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  1. I agree as well. Getting free drinks from men and ooh's and aah's over one looking hot is validation and liking the attention. It would be nice if females at least admit that. When i was single I can admit I liked validation and attention.
  2. Sure, that would be a very normal convo. I am just saying if i was never asked where i met my SO i doubt i'd have brought it up first.
  3. LOL and i cant get why someone Would NOT be private with it. To me it just doesn't seem natural for even a good friend to know details like that. I don't get the point.
  4. Ghost why do you assume this is an argument? Didnt you in your last most recent posts on this thread give CD a hard time for not sharing his online dating experiences with friends? When i respond to these threads ghost I draw on my experiences when I was single, obviously, because using my married experience won't apply. MY point was YOU are open with your friends. That is great. Other people keep somethigns private even with their friends. CD is obviously that type and I chimed in to say yes, some people are like that and there is nothing wrong with it. Single or married, my interacti
  5. It's not an interview. It is simply an information gathering phonecall to determine if an interview would be warranted. Good luck tinu!
  6. If they ask I would tell. I guess I am a little more private than some people. I don't share everything about my life, not even with my friends. The only person who really knows everything is my SO...and my kids run a close second. I have always been a bit introspective and guarded. I am the type in the group who genuinely enjoys hearing what others have to say about their lives and such then be the one to disclose all of mine. Just a personality type. So if CD wouldn't want to automatically disclose his online dating activities it isn't wrong of him to not do so.
  7. I never found the need to tell my friends i was using online dating. I would simply say i had a date. If it came up where we meet i'd say it, but i never felt the need to disclose it. It's not really their business. It's not that my friends would care, it's just that it wasn't really their business.
  8. Ahh but this is the key - you are a flirt and like to dance. To men who are not flirtatious by nature and worse yet who are very uncomfortable with dancing, it is easier said than done this pushing dance upon them. You have a personality like I do and it makes it easier for us. Not everyone has that type of personality. My first husband would not dance one iota. He just wasn't comfortable with it at all. He would slow dance with me but that was it. He wasn't even shy. I didn't push it because there were things he enjoyed that i was not comfortable with so it became a matter of mutual
  9. But i AM a confident dancer. I am very good at it. Someone who was born with rhythm and loves dance learning to do those hideous line dances is much like an artist being told to color in a coloring book IMO. And aside from that the people who DON"T like to dance might not enjoy the contrived part of learning it a certain way even more boring.
  10. Yea but it isn't about a learning phase. I could do any type of dancing like that if i wanted to. I just do not like the conformity of it.
  11. As much as i love to dance i abhor line dancing or any kind of dancing that is structured...so I will have to stand in defense of guys who would refuse to go to classes to learn that type of dancing. LOL I'll dance freestyle and in my own way. I have rhythm and can't stand to be told where to move or how to move! LOL
  12. Well in a club you can't tell you is drunk all the time - they might be 'just enough' drunk to have their inhibitions lowered. You also wouldn't know who drinks regularly and who is only drinking a few socially. But i guess this is all besides the point since you agree it's a bad place to try to pick up women. If you were a casual drinker I would suggest finding a quiet neighborhood bar that caters to a demographic of people close to yourself (as in age, income level, etc - there are so many to choose from in most cities and they can cater to different groups) but since you don't drink i s
  13. That didn't describe me! I only have perfectly beautiful sex. LOL!!!
  14. Ghost, what i am saying is 1) you go out a lot and you are social, you obviously have had no issue meeting people and 2) women seem to gravitate toward you, based on your posts, thus it makes it harder for you to understand that some guys do not have any of this and never get a female gravitating toward them Of course one ALSO has to get out there and socialize to learn skills. But in order to meet enough single people in which to 'practice' these skills they can use online dating as a resource to add to the pool of people to date. Ghost online dating doesn't mean you are dating t
  15. Well ghost most guys do not have as much ease in picking up chlcks as you do and they need some extra resources. LOL
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