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  1. I don't know how people get those jobs honestly. I tried many times, I put in applications an nothing. I think a lot of people have gotten in a long time ago and they are getting better rates so they don't let it go. Honestly, it would be a great idea as long as I would be able to clear a decent pay per week. I would have a steady income, while I work on grind during the side until things pick up. I once got in for a few weeks with a company that is featured on some home improvement shows. What they do is hire a bunch of people during huge demand for their private jobs and then let you go unless the manager really likes you and finds a way to keep you busy.
  2. Hey everyone how is it going? I know I've posted about this a while back but here I am in probably the same mess maybe even worse now. Long story short somehow I ended up self employed. In my early years I have my fair share of success. Pretty much from the last day of employment with an employer until pretty much now I have never really had one day where I had stayed home without work. Well maybe 3 week total actually. 2 of those 3 weeks, I didn't have anything lined up when I first went on my own 100% but a contractor friend of mine needed help with a job. He was in between vehicles and couldn't manage to go to 2 different job sites a day, due to him relying on public transportation. I ended up doing the job for him which lasted 2 weeks, and in the mean time I ended up booking my next job. I used to be the guy that everyone envied. Well maybe not everyone as this world is huge but from all family and friends I was the guy. Quality work, great pricing, always got paid etx.. I was the guy where everyone was wanting to work for. Lets talk about the past few years, this is where everything boils down to. I'm still busy AF keep in mind. I book a basement, with this lady. Nice lady and such, pretty sure she has a few screws short a pack in her brain or she is actually a really good businesswoman one or the other. Will hint on that later on. Her basement takes me over 3 months to complete. Her basement was booked a few months in advanced. As my end of the bargain, I agreed to start on a certain date in which I did. Her side of the bargain was to have the basement emptied out and free for me to work. I spoke to her actually 1.5 weeks prior to make sure we were still on track to start. She advises me she had to do some waterproofing etx. but its all fixed and I can still start. I took the job over from a contractor she let go. I ended up working in a pig sty, ended up taking her 2 weeks to get it completely cleared. Her electrician gave so much bs getting his scope complete because he had the existing permit open for the rest of the house etx.. End of the day took me over 3 months to finish a small basement apartment, she even started showing it out for rent while I was working on it. I got stuck entertaining potential tenants. Then once it was at a state where someone could live in it she started Air BnB the place so she can make a measly 100 dollars a night here and there. Even though everything took long to do I did end up getting some work from her (deck and a powder room in her house), her father, property management company that I was doing work for, two new clients and then another contractors father in law. This is probably where it ended up bad on my end. I thought I was good with work etx... I was getting my referrals and everything. Little did I know that wasn't the case. She ends up buying a new place, to remodel it and sell it. We agreed on a price, I got ripped off for sure but I am content some what with it. Job again took way too long, everything went haywire. Where do I begin. Again I ended up 3-4 months behind. I was able to manage some work from the property management company, a store that I was doing work for ended up dropping me because of this woman, and I did one basement as well. I ended up loosing lots of work from others that were calling. Headaches, everything going backwards, you name it. Why was I loosing work? Simple reason, I had become a liar. I could not guarantee a start date for anyone since everything was becoming hit and miss. It was becoming to the point where it was like I was an employee to this woman, but an independent as well. Couldn't even enjoy a day off without the phone ringing a million and a half times. Stuff like this. I finish there, finally get my break from her. I end up putting up an advertisement but don't really get any hits. I end up getting a subcontractor position which kept me going for a while. This take us to 2017 I'm working all year pretty much as a subcontractor. My ad generates me a few small jobs, one I get paid in full and one I get ripped off and not paid at all. I do some work for the property management company under the new property manager but she still owes me 2 checks. Lets go to the end of 2017 the lady buys a new house and wants to remodel it. I gave her a price, I couldn't really turn down the work or it was me staying home touching myself. Here I am almost in 2019 and I still have a few weeks left to go with work there until final inspection. I'm getting nickel and dimmed $1500 check every so often. From May until November, she was giving me $1500 salary a month. I did one job for the property management company under a new manager and I don't think I am seeing that money at all to be honest with everyone because he keeps giving me the run around about when its coming. I had an advertisements on the web and well I got one job booking and well I think they have cancelled now because again I have become a liar due to everything being hit and miss. I just don't know what to do anymore. My parents failed with themselves in their careers, now I have failed with myself in my career. I suffer from mental health illness, anxiety/depression/PTSD. Doctor don't help me and my family makes fun of me about it saying its all in my head. Its hard to say that when I have anti depressants for it, so how can they say its all in my head. My business failure is effecting my health mentally and physically. I've developed a sleep disorder due to it and I am always sick and no motivation. I am grateful that I do have job that I am still going to 100%! I'm having difficulties getting new clients since my old ones have dropped me like a fly. I don't know why I'm having the difficulty. My work is great work, shows well you see quality. I don't know if everyone who is calling just wants cheap and they are looking for cheaper but I have tried dropping my price with certain people to just get it and nothing. It's getting to the point where everyone is telling me why bother going to price a job anymore because no one is serious anymore. I as excited I am to go quote, I'm nervous, but its also in the back of my head that it isn't going to lead into anything. What else is happening to me? I'm have become really jealous of my friends who do the same type of work. It really hurts me because now I am the one who doesn't have work lined up after this project. I actually have one of my clients wants me to install a shower door him and his brother needs some work done at the cottage so I have maybe a few weeks of work for the new year. I'm loosing a lot of money like beyond tons literally. My future is on my mind. How will I be able to get settle down, marriage, family, home etx... How to proceed? I just don't know actually. Do I put up an advertisement again and also join a lead site? Then be like we can start almost immediately like within 2 weeks type deal and maybe that can work? All I know is that maybe I should try to limit my services and try to make it like how it was when I was doing side work. Other thing I've thought about is getting some more templates for certain thing prepared. A few years ago I made a template to hinge doors and frames with my palm router. I'd like to create a new one because right now its starting to wear out and it got damages with the new router I bought. I lost the old one. I'm also planning on buying a coping jig online so I can router the baseboard instead of having to do a 45 degree or cope it with a cope saw of jig saw. Do I turn this client down in the future? She is looking for a new property to remodel and rent it out. Plus one for herself. Do I turn her down completely. As good as this sounds and is probably the best option, but its could be the worst one if if I'm not steady with booking relatively soon. How are my friends helping out? They tell me it actually a good idea to stay home rest a little bit after I finish up and hit it hard in the new year. I agree I think I need to clear my head, get some office work in order, clean out all the tools etx.. They also think its not a bad idea to focus on specific types of renovation projects. Become a specialist at it. At the same time they are thinking of their pocket too offering to help me out with some media managing, getting a webpage going, new logo, card, etx.. but all for a fee. Personally, I don't mind paying but when someone offers you in good faith to help you out and you hear I'll send you a quote it kind of hurts. It does hurt a ton because if they were to say hey bud I bought new sofa's but I need help bringing them home can you come with the trailer and we can bring them, I would go in a heartbeat and for FREE. That is why it hurts. One of my other friends has literally offered to throw some work at me, but as a partnership type thing. He is trying to get into the renovation market himself and take his own jobs but needs an experienced worker to help him out. Anyways thanks for hearing me out. If anyone can offer me some advice that would be appreciated. I'm honestly hitting rock bottom. My last option is to try to find some employment within a company but I am just terrified. I don't know how to explain my story.
  3. I've been thinking about trying to get mostly sub-contracted jobs, then have some of my own for fillers. A friend of mine, has been doing this for 2 to 3 years now and its been good for him. He has 4 guys and is looking for another. He does call me but I am always stretched to my limits when he does or I'd go help him. I've actually been thinking a few different things. One is to start letting the customer buy all the materials from my supplier, via phone order together with their credit card or we go together to the store and they buy it. The I give a price for just my labor services. Other thing I have been thinking is to tell them buy the materials and pay me like 45/hour or something like that. I can work 5 days a week, 8 hours per day then I guess I can be content with that because it would be like getting a regular cheque + sales tax. Also what would be your opinion on trying to gain some work from 2 past employers as a sub? I want to invite them down to see this house remodel I am currently working on. Should be done by September. This is something that comes back to mind all the time. Just a matter of finding the right employer. Ideally, it would be nice for me to be doing like trims in high rise or even repairs in high rise and new homes. However, those are unions jobs and are very very hard to get. Smaller companies won't pay enough, and the ones who do seem like they are doing like super detailed work and it scares me that I won't last. I get scared they will say I am taking too long, or they don't like my work etx. Which there is nothing wrong with my work, just saying because I was getting jobs before and many via references.
  4. My business is a good business to be in. I have never had any issues getting paid before. Everyone used to pay easy. People used to and most of them still do yell at me to come and collect asap. I actually have 2 guys, both part time which works best for us. When there is work they work, when there isn't they bum around and do their own. Its great because when small one man jobs are being done, they aren't needed. I really need to look into what I can do for the ones that aren't paying. Well one I guarantee you will not pay unless I send court papers, and then they will probably weasel their way out somehow. They will make up a reason as to why they lost a tenant and its my fault etx. Apparently the girl left because I never installed a close rod, but there was never one scoped in the contract plus the girl had told me she was moving out. The property management company I have no idea, I can probably go to the municipality but I don't know what can of worms that will open up. I will tell you the most frustrating part. I am trying to operate a legitimate business. I have a legal business, municipal license, workers comp, liability insurance and experience. I have permits in place usually. I admit there are some jobs which I don't get permits. Everyone is guilty of that so I know I shouldn't talk much about it. These are usually jobs that are border line permit no permit. I can go in to detail if anyone wants to know. However, I have competition from others who don't have all these things and are getting the jobs and even messing them up but are still getting paid. I even have friends who call me for advice on pricing and advice on how to the job, never any permits. It really frustrating. I get it they are trying to run a business and want to make a living for themselves but its just frustrating. These people are undercutting many of us, and making it very hard for us to find work.
  5. Hey Everyone I'm having one of those weeks again where life it bothering me. So I am self-employed for a few years now. I work doing renovations and construction services. I started the business a long time ago, but I was working for employer at the time. After one employer went bankrupt and I lost my job, business started to pick up. For a while it went went. I had work, I had booking where people were waiting for me with a smile on their face. Fast forward a short period of time later. I met a client, took me 3 months to finish their basement. Which is way too long for the size. 500 sq.ft apartment. Ended up doing work for her dad, didn't really make money there. In the meantime I squeezed in a few jobs so I guess you can say it wasn't too bad. Client ends up buying a new property, pretty much once I end up finishing up her place. Had a small time gap between the properties. Even ruined my vacation time between them because I was supposed to start sooner rather then later. Work be work right, so it was whatever. Took on a whole house remodel, nothing but cosmetics. Ended up being nothing but a can of worms. Took me 11 months to get out of there. Long story short that job left me high and dry. No work. I ended up with way too many cancellations. In pretty much that year. I found temporary employment with a company who needed sub-contractors. I worked their for 1 year until their project was complete. In that time, I quoted way too many jobs and only got 2 of them. In which I didn't get paid from 1 and they sleep easy at night. I did a few small jobs for a repeat client and stuff for a property management company I do stuff for. Lady calls me up and well she bought another house and thats where I have ended up once again. I just don't know what to do anymore. I think I am running a sinking ship. I have quoted a fair amount of projects but have only been able to lock in 3 of them. No one can provided me any words of encouragement. No one wants me to quit and find a job either. Not sure why though. Anytime I mention I am going to price a job everyone says to me "why do you even bother these people are just wasting your time they are just looking to get as many quotes as possible". Its not the greatest thing to hear honestly. I really can't compete now a days, which is discouraging as well. Certain ethnic groups are working for cheap and they grab all the people who are frugal. I don't know how they can with price of materials in todays market. Certain ethinic groups have the clients with great budgets. I'm just having a hard time grabbing clients past almost 2 years. I gave the property management company some quotes and they contacted me on Friday. Besides them still having a balance which I aint getting. 12k from them too. The new manager is trying to barter with me for cheaper. I literally can't go cheaper. I priced most of it based on piece work pricing to give them a great rate. So I've lost thing job as well. I am literally lost for words myself. I just don't know what to do myself. Finish off the one project I have going right now and then the other few I have booked. Then start looking for work? I need my mojo back but I don't know how to get it.
  6. I dunno everyone tells me I am looking at the right type of girls. Especailly, the last one that I asked out, turned out not to be the girl we all thought she was. What attracted you to the guy your dating?
  7. Thats what I hear; however, I do find it kinda hard to believe at time. Especially, by all the girls have turned me down recently.
  8. Thats the asnwer to your question Our parents raise us, at least they try to, raise us to be gentlemen; because thats what women say they want. In reality they choose the jerk. So women want the jerk type.
  9. When I was with my ex, I never looked at other girls. At work I never went crazy over the girls, or even at school. Yea if you asked if that girl is attractive I would answer but never like "I'd tap that". During the summer we had a lot of hot girls coming in the store, couldn't help but notice how fine they were. I admit it, not a good thing though but I have to admit it. But I never found any of them to be better then my ex cause my ex was fine.
  10. I see that crap all the time, all over the place. Now that I don't have my girlfriend it sickens me. I hate it. I see all these losers, these guys dressed like bums and they have the hottest girlfriend ever and I wonder, how come I cant get something like. I know my ex was fairly attractive but still I wonder why cant I get something like tat.
  11. Not bad man, its pretty good. But honestly, I know how you feel. I was like that last year and now I'm not. When I look back at and look at how my life I really had nothing to be complaining about. But what it was, was mostly school and graduating and moving on.
  12. Well he could be bisexual, or he could just be experimenting. And now in the 21st century as you said people are starting to have sex more and more and younger and younger. Which I dont see why anyone is in the need to have sex at such a young age, its just sex.
  13. Are you sure your son is gay? If he has a girlfriend that must mean he is into girls? Am I not mistaken? To me I think he is experimenting, or they were just talking about sexual stuff and got horny and wanted to get rid of there little friends. I didnt read all then replies but if they were just playing with each others/self "little friends" then he isnt really having sex and he cant get an STD
  14. Hi there everyone hows it going? Now latley I've been doing some thinking, and I've realized that the money I will be making from my automotive apprenticeship will not be enough money for me and my girlfriend to live off (cause we are going to get married) including all the ammenities of the everday life + enough to open my own shop. So I came up with the idea of stating an events company. BUT I have no clue where to begin. How do I make money from the event I host at the local club? Will I break even or will it be a bust? Where do I start? So if anyone could give me some advice it would grealtly appreciated/ Thank you in advance.
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