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  1. the only help your gonna get, is from a professional. you have issues so deal with them
  2. you wouldnt by any chance listen to iced earth would you?
  3. Three weeks ago, i took a vow of silence to help find myself. I have alot of time to think. Its been a month and i havent said a word. until i have an "AH-HA!" moment i will keep silent. Its not as hard as you may think it is when you dont have any friends and your girlfriend dumped you...
  4. if it tasted that bad just dont do it anymore, try not to make a huge deal over it... and i hope you didnt tell her that she tasted bad. besides, not like its supposed to taste like skittles or anything.
  5. i'm too mushy, i go way out of my way to do small things for somebody. im young, and im not sure thats what i like and i'm not a pushover!
  6. i was reading an article about this. i was surprised that it would actually come to this. cloning animals for meat? if they have the technology to clone, why not just find cures for animals that are already sick
  7. im sure you all have herd this term used to decribe somebodys devotion to his/her partner. what i want to know, is why its mostly men that are being called this. i always hear people calling some guy "whipped", because he'll do absolutely anything for his partner - almost a pushover, if you will. why is it that i've never herd a woman been called this. even if they show the same if not more attention to their partner. opinions??
  8. Start of by saying Hi to all the people on the forum, you've done so much for me. And if it werent for google i wouldn't have ever found this website. I'm going to start by saying im having some emotional difficulties. I cant help but feel insecure all the time. I have acne and im a little underweight. Im very self consious; these things have crippled my confidence and my self esteem. Whenever i hear somebody laughing, it always feels its at me. Whenever that happens i get all a sudden angry. Most people would do something to settle themselves down. The only way i know how to, is to sit alone and just think. Which furthers my rage. I might be "bottling" my emotions, and from what i understand - thats not good. I need help coping with these uncontrolable emotional issues. These feelings are making it hard for me to open up and talk to my girlfriend. I dont want my relationship to end because of this. Somebody please help me.
  9. if by control you mean pull out - stop, and continue seconds later. their isnt really any controll over these things. if men could really controll it PE wouldnt be an issue...
  10. whos to say that women arent as bad as men? i could easily come up with a relative topic about women.
  11. whats? you cheated on your ex?? was he your ex then or after you cheated >,
  12. you could also start by taking her off your msn friends list, its easier that way
  13. maybe you, or the people you're dating arent commited enough for a relationship. if its only lasting a few weeks somebody is doing something wrong
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