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  1. Mod Note: Please remain on topic and do not start debates about rape.
  2. I think this is what's happening here. You've had 2 dates and you're now needing her to make you important to her life when from what you've posted here, she likes you but this is casual for her. She has a lot on and you're the one pushing for this to happen. If she was really interested, she'd be making the time.
  3. Why was a 16 year old offering to pay? Who suiggested it, you're not clear there at all. Your parents should have sorted all that out with her parents before hand.
  4. Yes. And honestly, if you were really on the up and up about not wanting to have an affair, you wouldn't care if she liked you or not. You'd be making the appropriate plans to make sure you weren't alone with her again, and you wouldn't be keeping in contact with her. You've already massively overstepped the mark where your marriage is concerned.
  5. Ibruprofen is an anti-inflammatory. It has nothing to do with viruses. Go to a doctor.
  6. I'm sorry Andrea, but he wants to have sex with you and is telling you that he intends to do so. Which is worrying on several levels. Ultimately, if you're asexual, and repulsed by contact with males, you can't really get into relationships with men who are not asexual as you are just not compatible on a very basic level. Bein repulsed by contact is not something that will just switch over once you're married to someone.
  7. Sounds like she was actually trying to be thoughtful here and let you know that you're the only person getting this consideration. Which is exactly the opposite to how you've presented it above.
  8. She will never love you the way she did because you will never have the relationship you did. What do you do? Behave in a trustworthy manner at all times going forward. And understand that even this may not be enough to save this relationship for you. Find new and less destructive ways of dealing with stress, and get proper professional help for the depression.
  9. Do you have any proof this was a loan - a text or anything? Take her to small claims court and get it back.
  10. jetta, he doesn't want to make any effort, he wants you to make all the moves, he pressured you to date him, he's 100 miles away and causing fights with your family, and he's doing things to you that you don't want. He is not good news. He says he'll respect you? When? Being with him, even you're not respecting you.
  11. Oh my god, no. This guy is not your friend. He is emotionally manipulative, puitting you down because he enjoyed it. Not getting you to a doctor because he doesn't have a shred of human empathy for you. If you're being this jerks friend, you're not being one to yourself.
  12. If your condom is coming off, you're wearing the wrong size so you need to sort that out first. Is she already on bc?
  13. I second Capricorn here, there's something about his behaviour that is just not right. He's using your daughter as a weapon, treating her like his possession. Red flags all over the place.
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