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Similarity between PMS and pregnancy symptoms?


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SCOUT!!! THIS IS TERRIFIC NEWS! I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU!!! I had no idea you were even trying or interested in becoming preggo! Oh, you are going to love it. I can't believe the transition my body and mind and spirit have undergone. I'm serious. It really forces you to make choices and order your life and then, everything sort of just falls in place from there. I am so thrilled for you!!! YOu will truly be a wonderful mother. I wish I could be your daughter!!!


As for the nausea, mostly aversions to food, I got it hard core between weeks 6 and 14 and still, occasionally have them. But I link that to the prenatal vitamin I'm on which, when taken as prescribed (on an emptry tummy) can make you want to wretch. SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU, sweetie pie!!!!

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You guys, I'm gonna cry! Your congratulations, best wishes and general warm and fuzziness are so sweet!!


I'm a little nervous about announcing this so soon, but I've found I'm practically telling strangers off the street, lol. I can't even perform a basic transaction at the grocery store without wanting to inform the clerk I'm expecting.


Dilly, we had no idea we were trying or interested either, ha ha! Oh well...now we'll finally have a kid for the dogs.

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Having a kid for the dogs !!! BAHAHAHAHA - I love it!


I was the same way at the grocier and you know, everyone is joyful with you, that's the thing. SOmetimes, family and friends might get concerned, but then if they're like mine, then they get really excited because it's obvious you're going to be an awesome mom!!!

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