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Guy i was talking to is mad at me for going out with his friend?


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I matched with this guy on tinder back in October. We never met up before but we were texting everyday. In April, I matched with this other guy on tinder. When we matched, he gave me his Instagram. When I went on his Instagram to follow him, I saw that the guy who I matched with in October follows him. Not only that, but they're also friends. We would DM each other from time to time. No flirting. Just friendly, normal conversation.


A month ago when the pandemic was still kind of bad, I told the guy who I matched with in October that I wouldn't break quarantine to see a guy until this was all over. Now that NYC has reached phase 2, I have been seeing my friends. The guy who I matched with in April and I made plans to see each other on Thursday but I had an interview for a hospital so we didn't meet up. Right after my interview, I texted the guy who I matched with in October that I had an interview in a hospital because we're both nurses. He left me on read for a couple of hours and didn't reply back to me until a couple of hours later. I texted him and he left me on read and never texted me back since then. It's been 2 days. The other day, I saw that he unliked a few of my pictures and ever since he left me on read, he stopped watching all my stories. Does the guy I matched with in October know that I was supposed to see his friend or is his behavior not related to me making plans to see his friend? What should I do?

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Dating apps are not to make pen-pals or friends. Don't play guys or play hard to get with 'left on read' games. If you are not ready to date in real life, just start making friends at work, school, etc. All these lateral moves from tinder to social media etc with people you never met is wasting your time.


My advice about these tinder guys remains the same: https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=563671&p=7199902&viewfull=1#post7199902

The guy who I matched with in April and I made plans to see each other on Thursday but....

I texted the guy who I matched with in October. It's been 2 days.

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I mean do you really need strangers to tell you that it's a bit sleazy to try to date a guy and his buddy at the same time?


What you should do is nothing. He isn't talking to you anymore. Overall, who knows why. Could be the guys talked and realized they are talking to the same chick. Could be he decided to step aside, could be a million other reasons that having nothing to do with you, could be he met someone he likes better and lost interest in you, could be.... Only thing that matters is he isn't talking to you anymore so there is nothing to do but move on and go meet guys who are interested in meeting you.....

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What should I do?


Stick to one guy. Playing both of them like this, will only get your burned.


But if it were me, I would leave the situation entirely being as it's now awkward with them being friends and knowing that you're talking to them both. It look's bad and I can't see the outcome being very good.


There's more men in this world then this two.

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