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  1. I matched with this guy on tinder back in October. We never met up before but we were texting everyday. In April, I matched with this other guy on tinder. When we matched, he gave me his Instagram. When I went on his Instagram to follow him, I saw that the guy who I matched with in October follows him. Not only that, but they're also friends. We would DM each other from time to time. No flirting. Just friendly, normal conversation. A month ago when the pandemic was still kind of bad, I told the guy who I matched with in October that I wouldn't break quarantine to see a guy until this was al
  2. Hi guys I really wanna clear this up and forgot to say this but as soon as we started talking on tinder, he wanted to meet up a few days later. At the time i was studying for my NCLEX, i said that i was studying for my exam. He told me we’ll meet up when I pass. During those months, he would periodically ask me when I’m gonna take my exam so we can finally meet up. We set a date after I passed and I was the one who chose the date(a really late date) because I have really bad social anxiety meeting someone new especially from online. Sorry!
  3. So I matched with a guy on tinder in October a few days before. We’ve been texting everyday but we haven’t met up yet. We finally set a date to meet up in a few weeks.Last week, he told me he met up with a girl from hinge and got dinner and drinks with her. Yesterday, he told me that he got drinks with the same girl on Valentine’s Day. I know we’re both single and we can do whatever the hell we want. I also am talking to other guys from tinder because I don’t wanna be too attached to him.Based from my past, everytime I started getting feelings for a guy I was talking to, I would always end up
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