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  1. It feels like my brain is stuck on a treadmill. I've had this feeling before, 2-3 years ago. I was having really big problems with feeling depressed and having anger issues constantly. Is it possible to like, relapse into this sort of thing? I'm feeling exactly how i used to: Over thinking, depressed, easily excited, anxious, naseated constantly, and the urge to break things. Bear with me i guess, i'm not feeling well at all. It's like my brain is freaking out, like i'm screaming inside my head at nothing in particular.
  2. Put this post under your pillow and a mod will leave you a quarter
  3. The whole 'performance parts' craze is complete and total hype. Overseas casting companies convice you that a 30 dollar tube of stainless steel is somehow worth 150 dollars with a snazzy "performance! zomg * * *!" label on it. It's like performance shifter knobs in a larger scale, they arent any different than stock, they just look fancier... The gods of cars will smite you if you lower your car and don't get it properly aligned... I'd probably suggest going with dyno data instead of what highschool hotshots do with their crummy integras. Remember, you have a GMC, that's like the cadillac of gm that's not cadillac! You could be the weirdo who *doesnt* lower his car and hang a grapefruit shooter off his bumper. You could be the kid who put all of his money and effort into parts and work that are thouroughly reasearched and make a true difference in the quality of your car!
  4. You want to stay connected, but that connection causes you hurt. One or the other, there are actually other men in the world...
  5. 'Cheap performance parts' don't exist Define tuning too. I'm not up to speed on street/cool kid terms
  6. Lol, tuned. Kid, you don't 'tune' a jimmy. You fix it (too much damn tv these days by god grumble grumble)
  7. He already went over this earlier in the thread
  8. Well if you're pregnant or not, hopefully you learned something.
  9. Don't do it again until you're mature enough to handle the concequences? They don't break when used right.
  10. Masturbate for 20 minutes straight? Is it still attached?
  11. Quit trying to gain approval from guys and learn to love yourself. I live in Colorado myself, mountains.
  12. AFAIK: As far as i know I'm assuming semi-long term usage of drugs. Dunno where i read it. Probably accrued knowledge from various places, but it makes sense (to me at least). Drug usage can disrupt stem cells from developing into their respective organs, most of these start multiplying in the very early stages of pregnancy. I'm assuming if an infant has serious enough birth defects it'll cause still birth or early death.
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