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  1. Ditto to both the first and second part of this statement.
  2. Geez, I didn't even think of that. Well, I guess nothing would surprise me to hear at this point in my life.
  3. The fact he's even calling escort services is inappropriate and a likely indicator that he's cheating. But the frequency and sheer number of calls, plus to hotels, practically proves it. What more proof do you need to know he's cheating?
  4. My due date has changed, I was a week further along than they originally thought. So now it's September 23rd!
  5. Awww...I appreciate that. I just want you and Riley to be happy and safe. And I do know what you mean about dogs knowing who's got the soft heart. I have a dog that is pretty stubborn. But you know, as long as he listens to me on the important stuff...like "get away from the road!"...I can let some of the little things slide. Does your boyfriend display any affection whatsoever now to Riley? Any warmth or tenderness? Or is he just a scary authority figure to him?
  6. Hi, Summergirl...thanks so much for updating us! I was concerned all of our posts might have scared you off. I am really proud that you stood up for Riley, and I hope your boyfriend feels remorse for his previous behavior. And hasn't exhibited it again. What kind of training are you using with Riley?
  7. If you want to have a rational debate, I'm more than willing. But don't put words in my mouth I didn't say/write. What I did write was that some studies have indicated the majority of women in porn had been sexually molested. Actually, you are being quite judgemental about my opinions because you don't happen to agree with them.
  8. I suspect some of you males who are defending porn the most vigorously either have difficulty getting sex from live women (and I can honestly see why based on some of your posts), or you have a real addiction at this point you're subconsciously defending. Sound harsh? Well, go back and look over some of your own posts, where you imply if women gave it up more, men wouldn't have to resort to porn. Of course, you also argue that the "male mind" is different than the female mind. I call BS on both those arguments. Not every male looks at porn, in fact, a lot don't. And anyone who has been on
  9. Actually, while you referenced jealousy among other things, you didn't really give one specific topic for us to discuss. You asked what all the fuss was about, and my interpretation was that you were asking what people did or did not find wrong with porn. The main thing I find wrong with it is the industry behind it. However, I also believe it can become an addiction, and I've seen a lot of instances on eNotalone where it was tearing apart relationships. I guess I'm just repeating myself at this point, though, so I'll stop, as I've said my piece.
  10. Applause, applause, applause! Paisley, this is one of the most compelling reads I've ever seen on here, and in my opinion, exposes everything that is wrong about the porn industry. THANK YOU.
  11. I just see so many posts on here from females who believe their partner has a porn addiction, and it does affect their relationships. And I can't help but wonder how guys would feel if their girlfriend masturbated to mostly male porn two, three, four times a week. I'm sure there will be some who say they wouldn't care...but I suspect if it bothers us women so much when our partners do it, that it would bother men if the shoe was on the other foot. Finally, I think the porn industry itself is basically disgusting and exploits people who were often sexually exploited at a young age. Appa
  12. I'm knocked up, too! Almost ten weeks, and my first calculated due date is September 29th. I'm getting another ultrasound on Monday to confirm that.
  13. Bottom line, they are cut out of the equation on this decision, because it is ultimately in our control whether we can have the child or not. However, it is entirely within their control to impregnate someone or not.
  14. My congrats is a bit late, but heartfelt all the same, BTR! I'm so happy for you, and little Daniel sounds like a gorgeous baby! However, your description of the pain of labor is making me whimper in fear. Gulp!
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