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  1. People don't really change. They stay the same throughout the years. If you want them to come back they won't. They will keep telling you that they have moved on and then they come back and you can never know if you will see them or not.
  2. Yes, I am happy with my decision. I wish you all the best as well. xxx
  3. This is very hard for me because there are multiple people in the picture
  4. Should I really start with my story, thebighere?
  5. If your jobs are going on your resume you need to focus on your career
  6. you started by saying bye then you say you want a date????
  7. I know that this is going to be repetitive but Im confused as to why my ex came back and contacted me after all this time. I mean we only went out like 4-5 times in total and spend a weekend together. I have not contacted him and made it clear that I do not want to play games. I just can't figure it out but He is so punctual and he always makes it a point to let me know where he is at with things. I'll just try to let the universe guide me in this predicament. It has been working for me so far. x
  8. I love my friend Heather , her birthday is August 25th and I dont know what I should get her for her birthday. I dont know any ideas. I know we're going to celebrate soon!!
  9. I wanted to say "my thanks" ENA for the *time* that I have been on this site. I'll probably come back here and there. It wii be exactly 4 months since I've talked to my ex. In 11 days I will have visitors from my home country and we're having lunch and my aunt will be there. She's the one that predicted I'd find true love. It has been *mighty fine * folks. Take care. . . . . . . . ! This is amazing thanks for the time
  10. She has 11 year old son? You better be careful, I have a friend who was in the same situation, her name is let's say 'April' and she lives in Austin
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