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Similarity between PMS and pregnancy symptoms?


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I was wondering if anyone who has ever been pregnant experienced PMS-like symptoms in the first month and/or trimester...cramps that are similar to menstrual cramps, sore breasts, etc. Where it feels like you're going to get your period any minute but you never do.

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Many of them are very similar; it is also why people often mistake PMS for pregnancy, and vice versa!


It is all due to the increasing hormone levels in pregnancy that cause those tender breasts, water retention (bloating) and so on. They are generally more severe first trimester, and then fade away as that initial hormone spike recedes.

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Hi, everyone...thanks for your feedback. It's a bit of a comfort, and Caro, that link you provided had some helpful info, too.


I have an appointment at a clinic tomorrow to get confirmation if I'm pregnant or not. To be honest, I'm worried. Because this PMS-y feeling has been going on the entire month of January. Is it normal to have that kind of cramping for such an extended amount of time? It doesn't hurt, but it's uncomfortable.

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I found out I was pregnant when I was just two weeks along. I was cramping really bad, and could've sworn my period was ready to start! Soon after I discovered I was pregnant, the breast soreness began, along with fatigue/tiredness, and some bloating. I never experienced implemantation bleeding, but I guess it's different for everyone. Be prepared to feel this way the entire first trimester. I'm into my second trimester, and have yet to feel less fatigued, but I no longer have the soreness in my breast though, and no more bloating (just a growing belly)!



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The cramping was different for me. The cramp would last for maybe 10-30 seconds, and then go away. It would be sudden and sharp. For example, I would stand up and the cramp would come upon me so suddenly I would have to sit back down again.

Generally with my period, a cramp will start out weak, then get stronger. And it would last for several hours.


My nausea started about a week before my missed period. To know whether the nausea is pregnancy-related, analyze how it responds to your eating. It should be worst when you've missed a meal. Eating may not be appealing, but you will feel better after you've eaten.

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Any cravings yet?


Actually, for more healthful food! Which is odd, because typically I'm a carb and sugar maniac. But I've been wanting lots of oranges lately, and I've also been eating tomato & avocado sandwhiches on wheat bread with mustard.


I'm sure this low-cal craving won't last, and soon I'll be hankering for straight Wesson oil, lol.

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Sorry, ladies! But I did just get back from the clinic, and the results are positive! (Also, I had taken two hpt last weekend that were positive.)


I'm only six weeks along, so maybe I shouldn't be revealing any of this yet, but...oh well!


Best wishes! In my culture it is the custom never to say congratulations until the baby is born, so . .. . . best wishes!!

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Congrats Scout!!!!!!

Im so happy for you!!!!


I really thought maybe I did have implantation bleeding and just ovulated later then I should have, but I got my period today. My husband and I are really disappointed.. .we really thought we could be pregnant this month... Oh well.. it was our first month trying....

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