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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Working and Worrying: The Dangers of Being Overly Busy

    We all have some days when we try to squeeze in too much. But for some of us, busyness can become an obsession. We dive deeper and deeper beneath an ever-growing pile of tasks and to-do lists and obligations. We fill our diaries with countless meetings and appointments, only to stay up late at night trying to finish them all. At times, it can feel like the only way to get ahead is to stay productive. But what are the consequences of this kind of working?

    There is a growing list of workaholics who are pushing themselves to their limits and experiencing burnout. They are becoming increasingly exhausted, unfocused, irritable, and disconnected from those they love. This kind of overworking is not only detrimental to our mental health, but it takes away the opportunity to relax and enjoy life.

    One of the reasons why people choose to become workaholics is because it allows them to escape from difficult feelings and emotions. After all, staying busy serves as a form of coping mechanism; when there is no time for feeling our discomfort, worry and sadness, we can focus on getting more achieved. It keeps our mind focused on every task at hand, instead of turning inward and allowing ourselves to truly ponder and process what’s going on inside.

    But there are consequences to such tendencies. For example, when we stay too busy for too long, the quality of our work starts to suffer. Our decisions become rash—we rush through each task and often overlook small details that could be significant. Plus, in extreme cases, our health can suffer. We may skip meals or stay up late, leading to exhaustion and illnesses.

    The truth is, working too hard has its place. No one is denying that hard work and dedication can lead to considerable success. However, in order to avoid falling into the trap of working too much, it is important to remain mindful of our self-care. Achieving a balance between work and leisure is essential in order to maintain healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle so that we do not get to a point where it feels like the only thing that matters is staying ahead of the competition and ticking off more boxes on our to-do list.

    Rather than stressing ourselves out with unachievable workloads, we should take breaks from work and use this time to reconnect with ourselves and appreciate the little moments. Taking a pause can sound counter-intuitive, but it can actually be the perfect time for creative inspiration, reflection and personal growth. We should remember to be kind to ourselves by giving ourselves the permission to rest and recharge. And when it comes to work, efficiency is key.

    Workaholism is an unhealthy way to cope with negative emotions and can have damaging effects on both our mental and physical health. In order to lead a fulfilling life, it is important that we find a balance between work and leisure activities, and recognize the importance of taking breaks and having moments of self-care.

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