relationship. This time we decided to hold off on kissing until the fourth date and the sex until the sixth date. We see it as taking things painfully slow but we're glad we waited or else we would have messed up the relationship. Talking about sex early on is very important because you don't want to be disappointed later on.
  21. Hey, I was a shy virgin writer for the first 18 or so years of my life. I'm twenty now and I have a girlfriend. She came after me because I'm a writer. I'm not particularly shy, but I wasn't exactly planning on finding someone at that time. That's a different story. Where do you live? I suggest getting a stable job and place to live, first. Girls don't usually go for guys your age who don't have their own place and a steady income. Girls love guys who write. I'm an author. I've written ten books and I'm working on five right now. I'm twenty now so I'll write a ton more. My girlfriend asked me out because I'm a writer. She was specifically looking for a writer. I'm a preschool teacher, too, so you know you don't have to make a lot of money to get girls. Girls will talk to you about your books for a really long time. I'm also a published erotic author, so they really like that. Have you been published? I show girls my short stories and I show them my novels if they're interested. Writers are really interesting people. Tell us a bit about your book if you want to. If you want to pm me I'd be glad to let you bounce ideas off of me.
  22. My girlfriend and I both have had our share of flings, and I'll tell you, sex with someone you like is much better than sex with someone you don't know. With a hookup you might have sex once and it probably won't be that good, so it's not really worth it to begin with. To have really good sex you have to find someone to practice on.
  23. My girlfriend and I have crazy sexual drive. We both live at home but we like it twice a week, but the problem is sometimes we both don't want it at the same time, so we're working on turning each other on. We're really good at oral so we can give each other orgasms whenever we want to, but for actual sex we're all over the place. Tonight we were having sex for about an hour until she got tired and now she's asleep. I think she's just taking a nap and she'll want more. I think partners can match whoever has the higher sexual drive. If one person has a higher sexual drive then they have to figure out what turns their partner on. I think sex is really good for you and you should have it often.
  24. In the middle. I don't like it long but shaved off can make it uncomfortable for her, so I like her to be trimmed neatly.
  25. I make a point to do that in every class. Last semester the cutest girl ended up coming to me and she asked me out on a date. I meet tons of women in college. Take some Early Childhood Development courses. Those classes are usually all women.
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