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  1. What do you think is the best way of getting back together? staying in contact with the guy.. letting him know you still love him...... or.... not being in contact with him and seeing if he will miss me.
  2. alright, the other night i was out with my bf and he asked one of my friend's to join us for a few drinks over at his place. my frind is not a good girl and she not exactly a friend either. anyways we get to his house and were sitting around drinking and she takes off all her close and starts rubbing her body all over him. and yes he likes it. i told her to knck it off she pushes me over a coffee table and i ende up getting pretty hurt. he didn't eve realize that i had fell never asked me if i was hurt. he called me today like he didn't even know what had happened. i told him never again would i put up with that kind of behavior. he told me he was sorry and feels really bad. i'm so mad i don't know if i should forgive him or not.
  3. thanks hubman i value your opinion. i don't think i want to do this. thanks everyone.
  4. flower thanks. that made alot of sense. and someone told him i am bi-sexual but i'm not.
  5. thanks pumpkin, that is what i have heard from many friends. the results are not always what you think there going to be and many times when person get very jealous. i know the person that gets jealous will be me.
  6. so what you guys are saying is no. he would not ask me to do this if he loved me. and he is disrespectful to me.
  7. kellbell, i know i don't have to. part of me wants to part of me doesn't. the part of me that doesn't is because i feel someones feelings will get hurt. but there is also a part of me that would like to fullfill a fantasy.
  8. to answer your qustions he does make me feel loved. this is just something i have never done before. and we have talked about it alot.
  9. no i really can't answer that question. no relationship is perfect. we all have things we need to work on. a three-some is fantasy that's all it is.
  10. ok, i understand what all of you are saying. but my question was really can a guy love that person and want to have three-some with her?
  11. he says it's just a fantasy that he wants to fullfill nothing more.
  12. no this is the guy that Scout mentioned. the one that been moving pretty fast into a relationship.
  13. ok, I have never ever did anything like this before and for me it"s a big deal. I'm afraid that when were having sex he will like the other girl better than me. he says that he just wants to watch me having sex with another girl that he isn't even going to get involved in the act. i also have questions about our relationship now. can he still love me and want a three-some?
  14. hi, I met my bf about three weeks ago and things have been moving kinda fast . He already said he wants this to be a long term relationship and wants to move in together in a few months. I don't really trust him because he saying everything to fast. He also says that if I want to be in a relationship with him that I better enjoy sex because he likes it alot. I have already slept with him but I have been cutting him off to see if he will stick around. We had sex twice and both times he left right after we had sex and went home. He told me yesterday that he still comes around even though he knows he is not going to get sex but I kinda don't believe him. How can I know for sure. He does come to my house everyday after work but we don't really do much together.
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