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is what I did bad????!!!! I DON'T THINK SO!

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I am in my Gf's class.. very bored since she is listening to the prof.. no touching me no holding my had NOTHING.. she is on her laptop choseing courses. Her friend calls her ( she is my friens also) she is having a huge fight with her BF.. she is upset so obviously my GF cannot come she is busy in Class. so she calls me thinking I might be free so she can talk. So I say ok I'm in my gfs class but its boring (SINCE SHE DOES NOTHING WITH ME !!! no PDA nothing)


SO i tell her can I go? she answers yes... but it was obviouse she was upset, so I am like ok I'll stay ,.,she insists that I go.. so I leave... she sends me a message in my hotmail .. then she delets it out of my account so I wouldn't see it. I go to her account and see that she sent this message to me but deleted in my account so I wouldn't see it. Now I feel bad leaving her class and go outside the class to talk to this friend who was really upset and crying the whole time...

my gf is leaving for L.A soon for christmas and I will miss her alot


this is the message.... she sent me




go marry "X" since you seem to love her..ILL go out with a JEW (our friend is a jew) hahah


and you can have jew babies


and you can have jew food every friday

and you can walk on sundays and not use power


ok bye bye

thats all for now

p.s you suck majorrrrrrlyyyyy

p.p.s. your not seeing me before i go to l.a

p.p.p.s im not going to call you when im in l.a

p.p.p.p.s. im not buying you your ipod for xmas...haha BECAUSE now you only celebrate HANUKHA lol haha

peace out"


do you think I did something wrong here??? I don't think I did,, since I never leave her!!! maybe it was a shock for her.

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Honestly, she sounds immature with that email.


But I have already told you how I feel about your girlfriend and your relationship.


But you were mad because you were in class and she wouldn't hold your hand? I hate to say it but you go to class to learn.. not to be all over your girlfriend. That would be kind of rude to everyone else.

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wow.... in my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you did. You were simply helping out and being there for a friend in need. The fact that it's your girlfriend's friend makes it even sweeter--that not only do you care deeply for her, but you also care about her friends. She should think it's a good thing.

From the e-mail, it sounds like she's pretty immature... is she completely serious or was she joking around at the end?

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immature email. Sounds like she's just very mad at you in a sarcastic way. But in class, you shouldn't be doing pda stuff or expect to. When my bf and I take class together, we just listen to the prof - no holding hands, etc.. or if I join my bf's class, i just do my own stuff without distracting him from learning the material. My teachers at my university classes do pick on people who are displaying public affection..


I remember one time I was in psychology class, and these two kids were being touchy so the prof yelled " hey u two up there, do you want to go down ur own stuff outside, i'm trying to teach here".

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Seriously Massari, she sounds like a very immature, selfish child with no sense of self control and respect. Never mind her EXTREMELY inappropriate prejudicial remarks. But that being said, you also cannot go snooping in her emails!


Look, when you are in class you should NOT be holding hands and all that. Sorry, but if I am in class it is not to see people all over one another. I am paying for my education there, and there to learn, and that really is not acceptable and is extremely disrespectful.


However, she does seem rather passive aggressive and getting angry after she said it was fine....

But for yourself, I think also you need to stop being so dependent on her too in terms of needing her permission to leave class, or expecting her to make out with you in class, and so forth.




P.S. But seriously, don't snoop...why are you doing that?

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I'm going to point out a few problems I see with this picture.


1. Are you in her class? If not, why would you attend with her?


2. Why did her friend call you in the first place?

I most likely wouldn't be happy if my friend called my boyfriend.


3. You both have each others email access. Come on! There is no reason either of you should be in each others accounts.


4. She deleted it. It's clear that she was upset with you for leaving her class to help her friend. But she realized that sending that email was not the answer. You have no right to mention the email as you never seen it.


You mention you "never leave her." Not sure exactly what that means. I'll assume that means you are normally at her beck and call. You've taught her what to expect and that she has a right to be upset about this.




And ultimately Massari ---- Put yourself in her shoes.

Let's say she was sitting in your class. She was bored. You got a call from and upset guy friend. She got a call next and left the classroom to help him out. I'm guessing you'd have left class......

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That was an awfully nasty letter she wrote to you, but since she decided not to send it you had no right to read it imo. It's actually quite common for someone who is hurt to write an angry letter that never gets sent. It's a way to release one's feelings and blow off steam.


Obviously she was very hurt by your actions. If you value this relationship it would probably be best to focus on making things right instead of snooping through her e-mails. Invasion of one's privacy is never a good thing.



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Thank you all for the response.!! sorry for the late reply I just got home and have access to comp,she said it was a joke.. and i kinda said that I am sorry that I left you.. she asked me to come to her class. so yeah wasn't very nice of me to do that. now about PDA.. holding hand is ok!!! many couples do that in our classes!! when she doesn't which is always! it makes mee feel a little upset and wish she would..

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Hey Massari,


Okay, so she said it was a joke. Crisis averted. Maybe not.

It is a bit confusing why she got SO upset (upset enough to write that email to you, although admittedly she deleted it so that you would not have to read it) just because you left her class to have a phone convo w. a friend.


And plus, which ever way you cut it, the things that she says in that email are very troubling, to say the least.


It seems as though you are making excuses for her ... you are her bf so this is understandable. Still, I think some of her actions are very questionable ...


Just my two cents worth ...

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holding hands during class is totally inappropriate. i'm sorry, but there's no other way around that. it's not a movie theater. people pay thousands of dollars a year to go to college and to learn. honestly, if I saw two people holding hands during a class, I would wonder what is wrong with them. why aren't they able to sit without touching for 50 minutes during a lecture. it just screams insecurity and immaturity.

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Her email was weird . . . kinda scary really. She sounds a bit insecure. You have to wonder if she'll fly off the handle every time you stray out of her sight. Holding hands in class isn't really what you should be doing, though it's fine at lunch time/break/whatever.

But yeah, really really weird email.

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Perhaps you left the class because she wasn't paying you attention? She was upset because she knew that you were cross because she had not been paying you attention and you left to pay attention to someone else to make her jealous perhaps?


If this is the case, it sounds quite immature behaviour.

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It seems like you're more upset that you angered your gf w/ your actions when you should perhaps be thinking about the way that she (over)reacted?

I am NOT trying to cause trouble b/t you and your gf and I think it's nice that you're very attuned to her needs and wishes.

Still, I think there are OTHER issues at hand here than you leaving the class ... (and this is neither here nor there, I suppose, but shouldn't she be concentrating in class, rather than worrying about you -- who aren't even enrolled in the class -- leaving class??)


My two cents worth ...

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yes!!! huge lecture halls!!! and whispering!


yeah, that's really beyond inappropriate. for everyone. i'm not even singling you guys out, but that is completely disrespectful and inappropriate behavior. I have taught classes and there is no way I would allow people to answer their cell phones during class. if you want to talk on the phone and chat with your friends, then DON'T GO TO CLASS!!! You are in class to absorb material. if you aren't going to pay attention and you are just there "on a date," then seriously, stop being disrespectful towards those people who are there to learn and go outside. sheesh!

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I totally agree w/ Annie.


That said, I don't want to make this totally about you and your gf's behavior in class.

Again, i think she is behaving in a questionable way and you should really think about it before taking all the blame for the way SHE acted ... It almost seems as though she is trying to guilt you into believing that you are at fault, which, to *me*, at least, doesn't seem to be the case ...

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Honestly, the more topics about your girlfriend you post the more negatively I think about her. She really acted immature by writing such an e-mail. Also she showed herself as a very bad friend. I really feel sorry for that jewish girl, she probably has no idea that her, so called, friend is a racist and makes some mean remarks behind her back...


Also I will have to agree with other members that such a behavior in class is absolutely unacceptable. It's disrespectful to both other students who get annoyed and distracted and to the person who is teaching the class. On top of that you it's not even your class so if you wanna chit-chat on the phone with you buddies, make-out and solve some dramas with you girfriend- get out of there or wait until the class is over:splat: !! Your profile says your are 22, no offense but it's time to grow up, you are not in high school anymore.

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Hey there


After reading through other people's replies I think I can agree with some things..


1. Never go snooping into people's stuff.. There's a saying about the person who eavesdrops will never hear anything good about themselves so.. People often write things in the heat of the moment to chill out so keep that in mind..


2. Has she ever had a problem involving you and this other girl before? It sounds like the thought of you two has already crossed her mind, so maybe it's an issue she already has


Hope it works out!

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Hey there


After reading through other people's replies I think I can agree with some things..


1. Never go snooping into people's stuff.. There's a saying about the person who eavesdrops will never hear anything good about themselves so.. People often write things in the heat of the moment to chill out so keep that in mind..


2. Has she ever had a problem involving you and this other girl before? It sounds like the thought of you two has already crossed her mind, so maybe it's an issue she already has


Hope it works out!



well we gave each other our passwords.. she checks my stuff sometimes!! and i check hers.

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